Brittany Snow: Zac Efron Is All Over The Place!

Brittany Snow: Zac Efron Is All Over The Place!

Brittany Snow recently chatted it up with J-14 mag and dished all about friendship, Prom Night and Zac Efron. Here’s what she had to say:

On the special features of her horror flick DVD, Prom Night: “Throughout the entire movie the director, Nelson McCormack, Jonathon Sheck and myself did commentary to talk about the funny things that happened on set. There’s also a gag reel, which is really funny.”

On good friend Sophia Bush and Amanda Bynes: “We catch up every once in awhile, and whenever we see each other it’s really great. It’s great to have girlfriends you can go weeks without talking to and know the next time you talk to them, it’s going to be totally normal and back to the way it always is. That’s where you know you’re really good friends.”

On teen heartthrob Zac Efron: “Zac is one of the most genuine, sweet people that I’ve met, and he deserves every good thing that comes to him. He really is just a normal, sweet, charismatic guy, and he’s very special. He’s so busy, and he’s all over the place, so when we do hang out, it’s him dodging the paparazzi and stuff like that. I don’t understand how he does it.”

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  • zac efron lover

    aawww zac is a good dodger and a nice and funny guy!!! and im 1st for once in my life!!

  • woaa

    zac efron is sooo cute and hott

  • Brett


  • desiree

    When you hang out his lady is usually there also-guess she forget to mention that. NOT!!! LOL

    What with the brunette hair.

    Not another “wish Zac was mine” girl, this is getting tiring.

  • mike

    i was at the ellen show when zac was there a few months ago and he came out into the audience during taping and was one of the sweetest people ever…love him!!!! :)

  • vanessajonas

    aw i love him=)
    brittany cut it out, he is only for van:) im with n#4

  • angela

    aww I red somewhere that Brittany Loves Zac I just went aww go brittany :D.

  • A

    Poor Zac, can hang out with any other girl but Vanessa. He’s so not allowed to have any other female friends…

    #6 & #4 you two are ridiculous.

  • lala.

    well said :)

  • neene

    Brittany Snow has known Vanessa longer than she has even known Zac. Vanessa was even at a recent Christmas/Bday party with Brittany, there were personal pictures from it. Brittany is not romantically interested in him & anyone who thinks so is really insecure or moronic.

    And props to Brittany who is an actual friend of his & she knows how to complement someone in a respectful manner. Which is more than what can be said for other pathetic “people”.

  • Karen

    In the question that Brittany was asked what would she have said about Vanessa? She was trying to answer the question about Zac and what a regular kind of guy he truly is. She let people know he was her friend and more or less how she admires him because he is always dodging paps unlike her.

    What she didn’t do was make it sound like she was more to him or him to her other than a friend. By not saying anything about his personal and private relationship with his girlfriend showed she had respect for him as a person and his privacy—unlike some people who shall go nameless.

  • ryan

    Yay :]
    This is proff that Zac is an awesome down-to-earth guy. I mean who other than Zac gets this much props for staying true to himself.
    Hes the real deal. Go Efron.

  • ilovezacefron.

    i like brit snow.

    Zac Efron seems like an AMAZING person.:)

    & i am not just saying that because he is the love of my life. <3

  • A

    neene and Karen, you’re not slick. People know who you’re talking, so why don’t you actually say who it is? Nikki.

    And btw, the person who’re you’re both talking about is neither pathetic and has NEVER said anything about his personal life…But nice try.

  • Karen

    I wasn’t trying to be slick. I was sure everyone knew who I meant. I just won’t give her any more notice than what she already gets.

  • aw

    It’s very sweet what Brittany said & she said it perfectly too. Others should take notes…or work on becoming actual friends first.

  • yo

    in 2 years no one will remember him

  • d

    She seems like such a sweetheart and I’m glad Zac, Vanessa and her are true friends.

  • alyssaanne

    Brittany is just stating her opinions with Zac being apple-of-the-eye of the paparazzis..but I’m sure that she doesn’t have any interest on getting Zac’s attention from Van……they’re just good friends after all,,so for those of you saying that Brittany is interested with Zac…CUT IT OUT…..Brittany is not like that…

  • samantha

    stupid people brittany has a boyfriend.