The Jonas Brothers To Perform at Grammys!

The Jonas Brothers To Perform at Grammys!

The Jonas Brothers are not only nominated for their first Grammy award, they’ll be performing at the star-studded event as well!

Nick, Joe, and Kevin will take center stage at the award show on February 8th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The musical trio are up for Best New Artist with Adele, Duffy, Lady Antebellum and Jazmine Sullivan.

TELL JJJ: Which song do you think the JoBros will perform?

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  • Kayla


  • Megan.

    I think they’ll sing Tonight.
    but they should play Please Be Mine.
    just because thats an awesome show.
    and it was the first song they wrote together!

  • abby

    tonight most likely

    they are winning definitely they have no competition

  • cc27

    Tonight xD :) hehe

  • Just Jono

    Most likely, Tonight :)

  • cc27

    Tonight :) but emm i would really like them to sing please be mine for real xD ehehe

  • :)

    grammy’s will officially suck

  • chelsea

    i believe they are singing tonight but it would make my year if they sang please be mine or another one of their older songs just to show how far they have come. :]

  • cc27

    i think bb good would be rlly nice for them to sing :) if not bb good then tonight xD

  • Nikka


  • jayana


  • Littlewasserman

    Tonight or omg please i love the song can’t have you TAYLOR SWIFT BETTER PERFOM OR I AM, NOT WATCHING

  • hi

    tonight duhh

  • i♥jb

    i’m soo happy

  • Angelica

    I wish they would perform Pushin’ Me Away. I Love that Song

  • Carly

    Can’t have you PLEASE!!
    i love that song :]

  • emily

    I don’t get it… They aren’t exactly.. new. They’ve been around since… 2006?

  • luanna

    i think they’ll play tonight but i wish they play can’t have you

  • Kiara

    im getting tired of them honestly

  • Tayy

    cuz thts there new single =)

  • Jenny

    i think Tonight! :)

  • sabrinaa

    kk, i dont car what song. lol. you rock, but somehow i agree with #19
    btw i dont care if you disagree…… go ahead.

  • Ella

    Yay!! Hmm i don’t know..
    Everyone seems to be saying tonight so i supose i’ll go with that one too..
    Love Jonas Brothers!!

  • alicia

    im pumped!! :]
    haha this just made my day!!

  • Krissy

    I’m stoked ^_^

    i have to say
    pushing me away
    and tonight <3
    i just love those two songs :D
    either one, is gonna rock the grammies :)

    haters get lost.
    if you don’t like them so much
    why waste time , telling people what you think about them?
    we don’t care.
    you lost interest into them…fine..but don’t tell us that..and make a big deal over something, that doesn’t need to be mentioned -.-

    CAN’T WAIT <3

  • bluesclueoopsimeanaredclue

    they probably wont sing tonight,
    since they already did at the ama’s.
    i hope they sing pushin me away

    nobody really does the same song/performance right after each other.
    if they did perform tonight,
    i would be so disappointed.

  • jobro lover

    i bet tonight but i wished theyed play like got me going crazy
    but hey what can you do i still love them :D

  • vanessajonas

    ill love to see lovebug.. bc is my fav from the cd but maybe they are performing toight bc is the new single.. so whateveer.. they aren exactly new:O

  • no name

    ok so i love the jonas brothers a lot, but i agree that they’re really not very new, although they have only been so popular for a little more than a year. bottom line, i think lady antebellum should win. but i LOVE the jonas brothers, they’re just not new.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR *Peace*Love* & *NICK JONAS*

    YAYA CAN NOT MISS the Jonas Brotherz ROOOOOCK! wonder what song their gonna perform i LOOOOOOOVE all their songs wish they would perform everyone and SOOOOOOOOOOOO hope they win the award they totally deserve it AND IF THEY DONT WIN………. I will be bumed :( well any ways good luck boyzzz LOVE YA SOOOOOO MUCH!

  • luana

    i think they’ ll perform tonight but i wish they play sorry or pushing me away

  • Kelly.


  • lesliealamillo24

    i think toinght!!

  • janel

    Probably tinight but I WISH THEY WOULD DO “CAN’T HAVE YOU”

  • aly

    that is so awesome..i remember watching the bonus features on the camp rock dvd…and nick says…that performing at the grammys is a big dream of theirs and of course wining one….
    well boys….


    Tonight =P

  • Jonas hotness

    Yeah probably Tonight or Burnin Up…they SHOULD perform Pushing Me Away, or One Man Show!!!!!!!! I love that song!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am definitely watching that, I know that they will rock it! :) <3

  • Becky

    They most likely will play Tonight
    Though I do agree with many others & think they should play please be mine, because it was their first song ever written together.
    If not please be mine then Mandy because that’s there first single.
    I hope they don’t play tonight but something else like Pushing Me Away

  • http://irina renata

    this isss sooooo stupid
    i am soo not watching it now

    thx alot

  • Emily

    They might sing tonight :) But I don’t care what song! They will still be amazing! And I will still be rocking out!! HAHA I wish I could go to the grammy’s!!! lol I live about an hour or so away from the staple center!! :D

  • ummmhey

    they probably will sing tonight, but they shouldn’t sing at all, honostly i dont think they deserve to win a grammy, their not that good


    They have big competition but they can do it!

  • Jeanette

    They Probably will be performing Tonight
    I ♥ The Jonas Brothers

  • Cassie

    Either BB Good or Tonight. Just guessin’!

  • Ami

    Omg that’s awesome can’t wait!
    And obviously they’re winning imean c’mon
    They’re probably gonna perform Tonight because that’s their newest single

  • Ami

    I want them to perform BB Good though that one rocks!
    Tonight is alright

  • sipulka

    pushin me away <3 ♥ I totally fell in love with that song

  • ZARA

    BURNING UP!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZARA


  • Anie naqvi

    I reckon they should sing Tonight or Live to party.
    It will definitely spice up the show if they are singing something really lively and flip around a lot xD