Emma Roberts: I Love Watching 'The City'!

Emma Roberts: I Love Watching 'The City'!

Emma Roberts is really busy promoting her new flick, Hotel For Dogs, and her next stop is The Bonnie Hunt Show.

The 17-year-old actress shared her frustration with Bonnie about reality shows The Hills and The City and about working with Hollywood leading man, Johnny Depp (Emma played his daughter in Blow).

On popular reality shows: “I started watching The City which I think is better. But The Hills I don’t really understand because I think everyone knows it is fake except for LC [Lauren Conrad] because she is the only one crying in every episode. I feel bad I’m like, ‘She is always crying and no one else is. Maybe she doesn’t know it’s fake.”

On real life in Los Angeles: “It’s not how people in LA really live (on The Hills). I would like to state that fact. They make us all look really bad. We’re not all like that I promise! We’re better than that.”

On working with Johnny Depp: “At the time I didn’t realize it was a big deal and then years later Pirates of the Caribbean came out and I was like, ‘Oh my god I love him!”

Be sure to tune into The Bonnie Hunt Show, on Monday, January 19. Check out BonnieHunt.com to see what time it’s on in your area!

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  • laalaa

    she sounds a little bitchy haha

  • E

    love herr


    “THE HILLS” is the most boring show every n liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife lol

  • Sarah

    Lost a lot of respect for her now.

  • aw

    The benefits of being Julia Roberts’ niece.

    Johnny Depp has done far greater things than POtC.

  • dundies

    Lost a lot of respect for her now.


    LOL what because she dissed your favorite show????

  • dani

    haha i love herr

  • She is cute I guess

    Isnt she in love with Orlando Bloom or has some crush on him. Funny because Miranda Kerr’s ex (Jay Lyon) is on that show and Orlando is dating the bytch dingho Miranda.

  • She is cute I guess

    Isnt she in love with Orlando Bloom.

  • Tanya

    she is only speaking the truth come on everyone knows the Hills is fake it use to be real the first two seasons but after that it went down the drain with fake acting and lies.

  • Tia

    LMFAO! the comment about the hills literally made me lol!

  • ariana

    her comment about the hills is stupid that what do they do that makes la look so bad?


    Even though she has heavy dislikeful feelings for the show, it was wuite bitchy to be so damn…bold about it and to insult another person who she probably has never met in her whole entire life?

    She just dropped a couple of points below the radar…

  • bridget

    “I think everyone knows it is fake except for LC [Lauren Conrad] because she is the only one crying in every episode. I feel bad I’m like, ‘She is always crying and no one else is. Maybe she doesn’t know it’s fake.”

    lol, that made me laugh so hard. It’s funny that she hates the Hills so much because her good friends Aly & AJ used to love that show. It was kind of a bitchy thing to say but it’s true. Lauren tries so hard while everyone else is just like “whatevs”. I mean come on we all know it’s fake.

  • kaylee

    i don’t know why everyone is getting their panties in a bunch about what emma said about the hills, everything she said about it is true! i mean LC really does cry in pretty much every episode! come on, the hills is 100 percent fake and anyone with half a brain knows that.

  • Beth

    Oh my gosh people, am so in love with this girl now, she is so bold to actually speak the truth and put it right out there, and oh please we all know LC is psycho, she cries every minute, the people who think emma is witch are just angry because she is trying to destroy the fake reality that the hills has created from them, and they are too stupid to recognize a real and true person. I love love this girl.

  • http://darenkagasofffans.com Michelle

    Why’s everyone mad about what she said? Wow. And how would those quotes make you lose respect for her?

  • Seriously?

    ok so how come what she says is bitchy and you all lose respect for her blah blah blah, but you can badmouth miranda kerr (#8) and attack any “celebrity” you dont like on this website and thats fine.. and dont say its because thats what the website is for. She was asked a question she anwsered it – time to step off ur soapbox ladies and gents.

  • Stelbel

    i love the hills,
    its a galm life but they just add much drama but people watch it
    and she pretty dumb the city is fake to, its the same thing!! same prducers same thing!

    i love her tough but that a dumb comment
    the hills the city
    both all about DRAMA!!!!! duh
    gets viewing

    i love the hills more though cuz its in LA la is alot better then new york!

  • neelmani

    i really like Emma Roberts…but her interviews sounds kinda meanish.
    first she talks about the hills( everyone knows its fake but i think thats why people watch it, drama duh.) Second, her other interview about not proceeding with a music career is because she doesnt like how other people do both, and instead of doing both people should do the thing that they are great at….blah blah blah…..does that mean she is not good at singing so she bitchin about other people that can do both.
    she a great actress anyway, i like watching her movies and cant wait to see hotel for dogs and more of her.

  • http://www.missemma.org elise

    all the latest news on emma


  • Kris

    wait what movie did she work with johnny depp in ?? i’m confused.

    and who cares about what she said about the hills.
    Charleze theron has said it’s the most pointless show she’s ever seen .

    everyone knows it’s fake.
    who cares
    people still watch it cuz it’s nice to get away from people own drama and watch others and see how they deal with it .. fake or not .

  • teebebz

    i totally agree. she could have handled the question with more professionalism. don’t get me wrong, i’m still a fan of hers, but how would she feel if somebody bad mouthed her on national television?

  • ALEX

    It’s fake but it’s a good show .. everybody knows it’s fake but who cares ? it’s a good scprit show !!!!

    and… “the city” is real ? is she stupid or what ? … it’s the same thing same producer, same TV channel

    I love how she said “It’s not how people in LA really live (on The Hills). I would like to state that fact. They make us all look really bad…blablabla”
    Your 17 !!!!!!!! LC and her friends are 22, 23, 25 not 17 the lifestyle isn’t the same…

  • nikki

    godd i cant stand this girl
    she came to my school to film one of her movies and me and my friend snuck on set. (people prolly thought we were extras or something cuz they didnt kick us out) but she was soo rude. she wouldnt talk to any one. shed be on her stupid phone the whole time. i tried talking to her but she would ignore me. she doesnt have to be soo rude about it. apparently im not worth her precious celebrity time.at one point she was outside my school (i was out there waiting for a ride) and she was cursing like crazy at her boyfriend (everyone says its that dude ryan sheckler). some of the kids at school wanted to take pics with her or get her autograph but shed say no. ohh and she smokes.
    she was smoking outside the side of the audiorium doors of my school with some crew worker.
    she walked around my school acting lik she owned the place.
    arghhh she gets on my nerves!
    and now shes talking bad about the hills but not the city???
    is she freaking kidding me??!?
    if the hills is apparently makng people in l.a. look bad then the city does the same to to new yorkers. i watched the city once and it has the exact same bullsh** as the hills.
    ohh and her other comment about how people are doing singing and acting. please, just because she cant sing (or act either at that) she shouldnt make petty little comments like that. there are alot of people that are amazing at both. who does she think she is saying “people cant be good at both”. im sorry that girl needs to get a reality check. cuz shes not as big as she thinks she is. she would be nothing without the help of her aunt. without her shed be nothing. shows how far having a famous aunt can get you.

    sorry for the long comment…i had to vent lol =D

  • kaylin


    Ok, so now I totally love Emma ROberts!

>>>>>>> staging1