Miley Cyrus: Pilates Practice Makes Perfect

Miley Cyrus: Pilates Practice Makes Perfect

Miley Cyrus looks like she just got out of the shower with her wet hair as she and big sis Brandi head off to Pilates class on Friday morning in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 16-year-old teen sensation, who was recently named one of MTV’s Female Pop MVPs of 2008, will premiere the music video for her new song, “The Climb.”

“The Climb” as well as her other new song “HoeDown ThrowDown,” are featured in Hannah Montana: The Movie and will premiere on February 16 @ 7PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • Kami


  • jayana


  • anne

    she is the best i <3 miley
    she looks really beautiful without make up :)

  • kristina

    haha! i have those socks, and i have her peace sign scarf!

  • zashley4ever

    pretty!! :D

  • vanessa

    totally in love with her legs!!!
    miley´s best!!!

  • cc27

    Shorts are too shorts o.O lol but still looking good xD can’t wait for the movie!

  • yoo

    not attractive

  • vanessajonas

    ew jaja aw miley.. this was a fail

  • mileyfan

    I love her she’s awesome can’t wait 4 her new video


    um . . . ok what is there to say? she’s going to work out . .


    Wow, she looks 14 there.

  • Izabella

    I love all the new songs from the movie, they’re awesome!! :)

  • Hi

    Whatta HOTMESS

  • Emi

    WTF people? She is just going to work out, it’s not like she needs to dress up when she is gonna get all sweaty! goodness

  • l

    Love the socks!!!

  • vbgtt

    love miley omg

  • 007

    i love miley
    diva cyrus

  • riana

    finally we see her exercising! She looks skinner than she did a few weeks ago and those shorts- wat a sl*t

  • laura

    love her but this pics just not working for me,she looks great but ewww,blahhhh


    what the fuck si she wearing i mean the outfit is fine but the shoes got to go hunny.

  • wtf

    who like the ugly out?

  • wue

    her sister is ugly.

  • I_love_Miley

    she’s looking good!

    thanks for posting!


    ewww and whats up with the a__ picture.she has crack attack too,shes pulling the m out of her butt.
    she looks 12 and put some makeup on please my eyes are bleeding

  • rii

    ugh im a fan of miley and all and i know shes working out, but these pics are bad. i never liked the ugg + knee socks combo, or rather uggs at all especially with shorts/skirts. the hair i can let go cuz it seems like she just got out of the shower and left to work out. but yah, the whole look is not good today miley =/

  • Dev

    She looks so beautiful even without makeup on! well she always looks beautiful. go Miley!!!!!!!!!

  • sexylola

    miley mi ta un big fan dibo jamer ku mi no sa kon skibi e comentario pa bo na ingles

  • Karla ^^!

    Love her shorts!!!!!!

  • starbucks

    put on some clothes!

  • riana

    karla u must b just like miley- those shorts r like underwear nearly!

  • NILEY4evaaa

    luv her!!!

  • liz

    EW! So not feeling the outfit… Even if it was to go to the gym! Shorts are just a little too short… Love the Uggs tho! :-)

  • lol

    both of them are UGLY

  • http://. Vic2763

    OH YOU JUICY THING! hurt me, hurt me =P

  • jo

    Ummm its HOT when you work out Who cares if her shorts are short? Theyre called SHORTS for a reason.

    She looks cute.

  • Kayla

    i love her she is awesome


    one of her songs is called HOEdown throwdown???


  • Tia

    her anorexic sister is super super fug. she looks SOO old.

  • lilix


  • cass

    this is weird cuz the movie is premering on disney channel in february but it comes out in theatres in april? thats weird

  • Tiffany

    lol she still so pretty even when she doesnt have any make up on
    and shes not afraid to go out in public w/o any
    so you guys can be quite b.c you would never look that good w. no make up and hair not done.

    mileys beautiful!

  • jelli

    Total doll!!

  • riana

    they are both ugly!

  • riana

    trust me tiffany hun she is not beautiful without makeup- or clothes!

  • Hannah

    oh girl. you do not have to look THAT bad to go to pilates.

  • amanda

    that’s weird. i shower AFTER i work not.. not before. well anyways, she has a nice body. i wish i was skinny like that

  • Destiny

    some of you guys are ridiculous! She’s going to freakin workout,some people wear less and tighter clothing than this for workouts,grow up a little!!!! She looks beautiful as always,even w/ no makeup

  • karista

    I just called miley, and she told me shes sorry that she didnt put on pounds of make-up and some long pants when its hot and she working out.

    and she also says shes sorry for the face she was born with?

    I mean seriously people, you sound so stupid. None of you haters life the life you complain about her not living.

  • kristan

    can we all like.. steal her body in the night.
    her legs look amazing.