'Hannah Montana: The Movie' -- FIRST LOOK!

'Hannah Montana: The Movie' -- FIRST LOOK!

Check out this new still from Hannah Montana: The Movie!

Miley Cyrus is taking her alter-ego Hannah Montana, back to Tennessee in the new flick coming out April 10th.

The 16-year-old teen sensation shares with EW, ”I loved being able to go somewhere for a couple months and really become that character. You don’t have time to do that on a 
half-hour show.”

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Photos: Sam Emerson
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  • Emmaleigh

    yes, i think it will be great!
    although im not a huge miley fan, she makes me laugh :D

  • menna


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/izabella1992 Izabella

    I seriously can’t wait for this movie!!
    I think the story sounds interesting and
    I think Miley’s a really good actress so it’s
    going to be an awesome movie!! :D ♥

  • juliette

    i love hannah montana! FIRST!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/izabella1992 Izabella

    oh, and I almost forgot, the songs are awesome too!!

  • me

    hellz yeah. it’ll be the most important thing in 2009. :D

  • Annie..!

    ♥ miley!!

  • swe3t23

    it is gonna be amazing…………the movie isn’t your typical episode… it will make you laugh and cry!!!!!

    Miley is a true entertainer!!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/julegirlie JuLeGirlie

    OMJ :))
    Can’t wait to see this :)
    8th btw :P

  • Victoria

    im totally pumped for this movie!
    cant wait!

  • kasia

    can’t wait
    it actually looks good!

  • anne


  • Billythekid

    To LOL,

    That girl is anything but ugly. I see her style on girls/young woman all the time, so it’s at least in vogue and current. And her voice? So it’s a little low. Ever hear Beyonce talk? She has a really low, raspy voice but she can sing great, and Miley is more than adequate. And I think her fans are alive and see brightly. Sorry, LOL, just my opinion.

  • cc27

    I can’t wait ! i love miley and her show :) if her show is soo good her movie will be so much better =)


    OMG I can’t wait! watch the official trailer here:


  • mike

    deaf not death Number3

  • Ella

    Haha she looks funny!
    No offense or anything… :)

  • pearl!!!!

    ummmm, i’m not realy excited about it to be honest. but of coarse all of the tween and little girls will want to go, and of coarse their parents will take them. trust me this movie is going to be on the very top of the charts the very first day!!!!!!

  • laura

    i love her show,well thats the only reason i watch disney anyway,the show is funny and the movie seems intersting and funny,cant waiit t see it

  • joeil4u

    cant wait!!!!

  • Sylwia

    its a waste of money bur sadly it will be number one at the box office when it comes out bc of all the children that want to see it…its so sad that younger part of our generation is being brainwashed

  • blehhhh

    I kind of want to see it just to see how it is. But I don’t want to waste my money on it. So I don’t know what I’ll do.

  • sheesh

    i’m sorry, but she isn’t exactly playing somebody too different than herself. so to try to say that she is developing a character is kind of stupid. sorry guys.

  • PaulinhoO

    I can’t wait!
    Love you, Miley! <3

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra


  • ryan

    this movie will go down the toilet after opening night.

  • ilovezacefron.

    not a fan of HER.

    but i am a fan of the show. so YES i will be watching the movie


  • vbgtt

    i love cyrus mog

  • miley fan!

    i cant wait! i love miley! and hm is the best show on disney!!!!!!!!

  • http://irina renata

    Im soooooooooooooo gonna watch it
    i love miley/hannah


    love u miley

  • arantxa

    Diee number 3

  • zanessa rox ur sox!

    omg i can’t wait for this movie! i want to see it so bad!!! hannah montana is the funniest and best show on disney and i really can’t wate to see tha movie!

  • Anna

    YES !!
    I CAN’T WAIT !!

  • riana

    yea i mean im not realy a fan of the show but ill still watch it!

  • http://fotolog.com/smileyc_hannah camila

    I can’t wait!
    Miley (L) I LOVE YOUR SONGS =)

  • Emma

    so excited :)

  • http://. Vic2763

    Hannah is the only time I tune to DC. This is gonna be a great movie. I can’t wait. MILEY<3

  • Karina

    Yeeeeeppyyyy !!!

    It’ll be greatt !!

  • Diana

    I like Miley and I am watching, I am 20 and that show is the only reason I watch Disney still. She is talented. and the movie looks really cute

  • ashley


  • http://youtube.com emily

    omg! i seriously can not wait 4 this movie to come out i’m so stoked!!!!

  • http://www.abellefeuille.com/animecafe CBloss

    I’m SO looking forward to this movie!!!!! *squeals* It’ll be awesome!

  • lola

    i can’t wait!

    i think it’ll be great.

  • http://site-smiley.blog.onet.pl rivivere. x3

    soooo much!;D

  • coota

    omg O: she’s awesome !

  • NILEY4evaaa


  • emily.

    this actually looks really good.
    like, a true meaningful movie.

    the show is just the same old miley/hannah shenanigans.

    i cant wait! :)

  • hannah girl

    totally love hannah montanah and miley cyrus cant wait for the movie 2 come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • lil miss nasty

    Zomg. I am so excited yall!! Hgfdttsfthtedgyhrrsf.$!!! I can’t control my fingers that’s how excited I am!!!!! MILEY I LOVE YOU MARRY ME

  • miiii

    ahhhhh, thats also

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