Vanessa Hudgens Sees The Light

Vanessa Hudgens Sees The Light

Vanessa Hudgens fills up her gas tank before heading to boyfriend Zac Efron‘s home in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

The 20-year-old singer/actress wore black suede boots, denim shorts and red-rimmed sunglasses. Vanessa even rocked a t-shirt from the British rock band, Siouxsie & the Banshees, which was formed in 1976. The back of Vanessa‘s t-shirt had lyrics to the band’s song “Into The Light.”

Here are some of the sample lyrics “Into the line, into the light/ I see it fine I see it fight/ Into the line, into the light/ Our hearts entwine a new horizon/ Remember when bleached into white/ Your time again kept out of sight/ Standing in the light, always sitting on the line/ Never on a side, always wanting to be right/ Pushing out the light.”

10+ pictures inside of Siouxsie fan Vanessa Hudgens..

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  • ralu

    gorgeous :X

  • Vikkelso

    Super nice… I really like Vanessa, I admire her., but I don’t completely get why I have to know that she fills her car with gas… Do these paps not have a life or??

    But love Vanessa and that shirt is really cool


  • Ella

    Love the outfit!!
    Vanessa is gorgeous!!

  • zanessa4everr

    i LOVE her outfit!!
    especially her shirt!

  • ashfan

    blah outfit ( I don’t think the necklaces work ) but gorgeous girl……
    I love the shoes nonetheless….

    and yeah, It kinda scary that we, fans, can actually know when and where she fill her car’s gas…
    I mean we might be able to calculate how much money she spent to buy gasoline… LOL…
    Paps have no life…

  • twilightaddict =)

    Wow she looks sooooo preety here!!!! =)

  • jayana

    she looks amazing as always!

    aLwAyZ hOpInG fOr nEw zAnEsSa nEwS!


  • annoymous

    awesome as alwayz


  • bernadette

    gorgeous vanessa!!!!

    i miss vanashbrenique…… :-(

  • will

    Wow….. when i thought she couldn’t get any hotter.

  • http://zanessa sara 12

    What can I say about this girl?
    There is no word as shown in my heart ..
    Amazing .. Are not enough
    Wonderful .. A few
    You are always in the top .. I really love you
    vanessa forever

  • Shannon

    first those paps are pervs! alsoim so hatin her right now i would luv to wear shorts right now but since i live in Canada it’s cold as hell she looks great as usual while this outfit may come horrid on other V makes it her own

  • ladysdsandiego

    she looks gorgeous as usual.

  • maddy_loves_zanesa

    Cute. She was going to zacs. Did they folow her LOL to a house. Coz how did they know?

  • A

    She is a serious stunner she rocks all outfit she wears

  • http://yahoo elaine

    She really has nice legs!

  • Babiivfanforeva

    i love her..shes amazing and gorggeous :D
    no words to descrbe how much i look up to her..and i love her style and cant wait to see more pics..maybe pics of zanessa :D

  • kath

    love her outfit, she looks awsome

  • Annonymous

    Luv u baby V. Look great wherever and whatever you wear or do.

  • beatrice

    she’s amazing <3
    i love her t-shirt

  • suzy

    bbv is so hot.

  • kait

    beautiful! love her outfit

  • kait

    bbv’s legs!!! hot

  • bee

    That girl && her legs. Hot.

  • Athenais

    Vanessa is very gorgeous …
    lucky Zac ….

    she’s wearing her ring on the right hand ….

  • Lisa

    I LOVE her outfit, she looks gorrrgeous

  • Rosa

    OMG ..
    this girl is INCREDIBLE !!!
    so much gorgeousness and beauty ..
    she rocks .. always ..
    and never fails to be so amazing ..

    seriously .. undescribable ^_^

  • http://ijusloverher zanessa_love

    wooow look at this style!!!!!!!!! she’s a style queen!!! i love her!!!!!!

    why aren’t there any pics of her going to zac if they saw her??!!


    i love you vanessa <3

  • poop

    haha she still has the wristband from lastnight on ;) lol but in the words of zac himself, “gorgeous as always” !!

  • margarita

    vanessa forever!

  • jo

    love the look. she’s aways stylish

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    ewwwwwwwww….outfitsss !! so so so bombastic.
    and last pictuere…ew….
    she looks like a slut but i know she is not .

  • sandra

  • Karen


    She always wears her ring on her right hand as Zac wore his ring—which he does’t wear much—on his right hand on Sunday night at the Golden Globes.

  • Mandy

    pure perfection
    she gets it right EVERY TIME!
    love you BBV!!

  • Andy

    Hot legs!

  • nicole


  • witchygirl

    she always looks good
    now for Siouxsie & the Banshees the lyrics are not enough to read that band to so great you much listen to her music and her VOICE.

  • marie

    i love the rocker outfit

  • narf

    Happy Birthday to Zanessa’s Angel Karen.

    Have a great day lady!

  • Naomi

    Happy Birthday Karen!!!

    Hope you have a lovely day.

  • Sina

    ofc the paps have no other life.. thats their job.. they earn more money for those pics like we do in a month lol
    and no they havent better stuff to do than sitting in theit car infront of zacs and vanessas house and stalking them.. ofc they dont.. its their job..
    weird that they do it almost every day.. i know it for fact from zac.. feel bad for him and i know why hes so pissed cuz of them.. some are really annoying.

    back to V.. she looks gorgeous.. kinda annoyed though :D
    like her outfit :) cant imagine wearing shorts while i have 12° F in germany :D

  • vancrazed

    Karen, that wasn’t Zac’s ring. his ring was silver. And the Kuuipo ring he wore was more rounding with writing. Clearly the ring in the pics was gold. V’s Kuuipo ring was gold however, but Zac’s was always silver. Look back in old pics.
    he does have several other rings he wears on occasion. But they also look very different than his committment ring. I just think he doesn’t wear it anymore because of publicity reasons. I want to believe that he lets her wear hers for a sense of togetherness.

  • Megan

    V can throw scraps together and make it a masterpiece!
    Love her

  • justme

    Amazing how she did not look exhausted after a long night Golden Globes after party :D

  • phil

    Looks like she’s about to go hooking in that awful outfit!

  • phil

    everyone moans about the paps but without them we would have nothing to talk about on these sites

  • HsM_GiU

    V Is Amazing!!!!

    She is a veri nice girl! And i Love her style!!

    Go V go! :D

  • maria

    Glam last night, funky and fun today…….she can pull anything off. Hope she had a great time last night!!!

  • Andy

    cool outfit but the stupid papz just have to take a picture of her butt. :( hate that one, my mom literally go all nagging and all…
    love her.<3