Gossip Girl Stars: My First Concert...

Gossip Girl Stars: My First Concert...

On the set of their hit CW show, Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester revealed the first concerts they ever attended.

Blake Lively: “The first concert I ever went to, ironically enough because she performed on our show [Gossip Girl] was Lisa Loeb. I waited outside the Roxy for hours when I was a kid with my brother and we actually got to see her come in the door because we got there hours before her. It was amazing. So seeing her get to come on the show was really cool.”

Ed Westwick: “I think it would have been a Queen tribute that I went to with my mom and dad when I was very small. I was probably seven or eight-years-old.”

Chace Crawford: “It’s embarrassing, but the first real concert I attended was Garth Brooks, in Texas.”

Leighton Meester: “I think like when I was like 12, I probably went to a concert that was like one of those boy bands that is now forgotten. But the one that I really loved and remembered was either Incubus or No Doubt when I was still in California.”

TELL JJJ: What was the first concert you went to?

Gossip Girl Stars – What Was Your First Concert?, 1/6
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  • hannah


  • Celine

    The first concert I went to was Osis in Paris at the olympia! It was awesome, and knowing that all the best bands and artists of all time have been there such as The Beatles was such an amazing feeling!

  • trish

    chase, i love him.

    WTF DID ed westwick say onliest?
    “onliest one i can remember”

  • VfanForever

    the first concert I went to was Shakira and my second was Britney Spears and than Christina Aguilera..

  • ladysdsandiego

    my first concert was britney spears and i’m proud of it. it was on june 5 2002 on her dream within a dream tour.

    NOBODY can put on a show like britney. the lighting, the dancing, the effects…AMAZING. there is not one dull moment in her shows.

  • becky

    awww, leighton is a incubus fan too! *-* i love her!

  • VfanForever

    C-H-A-S-E gooooooooooooooooooooosh!!!!!!!!! he is soooooooooooooooo fuqqin hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you

  • Jazmin

    my first concert was backstreet boys on 2001, when i have 12 years old and was awesome!!!

  • nathalia

    the first concert that i went to was Sandy & Junior.. they are a brazilian band. it’s a girl and a boy and they’re brothers. it was popular when i was younger ahah (:
    but the one that i really loved was High School Musical

  • emmy

    My Concert was Britney Spears and then later that year Anastacia! hehe was like 10 :]

  • tay

    my first concert was red hot chilli peppers in 2002 i think it was and i didnt even like them but i went because my mom had tickets.:)

  • Ella

    Vengaboys haha!! When i was like 5

  • Carly

    My first concert was a radio disney concert with Aaron Carter and the A*Teens! I was in kindergarten!

  • krystal

    my first concert was demiiii lovatooo, back in june 2008.

  • heheh

    my first concert was when i was 3… but there were all my parent’s fave bands!! my first concert that i actually payed for was paul mccartney in 2005!


  • Emi

    n*sync :) when i was in like third grade!

  • Chrissy

    Haha my first concert was U2 back in like 2001 or something like that

  • Diana

    My first concert was when I was Hilary Duff. I was 10. It sucked. She just walked up and down the stage and lip-synced. My best was Kelly Clarkson though 1 year later.

  • Erica

    jonas brothers!!!

  • Jenny

    Goo Goo Dolls :D it was AMAZING!!!

  • celina

    first and hopefully not last concert i went to was the JASON MRAZ!! absolutely unbelievable, a must see!

  • your mom

    I think her first boy band concert was Dream Street.
    because now they’re forgotten and like nobody talks about them
    but Jesse McCartney used to be in Dream Street !
    OMFG ! i luv him !

  • Leslie

    madonna – confessions tour!

  • kc

    Backstreet Boys – “Backstreet’s Back” tour in 1998. I was 13yrs old!

  • Nila

    My first and so far only concert was Justin Timberlake’s concert
    in Oslo June 21st 07 on his “FutureSex/LoveTour”

    :D I love concerts.. I want to see Oasis really bad!

  • shannon

    Wow my first concert was a late onee.
    It was the American Idol tour when Carrie Underwood won.
    Since my friend’s dad worked at the theater we got in free and got to meet everyone! :)

  • dd

    my first concert was Alien Ant Farm. it was more like a show though. it was outdoors and free cuz they were releasing a new cd. i was in 9th grade.

  • Nicole

    omg i love gossip girl so much!! first concert was click 5. hhaha!

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