Joe Jonas Beats The Clock

Joe Jonas Beats The Clock

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is Joe Jonas smashing a clock with a baseball bat!

There are seven weeks until Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience opens in theaters on February 27th and the JoBros show us how they’ve been killing time.

While Kevin plays pinball and Nick strums his guitar, Joe beats a clock to death.

But no worries, Joe put the broken pieces of that clock back together with super glue and a little TLC. It took him four days.

The Jonas Brothers Kill Time, 1/13
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  • kasia

    hahahh too funny!

  • mima

    bahaha that’s the funniest damn thing i’ve ever seen….
    good to see their back to making videos again

  • jackie

    lmfao i love them so much. i almost fainted when nick did the thumbs up lol…… love you guys. nick was writing a song to selena.

  • alicia

    made my day

  • Lindsey

    funniest thing ever…love the end

  • Krissy


    The jobros are sooo freaking funny! gotta love them for passing..or killing time very effectively.. THEY DESERVE IT :D
    MAN have they have been working hard :)

    Pin ball machine with the joker
    playing guitar
    well well well…
    look what we got here
    mr. joe jonas or should i say ( mr. danger)
    hurting that innocent clock with a baseball bat
    WOW. what a great way to get back at time, for being so SLOW
    but still very funny xD

    Totally, made me day very special, by laughing so hard …

    it took him 4 days to glue that all together =)
    sweettttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!! :D
    THAT’S so NOT a waste of time
    It’s actually pretty creative
    with all the pieces scattered all over the place
    and working out
    killing an object that you hate..
    or feel to destroy :P

    KEEP up the vids guys
    they are X tremely amazing

    YOU def gave me an idea to destroy my clock
    jkz jkz jkz…

  • Ella

    Haha funny!!
    I love Joe!!

  • http://justjared shamilah

    Haha that was soo dam funny :P
    joe u made my day aw ur soo HOT even when u break time lol
    love u joe!!!

  • Vfan

    Kevin was so funny.. lmao.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR *Peace*Love* & *NICK JONAS*

    haha sooooooooo funny i love the Jonas Brothers they’re HiLaRiOuS and that was pretty funny took him 4 days to put it back together and they’re sooooooooooo Down To Earth! they hurt the clock and put him back together awwww

    they’re the
    4 EVER!!! :D

  • many

    this is boring how can you say is funny which part all they did was advertised the movie and put a clip of their faces and you think is funny please talk about fans being desperate!
    am a fan and i even know they didnt think of anything to do this is effortless please do something interesting. the only one that was a little funny was joe as usual with the clock killing time thats it! but nick and kevin were boring he didnt even do a song!
    boring a little more thought into the video beside putting just your face!!

  • Holly

    Thats funny dude.
    Many could you please stop cause it is funny. Joe pulls out a baseball bat and hits a clock. He does what every kid dreams of (killing time!)

    Well I thought it was funny. *walks to clock*
    Hm…….i have an idea

  • Emily

    hahhahahaha!! i get it! “killing” time!! lol they are so crazy how do they come up with these things?!?! LOL When nick did the thumbs up……………. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH love em!

  • jonas brothers


  • cc27

    haha nice one joe :) i love him lol

  • liza

    that wuznt EVEN funny………at all.


  • cass

    haha wow…joe literally killed time! lmao
    that was so funny! that made my day!

  • ella1170

    Jeez, Joe beat the hell out of that thing! lol

  • Andy

    I literally giggled at this. Joe Jonas is the funniest! nick is pretty quiet but romantic and kevin…he’s so fun to be with. he’s like a mix of joe and nick’s personality.

  • Luis

    jajajaja He killed the time… see guys? The Jonas Brothers are gonna to be busy but they already are starting to keep us entertained in something… THANKS JoBros!!


  • jonasloverrr

    ahha. that made my day =) Joe is hilarious!
    love themm so much!

  • Kakashi/Sasuke/kiba-fan ^^

    That was so FUNNY !!! “Killing Time” Ahahah Good One XD


    ahhh!! THEY R hilarious!!!

  • Erin

    Joe is such a loser ;]

    Gotta love him.

  • Catherine


    We have the latest news,info, videos, tour date, and anything else jonas realated to check it out and becouse a member!!!

  • chelle

    Kevin makes my day!

    Joe was hilarious.

    Nick also, too makes my day as well.

  • Cheyenne

    That’s violent.

  • Anonymous

    JoeJ is going to make someone a mighty fine lover one day. Dammit. Siiiigh.

  • fatty

    lmao nick

  • fatty

    btw i dont get it why ppl call them hot o.o

  • Yvonne

    I love Kevin

  • mandy

    Krissy #6…. how stupid are you??

  • angela

    they are so cool i love you jb !!!!!1 and this video is very funny great job!!

  • nowííh

    tudom, hogy nem értitek, azért írok.
    kwára oda vagyok joeért de utálom ha wki wmit eltör szal utálni fogom ezt a vidit =[ pedig úúúúgy imádom joet =]



  • nowííh

    nekem nem tetszik =(

  • Ms. O

    How old is this KID….20 or something..really he should start acting like it.

  • isabeela

    que isso !? oô

  • Ami

    LOL I love them so much I couldn’t stop laughing after I saw this omg
    I love how they all just give thumbs up and then joe randomly takes out a baseball bat from behind his back and smashes the clock
    The end is the best part though lolll

  • piinkyprinxcess

    LOL just hilarious XD
    good one joe ;) next time i need to “kill time” i would know exactly what to do haha BTW nick ´s thumb up was adorable ^^
    i love the 3 of them
    and the end part was freakin funny
    “no clocks were harmed during the making of this video” i can even imagine joe fixing the clock with super glue and tender loving care… it took him 4 days though

  • http://m, demi L.


    I love joe
    hes soo funny

  • danyele


    I love Jonas !!

    Joe is very funny!!

    Love you guys!

  • maddie

    the way he took out that base ball bat was soo funny
    the way nick put his thumbs up was really funny and
    the way kevin was playing video games was soo funny

    i love u guys!!!!!!!!!!
    keep rocking
    love u!!

  • Wildcat37


  • tenamoore

    People think they have changed alot but they havent they are just really busy and they look taired aswell,PLEASE STOP HATING ON THIS AMAINZG BOYS

  • Cybergoddess

    omg that was so freaking funny!!! Tht video totally cheered me up jb roxx!!!


    WOW it’s so cool

    good job Joe emm … maybe I should say

    ” God bless you ”

  • Lara

    This is very funny.
    Joe pulls the baseball bat and break the clock. It is the dream of every child.


  • Camilla

    Jonas come to Brazil pleeease !
    I love you so much ! ♥

  • bia jonas

    this video is sooooooooooooooooooooooo funny
    kevin is crazyyyy but veery cut!!!!
    nick my love ur sooooo cut!!!!
    joe the dangerkkkk but hilarious and cuuut!!!!!!
    jobros i love u so much
    ur my life

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