Ashley Tisdale is a Wildfox Woman

Ashley Tisdale is a Wildfox Woman

Ashley Tisdale makes a quick exit from Paty’s where she had breakfast with mom Lisa in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning.

The 23-year-old High School Musical actress was sporting the same Wildfox tee that BFF Vanessa Hudgens wore last December. Did you enter the contest yet?

Ashley is currently recording her sophomore album, due out sometime this year.

10+ pics inside of Ashley having breakfast at Paty’s…

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Credit: Nathanael Jones; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • jacqueline

    no offense, but vanessa pulled it off better

  • Tam

    Ashely ?

  • camilla

    she looks cute.
    no offense though but vanessa pulled it off better..
    oh and did she have a boob job ????

  • nicole

    She copies Vanessa quite a bit.

  • apple juice: )

    omg seriously it was the jacket now the shirt .how much is she going to copy her.

  • apple juice: )

    i like her shoes though:)

  • zanessa/jashley

    ..Yeah, ok. I agree with #1, Vanessa always looks good in anything. But Ashley can pull it off too. She looks cute in it. :D

    And um, their Best Friends…it’s either they went shopping together and bought the same shirt, or they share that shirt, which would be cute. BFF !! …Meh, I haven’t seen an Ashnessa sighting in FOREVER. ..Hope they’ll pop up soon.

  • Julia

    i bet vanessa and ashley went shopping for this together :)

  • uhmm

    She is ..weird ..idk why.

  • ashfan

    yeah agree with the positive comments

    WHY OH WHY vanessa fans always bash Ashley ?
    ( and the other way around actually but at least in JJJ, v’s fans are worse…)

    Both girls are beautiful….

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR *Peace*Love* & *NICK JONAS*

    Hey! Ashley & Vanessa have the same shirt ;) how ironic!

  • Andy

    told ya she doesnt dress up for paps.

  • zashley4ever

    a boob job?! lmao! YEAH RIGHT. Ashley doesn’t believe in plastic surgery except for her nose but she had a reason to get it done. A very reasonable reason too. Her and Vah are best friends so they are gonna share the same clothes. And I want another ashnessa sighting! Love them!<3 :D

  • Eugenia


  • Andy

    camilla, lol, she’s growing up. of course, she growing pshicially and mentally. sorry, dunno how to spell.

  • super fan ashley

    She is not copy Vanessa, because she has other style!!!!!!!!!

    Vanessa wore that shirt with pants and boots!

    Ash is wearing that shirt with short and shoes, please!!!!!!!!!!!

    You always want to find something wrong, but you know, YOU CANNOT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!

    ASHLEY ROCKS 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Samantha

    ashley’s haters always find something wrong with her, I don’t get it
    I’m Ashley’s fan and I don’t hate V, they are BFF, I always share my clothes with my BFF

  • LiLa


  • erihar

    Ashley has admitted that she thinks Vanessa has great style. some people have it, some don’t. I don’t think it’s a bad thing she wears a lot so things from Vanessa. If you know that it’s not your strong suit (fashion I mean) then get someone’s opinion who knows. That is great she trusts Vanessa enough to follow her style. I love Ash. I don’t mind it when they wear the same thing. Trust me on this, I am sure that Ash does many things for Vanessa that we can’t see or know about. She influences her too. That is a good thing as well. That is what BF’s are suppose to do.

  • fatty

    yea she kinda copies her…what the heck….they are besties..:)

    maybe she borrow that shirt froooom v~ or maybe V borrow hers..hmm..o.o

  • mykamicks

    I agree with you guys. I just keep on reading everyday jjj articles abt them.. And i consistently observed the way the two dressed up.. Many to mentions that Ashley has able to copy Vanessa’s clothes / sandals . ( the one with quilted silver) and even the accessories. The sandals, I seen it with Vanessa wayback 2007. Lately , Ashley wore it when she was with BF Jared.

    And the printed sweater ( grey). Lastime Vanessa wore it when she was in Brentwood…. And lately again, Ashley was wearing it while out & abt L.A…

    Anyways, maybe one consulted or admired the other… Life after all is an imitating art…

    But for all ASHNESSA Fans, no matter how they copied each other. I / we always love them both…

  • Kelsey

    seriously guys! ashnessa are BFF’s who gives a freak if they share clothes??

    and man califorians are freaking lucky! shes out in the mid of jan. wearing a tee shirt and short in kentucky watching the sno fall outside lol

    keep up the tiz posts j!

  • aw

    The shirt is too big on her, it looks bad.

  • camilla

    Andy . growing up’ ? she’s what 23 ?? and normally you when your a girl should stop growing when your like 18 or maybe a bit older’ when it comes to your body..

    it just looks like her boobs has gotten bigger’
    i could be wrong though…(:

    and # 13 zashley4ever . . cool down i was just asking..;ii

  • kelly

    i love ashley
    i like she

  • Rose

    Honestly, I’m getting sick and tired of people comparing Vanessa and Ashley together, it’s immature and pathetic.
    They are best friends who have openly said time and time again they don’t like it when they are compared to each other.
    &&& So what If Ashley and Vanessa borrow clothes? No big deal, they both pull off the looks in there own unique way.
    I think Ashley looks gorgeous, she really holds her ground when it comes to fashion.
    I want her sunglasses, they seem to do the deeds for me.
    && her necklace adds a nice touch

  • http://Zacefron Bradley

    Ashley looks so beautiful and pretty.


    i love Ashley
    Vanessa did it wayy better !

    live in love

  • dsfafhajfksd

    a least she has more talent than vanessa

  • USA

    she looks cute!

    Not only Vanessa could pull it off! Ok?

  • curiosity

    OHHH they are BFF… I think it’s great and the both rock the outfit in their own way!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy

    Camilla, yeah, she’s growing up. u do know ur starting a rumor to be honest. :)

  • Key
  • Andy

    Leggy :D

  • TIsa

    i not a fans for Vanessa but i think she looks better than Ashley
    Ashley always dress like a high school girl
    and she is 23…

  • Melina

    I think ashley looks great
    shes a cute girl and shes one of my role models

    yea she may copy vanessa a bit but please guys
    1) theyre BFFs
    2)in Hollywood you cant really just wear what YOU want,you always have to be updated and try to look good

    ooh and I think she had a boob job ..I mean just look at her beach pictures last summer and then look at the shape magazin…
    but I would do the same too
    if she feels better in her own body now, why not?


  • Ella

    Leave them alone! They are both gorgeous!!
    Love Ashley!!

  • charlene

    awsome ash and van both rock this outfit and jared plz pick me to win te contest thanks

  • riana

    aw how kwl dat dey mite share clothes (which they do) it is common for best frenz to do that u know! I think she looks really cute! Its nice to see alot of her and these disney stars out and about i luv their style so hott- but no offence im so haten on these ugly as slippers i mean cmon ashley- they hav gotta go!
    (i lurve edward cullen)

  • http://justjaredjr jemma

    ashley might of never know that vanessa ha ever worn that top.

  • lisa

    oh it’s the same t-shirt that is so CUTE!!!! i dont think their coping eachother i think their BFF and ash might have saw V wearing the top and V lent it to her or it co7uld be the other way how do we no??

    seriously you guys have to grow up!

  • ashfan

    to the ppl who said she has a boob job :

    What are you ? 12 ?


  • Hudgens; Tisdale

    omg everyone is fightin ova a shirt??? if ashley copied from top to bottom like the EXACT SAMME THING… Then yea say what u wnt its top people i mean come on!!! I share tops wit my bff and make-up and we give each others opinion on things their clothes out their for everybody to by not just vanessa! so ur sayin if u see sombody walk down the street who isnt a celebrity u will be like “u copied ashley or u copied vanessa?” cme pweepz its on a top no need to hype about it!

    Ashley looks awsome <3
    hope to see some ashnessa signting soon xxxx

  • riana

    ashfan dont dis 12 yr olds!

  • ashfan

    yeah you’re right..
    hrm, sorry…

    let me rephrase it….

    to the people who said she has a boob job :

    What are you ? stupid ???

    well, it works..

  • this aint a fairytale

    seriously? seriously now ashley?
    this is not the first time, she’s been copying vanessa since 2006 like the pink dress vanessa wore at the teen choice awards 06 then ashley wore a similar one to the mtv awards 2007.
    she’s got no style, and always copying other celebs. JUST GET YOUR OWN PERSONALITY ASHLEY. my gosh!
    she also looks very ugly in this set of pictures. BUTTFACE.

  • camilla

    ashfan .. noo 15 but thank you very much’ why do i sound like i’m 12 just because i’m asking a simple question.. ?? please don’t call me stupid just because i’m having an opinion and think it just a bit looks like it.

    Melina . . yes exatly.. (:

    And Andy i did not know that . but i really don’t think that i’m starting a rumor’
    i’m just having an a opinion and asking others about theirs.
    i like ashley’ i’m not trying to get any dirt on her or something’ i was seriously just askng’
    it’s “imauture” if people are “mad” that i asked that…
    * sorry my bad english

  • http://yahoo ……….

    i seriously cant admit that only vanessa fans bash ashley ……even ashley fans also bash vanessa very much ……if vanessa would have copied ashley then ashleyfans would have also bashed vanessa………
    n its not always dat a hating comment to ashley comes frm vanessa fans or vice versa……

  • http://yahoo ……….

    #10 ashfan

  • http://yahoo ……….

    #10 ashfan
    WHY OH WHY vanessa fans always bash Ashley ?