Victoria Justice's Puppies: Sammy & Sophie!

Victoria Justice's Puppies: Sammy & Sophie!

Victoria Justice popped in on her official message board to brag all about her new pet pooches!

The 15-year-old former Zoey 101 actress shared about her tiny Chonzer canines, “My 2 new puppies are getting so big. We decided to name them Sammy & Sophie. Sophie is my puppy and Sammy is my sister Maddy‘s.”

Victoria also dished about her guest spot on True Jackson, VP. She says, “I started working as a guest star on True Jackson, V.P. today. Keke Palmer is such a sweet girl…I want to wish all of you the very best in 2009, and I hope all of us have an awesome year.”

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  • Erika

    We don’t care so can u just go away now?

  • Just Jono

    Erika, seriously. That’s so rude.
    Victoria is such a nice girl. She is an amazing actress/singer and I think she will go very far! She is also very pretty.
    So me for one think that Victoria news is great.

  • Erika

    I’m so sorry for being rude. But honestly I can say what I want so shut up! And since you worship her your weird. And don’t call me rude

  • val

    miley’s dog name is sophie

  • Jessica

    Wow. Just because he’s a fan, he’s ‘worshiping her’?

    And if you can ‘say what you want’ and tell him to shut up, Jono can call you rude. To be honest, I found your comment rude too.

  • Carol

    Erika, you ARE rude. I care about Victoria news. So don’t say “we dont’ care” if it’s only you.
    You know what else? Victoria is about to become one of the biggest Nickelodeon stars. She’s going to be in Spectacular, AND she’s getting her own show that she’s starring in, and she’s also going to be guest starring in 3 nick shows iCarly, True Jackson, and the Naked Brothers Band. Just Jared Jr is makings a REALLY smart decision by posting things about her now. They’ll be thankful they did in the future. They can be one of the ONLY ones who can say that they’ve followed her career longer than any other blogging site, which is something to be very proud of.

    Please don’t talk unless you know what you’re talking about, Erika. A lot of people like Victoria so shut your stupid face.

  • ruby

    yay, those are such cute names! i love victoria (:

  • Ella

    Hmm i don’t even know who she is… Only heard of her like just now.. Ha funny….

  • jenny

    i agree with Erika and Ella, i mean is she even that famous?

  • Just Jono

    Did you read Carols comment at all?

  • Laura

    Listen Erika, you are very rude. You have no right to be hating on Victoria. You don’t even know her. She’s very talented and very nice so there’s no reason to be mean.

  • jenny

    Um alright Erika….I feel the need to point our your blatant stupidity.
    If you “don’t care” then don’t read it, honestly it isn’t that hard to comprehend. Obviously other people care considering Victoria is going to be one of the biggest Nickelodeon stars ever. Just do me a favor and ponder that for a moment. I’m betting in a few months when Spectacular is released and her guest appearances begin to air, you’ll be crawling back begging for Victoria info.

    Oh and let me point out being a fan doesn’t necessarily constitute as worship…yea just throwing that out there. Expand your vocabulary and maybe you can make some sense next time you post…just maybe.

  • drummerboy91

    Erika that is a load of bullcrap. Victoria Justice is one of the most talented actresses of our time. And just because you don’t care about Victoria and her puppies doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t. So why don’t you get the heck out of here if you don’t want to hear about it?

  • Bri

    dude she is like nick’s copy version of miley…with the peace sign the sam edelman shoes and new puppy sophie.

  • caroline

    i love victoria, and jenny she will be famous.
    shes getting her own show on nick AND she has a record deal with columbia.

  • tricia

    who is that girl? she looks like 25

  • Me

    “dude she is like nick’s copy version of miley… with the peace sign”

    Victoria started doing it first, she’s been going to events since early 2005. Miley didnt’ start doing anything until later. Plus, it’s the PEACE SIGN. Who the heck doesn’t do it sometimes? Miley did not invent it, neither did Victoria, it’s been around for years.

  • JOE


  • Just Jono

    @Erika: You’re* (:

  • http://dunno Sophie

    Omg ! my name is sophie thx Victoria xxx and Miley xxx


    why do they bother with victoria? she sucks. shes a horrid actress and her singing is so BLEH. she isnt even that famous. and the people that like her are only teennick groupies. :)


    @Sophie: LMAO. why are you thanking her? she didnt name your dog specifically after you. she named the dog after a name she found appealing. dork. xD

  • victoriajustice

    ok guys stop fighting over me oh sorry im victoria justice. so if some people think im good thats great if some people dont like me thats ok to but just stop fighting its alright. just get over it. ok love you all.

    -victoria justice <3

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