Miley & Mandy: Favorites of 2008!

Miley & Mandy: Favorites of 2008!

After their Chinese lunch date, Miley Cyrus and BFF Mandy Jiroux invited special friend Justin Gaston to be on the “Miley and Mandy Show.”

The duo joked with Justin, 20, asking him silly questions, like what his favorite funny YouTube video was. He responded, “I’m going to have to say the Saturday Night Live skit, Melina.”

Justin also performs a new, original song which Miley says is one of her personal faves. Take a listen below!

Does anyone know which Melina skit Justin and Miley were referring to???

Miley & Mandy Show – Special Guest, Justin Gaston
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  • Ella

    Hmm… Hes using you Miley!!!
    Haha still Love U!!!

  • nathalia

    that’s funny!
    justin is really good!
    i think he’s using miley! haha (:
    i lovee you miley!

  • sheesh

    justin mumbles really bad, and then miley like YELLS when she talks. it’s really annoying.

  • Julieanne

    evry1z sayin dat he’z usin Miley but i thnk he DONT have 2 coz he iz reliii gud!!
    luv the song 2!!!

    I actualii thnk dat he sings betta dan her..
    but datz jst an opinion..
    no offence intended 2 ppl out der…


  • savannah

    Omg, that is so about Miley….

    Really listen to the words it’s definitely about how everyone questions there relationship ‘when did being happy become committing a crime? if she makes me happy, why do you really care? you worry about things like what kind of shirts i wear (probably referring to paparazzi)’

    Oh and plus they way he looked at her when he said the name of the song and the big smile that came across her face. I’m so observant.


  • lacey

    number 3 i totally agree!!!!! i had to turn the volume like up when he spoke and down when she yelled!!!

    he’s such a skank!!! definatley using her for fame!!

    and number 5.. that song was definatley about her!! did yu see the way she hugs him at the end!!

  • zashley4ever

    Yeah.. at first I thought he wasn’t using her but now I know for like sure that he is. Miley is wonderful but loose Justin, this year he might become big and then he will “dump” you, Miles. :(

  • http://deleted becca

    i love her but she’d look SO much better if she didnt hunch her shoulders… i know thats a sign of un-self confidance buut, it makes her look weird

  • Rochel

    I think that Mandy should get her own You Tube.
    She Rocks and makes the videos more fun to watch.
    They should change the show to MandyMiley…
    Mandy is older then Miley and is alot more funnier then Miley.
    Luv Ya Mandy

  • tristan

    i actually thought that song was really good, and justin sings pretty well
    it was so cute how miley knew almost all the words to the song already :)

  • carito

    hes really good haha

  • trip

    I was searching for the Melina skit, couldn’t find it anywhere.

  • Deb

    Hahaha I wasw crackingup through this, she’s silly.

  • jonasfan

    The Melina skit is one on snl. Go to this link to find it. its called new york funky

  • meeee

    he’s ugly now. look at that nasty hair. and whats with the gay shirts that shows off his man boobs? he’s a fag..he’s just using her. he sounds extremely unintelligent when he talks too. what a white trash hillbilly (justin)

  • lol

    boring and annoying as hell
    first – i can barely understand what justin says, he mumbles so much and probably thinks this is sexy
    second – miley always says she likes the same things as he does, i mean, get your own opinion miley
    third – she sounds really cocky when she says that he missed her so much.

  • julia

    He’s HOT.. who cares if he’s using her? she’s very fine with him.. and i dont think he’s using her.. look at the way they look each other.. there’s LOVE in their eyes..

  • http://. Vic2763

    The song is obviously about their relationship. I think they make a cute couple. If s/he make em happy, I’m sure they dont care what ppl think. It’s a sweet song. He’s got talent =] JILEY<3

  • many

    awh! justin is so romantic he says he missed her when he was in berlin and it was painful that was nice he admitted that to her! awhh when he going to sing the song he said is called she makes me happy and looks straight at her that is just too cute for words. he is so romantice to sing that song is obvios is about them.
    i cant get the song out off my head is really good “if she makes me happy why do you really cared” i like that he a true man and basically is like he happy with her and that all he cares about them and only them no one else i could fall for this guy he has so much courage i like prince charming arrive to give the princess happiness ! i love the way he sings he has a great voice he needs to record this song i cant get it out of my head is really good . he looks and sound like he really does love her! the song is beautiful great writting i hope he puts up more songs i love his voice!!

  • Julie

    They look so in love. Beautiful.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR *Peace*Love* & *NICK JONAS*

    AW how cute Miley & Justin are such a cute couple i looooooove that song that part that says “why is it a crime if she makes me happy?” makes me tear up and ya’ll know what hes talking about THEIR AGE DIFFERENCE! i can not stand when people judge on age its just a number and its NOT COOL when an relationship is over just cuz of age it SUCKZZZ but Jiley dosent ;) !!! and haters why hate i mean have you EVER heard the saying Hold Hands Not Grudges! i guess Miley is hyper and obnoxious some times but shes just being herself so while you talk crap about them you’re just making yourselves look like idiotic fools
    just remember that!

    LOVE Miley
    LOVE Justin
    They ROCK!
    EVER!!!!! :D
    and once again haters


  • sheesh

    i didn’t listen to it the whole way through last time, and he really is pretty good. but it was reeeeeally annoying having to constantly adjust the volume. miley: please stop yelling. justin: please speak UP!

  • rissa

    lolz. he may be using miley, but he is certainly a better musician than her. =P

  • remy

    justin seems really boring
    i dont wanna say this cos i feel like he’s using miley, but i actually like his voice. loool

  • humm

    So gross.

    That horny frat boy needs to step away from the underage girl.

    Jailbait anybody?

  • Andy

    his voice is great. but i still dont trust him..

  • v is for vammie

    justin is a camwh*re! He’s just using miley for a few seconds of fame!! deng! She’s only 16 for god’s sake!!!! get a life douche bag!

  • jen

    7:23 – 7:28 is SOO CUTE!!! i love this couple.

  • lexi

    sings pretty good & i think miley is wearing his shirt

  • annony

    mandy was smilin like crazy at the bak wen justin says the title of the song while lookin at miley. then miley says..’yes, dats the title of the song..”..tsssskkk.

  • Cals

    I think they look adorable together.. all he has to do is keep his mouth shut he WAS a good singer but when he was talking it was all mumbly and hick… but if miley is happy than GOOD FOR HER!!!!

  • romivavi
  • unknown

    haha did miley say f**k at 3:17 ?

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    what a douche, he is using her to get famous, he isnt even that good. why the hell dont they just admit they are dating… oh wait cause its illegal.

    miley is just a little disney sk@nk!

  • Ashlee

    miley is getting fat

  • Noelle

    Eek! He’s using you baby girl!
    Oh, and damn, he’s good!

  • Ami

    Wow he is so using her it’s not even funny

  • lilix


  • lilix


  • Stephany

    I LOVE THESE THREE SO MUCH!! CUTEST VID EVER <3 thanks for posting!!

  • Bianca Passos

    Now i’m totally sure that they are dating. hahaha, Sooooooo cute! Miley looking at him, so cute. I don’t know if he is using her, but i think that she’s probably in love.. LOVE HEEEEEER!! And oh my Gosh, Mandy is sooooooooo funny!! Loved.. I’m glad they’re “back”

  • anna banana

    GAWD,can you say cute couple?!!?
    i love the part when he says the title of the song while looking @ miley,and she said
    ”Yeah,that’s the name of the song”
    like we already didn’t know :)

  • Motherlisa

    Why doesn’t Mandy have a boyfriend, is this a threesome relationship. No wonder Justin is so happy. With your money and support and Mandys fringe benefit who wouldn’t be happy. I like the matching white sleep shirts.

  • sisterlisa

    The most retarded video posted. But I guess it is a good one coming from three hicks.

  • miki

    I really love Justin’s song (:

  • Victoria

    in just about every post Justin is ALWAYS wearing a white t-shirt tha’s weird and unnatractive

  • Victoria

    BTW, i am still a HUGE fan of Miley!

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