Sabrina Bryan: BYou Goes Bollywood

Sabrina Bryan: BYou Goes Bollywood

Sabrina Bryan couldn’t control her excitement for the launch of her dance fitness DVD, BYou2!

The 24-year-old actress/singer writes on her MySpace, “Hey everyone!! I’m so excited for the launching of Byou2!!! I had such a great time filming this with Fatima Robinson who did our choreography for the Cheetah Girls One World Movie and more movies like Dreamgirls and videos for Fergie, Ashanti, and so many more. She’s amazing and brought so much to this second dance and fitness video!!!

“I know you all will enjoy learning the new Bollywood style of dance that my friend Ruk teaches….and then get a chance to work it out to the combination of hip hop and Bollywood movements.

“I’m really proud of this video and I hope you all have as much fun learning from it as I did making it!!! Remember this video isn’t about what your size is or what level of dance you are at, it’s about having fun being healthy and being you!!! Check it out! Love you guys!!! Muah, Sabrina.”

Sabrina Bryan – BYou2 Behind-the-scenes
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  • Jane

    This is looks like so much fun. I’m going to buy it because I have the first one too and really liked it. Sabrina is such a good teacher.

  • Donna C

    I got my copy yesterday, and can’t wait to try it out. I think learning the Bollywood moves (especially the hand movements) will be really fun. Love Sabrina!!!!! Thanks for posting these wonderful articles about her!!

  • Sonia

    I waiting to get my copies through Amazon. So excited for my DVDs to come. So far the previews look Amazing. Sabrina is so amazing!!!

  • Claire

    Whoo hoooo love BYou 2 and Sabrina

  • Christian

    This is girl is talented

  • Clint

    muy caliente is Sabrina. I want her to show me so hip hop and bollywood moves.

  • Terra

    OMG I saw want this Byou 2 it looks like it’s going to be so much fun and especially since it has Sabrina Bryan:)

  • Glenna

    Looks so great and about time Byou 2 came out. I was waiting for it. I wil pick up my copy today at Broders. Sabrina keep bringing it.

  • Shannon

    Awesome she so pretty in the cover!!

  • Myrna

    It looks great and interesting. I will have to get it this weekend.

  • Rena

    Your rock Sabrina

  • Cecilia

    Omg this is going to rock it has my favorite people Sabrina Bryan, Fatima, and Ruk how GREAT

  • Ken

    This girl can do everything. She is so beautiful and talented I so wish that she would be my girl.

  • rosalinda

    This is so great and I have to go pick a copy for my daughters they love you so much Sabrina. Thanks for being a great role model so they can look up to you.

  • Blanche

    horray that it’s out already I hope I get my copy today by UPS. crossing fingers <3 you Sarina

  • jaqui

    Can’t wait to get it!!!Sabrina is such an inspiration for people all ages and a great role model for young girls around the world!.Sabrina rocks!!!
    TS 4 ever!!!

  • monica

    You are just a wonderful person Sabrina. Keep your solo projects coming because you inspire alot of people including me:)

  • Jeannie

    Your amazing thougt you should know that Sabrina

  • Alisa

    Thanks for posting more on my idol Sabrina Bryan. She is effin rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maxie

    I love it, love lit, love it and love it. It’s so amazing this DVD I got yesterday in the mail. It’s so great to learn the moves and you are a great teacher Sabrina. Thanks Sabrina

  • Luisa

    te amoe Sabrina besos chica

  • Lesile

    Wow!! I want this DVD by Sabrina Bryan it looks interesting

  • Kerry

    Great job Sabrina on this workout DVD. I have already done it 3 times since I recieved it. So much fun just like how you seem to be Sabrina. Keep doing your thing girl.

  • Carroll

    Gosh Miss Sabrina is there anything you can’t do? No, you are a true triple threat. I like it Sabrina

  • Randi

    So pretty is Sabrina

  • Angelita

    Come to Spain again Sabrina. We love you girl and come and teach us some dance moves.

  • Leigh

    OMGISH I have to have get it ASAP

  • Penni

    Sabrina is great and super gorgeous. I so want to be her when I grow up.

  • Marcelle

    My daughters love you and they are so excited to get Byou 2 today. Thanks for letting us knowo Just Jared that it’s out today. Well actually my daughters thank you .

  • Marcelle

    thanks for letting us know Just Jared. My daughters are excited about gettng Sabrina’s Byou 2 now more than ever.

  • Norma

    I know that your Byou the first one was hard and looking forward to picking this one up this weekend. Byou 2 I’m ready to learn more dance moves by you Sabrina

  • Anibel

    you are just simply amazing Sabrina

  • Vera

    Sabrina is the best….Byou 2 is amazing!!

  • Dahillia

    Congrats Sabrina for coming out with Byou 2. Thanks for being a wonderful role model.

  • jamie

    I just bought it on Looking forward to getting it Sabrina. Your rock

  • Becky

    Luv you Sabrina

  • Kristal

    Sabrina is an AMAZING dancer!

  • Cynthia

    i <3 sabrina she is an amazing dancer!
    so pretty

  • Jerilynn

    OMG!! Sabrina is downright amazing.

  • Cindy

    Sabrina Is Amazing!!!!

    She is a very nice girl! And i Love her!!

    Go Sabrina go!

  • Ferdinand

    That girl && her legs. Hot.

  • James

    Sabrina’s legs!!! hot

  • Dewitt


  • Ramon

    seriously .. undescribable love Sabrina ^_^

  • Salvador

    gorrrgeous gal

  • Delmar

    hmmm Sabrina lookin good girl

  • Eddy

    she is beatiful

  • Elliott


  • John

    My dauthter who is 8 says your her favorite cheeath girl. We hope to meet someday soon. We saw you in concert and she loves your dancning skills. She thinks you look like Mariah Carey. I have to agree your hot. Don’t tell my daughter.

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