Amanda Bynes and Doug Reinhardt split?

Amanda Bynes and Doug Reinhardt split?
  • Did Amanda Bynes dump Doug Reinhardt?
  • Gossip Girl is Apple-flavored.
  • Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato go to a hockey game
  • No Brenda Song for New Moon
  • Taylor Momsen will appear on Live with Regis and Kelly on Monday, January 26th.
  • Nickelodeon plans to air coverage of the Presidential Inauguration. Correspondents Lily Collins, JJ and Pick Boy will report on the political celebration from Washington, D.C. on Monday, Jan. 19, @ 4PM ET/PT
  • ABC Family’s Kyle XY didn’t do so hot in the ratings. It was down 33% from last season’s opener even with The Secret Life of the American Teenager lead in. WATCH NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE!
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  • MoJo


  • MoJo

    1st!!!!! No Brenda 4 new moon!! good!!

  • Jorenda

    MoJo, NOT GOOD!!!!! :( New Moon has lost a ticket, like it matters. I was soooooo excited Vanessa was NOT even being considered for the role, because she sucks. Brenda should be Leah Clearwater she is pretty, beautiful, talented, down to earth, sweet and kind. Not to mention being a triple threat. I LOVE YOU BRENDA!!!!!!!!

  • lizzie

    I hoped that brenda got the role leah but it is just a rumor. The one about brenda and vanessa auditioning are both just stupid rumors. Though the two teen queens are in my opinion best suited for the role, Leah or perhaps Jane, Leah isnt even being casted. I can’t wait to see Brenda’s new feature film, Boogie Town. Did Amanda Bynes get a boob job? it looks like it…

  • Lolo


  • Leyton

    oh its just a rumor. i am going to cry!

  • bbgood2me

    i love brenda song :D she inspires me everyday and I love all of her movies, shows, projects and even demo songs!!!

  • GG

    Who cares about Amanda Bynes dumping some C-list guy? I love amanda and all but a gossip things doesn’t rock.

  • dance

    yay no brenda and no vanessa. oooh heaven is a place on earth yay yay robpattz has just got a newly formed fanatic.

  • dalool

    Vanessa would of really sucked the role I am glad that she didn’t get put in the movie. Brenda on the other hand would have done a wonderful and fantastic job portraying any one of the characters. I love Queen B and she is more used to serious roles. But in the end I am glad that Leah isn’t getting casted and honestly the rumor about the two auditioning starting on this site. Brenda denied playing Leah before Vanessa thats why rumors about her auditioning for it didnt spread beyond teen magazines and gossip blogs while Vanessa’s rep accidently let the rumor spread everywhere.

  • jiji

    #8 well he is not exatly full c list, anyways I am glad Brenda has nothing to do with twilight she is just too good for being hating on by cheesy tweeny boppers.

  • party

    Wait so Leah isn’t going to be in the movie…i shall cry…I like Brenda but i think anyway that Leah needed a stronger person, idk someone a little more rough, but she would’ve been good, anyone just so that Leah would’ve appeared in the movie.

  • brendasongfan37474foreva

    Queen B would be soooo good playing leah

  • Jorenda/Nelena fan

    Yes YES YES YES!!!!

  • Laila

    :( I really wanted queen b to be in the movie, i am going to cry i am starting a brenda leah peition. BRENDA SONG FOR LEAH BRENDA FOR LEAH BRENDA FOR LEAH!!!!! :(

    —Brenda’s biggest fan from the Middle East

    I love her to death foreva and always

  • http://brendaSONG.COM BrendaLoverBrazil

    It is only a rumor!!!!!

  • x

    Hiya: Brenda is so talented. I don’t care that she won’t be in New Moon whatever.

  • JMal

    Good! The series is trash. Brenda is better than that.

  • brendasongan4lifeandEVEER

    I love B! but i like twilight/new moon and i dont think she would be good in those movies or as leah, srry b

  • james

    The media ia R.A.C.I.S.T they don’t pay attention on Brenda and always pay more attention on the blonde white girls like Sara Paxton that NO one cares about

  • hales

    BRENDA DESERVES THE ROLE, but i am ok with this. Its a rumor there for false. And Leah is a small role and is only introduced in the third book.

  • starry

    Thank god. No hudgens and no song. Although I adore Brenda and just darn right hate Vanessa.

  • julie

    Would you get over yourselves.Shut up. Brenda would be a good fit for the role but it is not real her.

  • vanessajonas


  • Kayliexx

    Kyle XY deserves better ratings! Its such a good show that unfortunately was stuck with a long hiatus in between seasons. Everyone please watch it. Matt Dallas is wonderful as Kyle and the rest of the cast is awesome! Don’t let this show die. Its great family entertainment with a wonderful balance of sci-fi and teen drama.

  • bbgood2me

    Vanessa Jonas, Vanessa H will NEVER get the role. Go back to ur tweeny site Vanashbrenique.

  • Jennifer

    First of all Leah Clearwater will not even be in New Moon. According to screen writer Melissa Rosenberg was asked about Vanessa auditioning for the role, she said Leah is not even in the script unless Vanessa decided to write her own scenes.



    Brenda should be Leah.