Miley Cyrus Has A Girl's Day Out

Miley Cyrus Has A Girl's Day Out

Miley Cyrus sticks close to big sis Brandi and BFF dancer Mandy Jiroux as they have a girl’s day out in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 17).

The 16-year-old starlet was seen out earlier with grandma Ruth Ann at the Todd AO Sound Studios. Miley, Mandy and Brandi had lunch together and then pampered themselves at the nail salon for some mani-pedis.

Miley rocked out her ripped tights with cute blue fringe boots.

30+ pics inside…

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Credit: MP/JP; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • katie

    i love miley sooo much

  • andrea

    i love you miey!

    rock it wherever you go honey :)

  • apple juice: )

    what is up with her skirt and tights i mean she is only 16 .she trys to look older than what she really is.

  • lala :)

    wow…….she’s wearing an iron madian shirt. leave that to demi lovato honey. :)

  • xxJonasloverxx

    # 4 Demi dosen’t own any kind of t-shirt..sorry

    anyway Miley is gorgeous and the only person who can rock ripped leggingls

    Love her~~

  • mcftd8

    She is awesome :)
    I LoooooVe U Miilerz <3
    cOme tO ArgEntiNaaa!!!!!!!!! :D

  • olivia

    those tights are horrible! they look so trashy.

  • apple juice: )

    #5 how do u no if she does own a t shirt like that or not .she trys to hard to be rockerish and she is probally the only person who wears ripped tights like that plus there trashy.

  • Victoria


  • riana

    i mean the tights wuld look allright if they were a tiny bit ripped but i mean thats way too much! An what’s up with the tiny skirt? Thats trampy an i think she looks hideous without makeup! An yea demi does own t-shirts probably alot of them- well more than u sad low life jonas lover!

  • Teresa

    Love Miley,hate Miley’s leggings! She still looks so cute though!

  • Teresa

    To #4: I respect you’re opinon,BUT everyone has band shirts…and Miley grew up into music. If any celeb has the right to wear a band shirt it’s her,honey. :)

  • ann

    i def. think she was inpsired by trace’s girlfriend, hanna beth to wear ripped tights. because she wears them too

  • ann


  • I_love_Miley

    Miley is the most beauitufl girl without make-up, so stop calling her ugly. And she looks so beautiful and happy.

    She just need to trash thoose leggings, Pant’s next time Miley. You are not a celebritiy without having a couple fashion mistakes;)

  • kaisercloud

    What the gd hell is she wearing?

  • jilli

    umm. Lets leave the trashy skankness for Taylor Momsen. I don’t like Miley, but she’s way better then Taylor. And please for the love of God, buy some new tights! I hope she’s not trying to start a trend!

  • http://irina julia

    i dont like the ripped tights but other than that i love the outfit


  • anna

    ewww shee looks soo stupidd
    like alwayss.

  • laura

    looking great,and beautifull,love her

  • marissa

    the tights look stupid


  • Ella

    Are those the same tights Justin had trouble getting into awhile back?

  • Bella

    jimmy_choo_ freak [#20]

    needs some serious therapy for his/her anger management. If you are SO “sick of seeing this little wh*re” everywhere, then stop viewing her articles. By the way, she’s only been on about 2 major magazine covers (Cosmogirl & Seventeen) and that was months ago.

  • vanessa

    haha. jealous haters are here, nothing better to do than hate on mileys clothes? one word. pathetic ;)

  • sheila

    sorry, but her entire look says she’s trying too hard. what is with these 16 year olds with iron maiden t-shirts? puleese, i’m sure she’s never listened to one iron maiden song in her bubblegum existence. seriously, people generally have “band t-shirts” when they’re a fan of the band not because they’re trying to convince people that they’re some enlightened music fan. at least when nick jonas wore an elvis costello t-shirt, the possibility actually exists that he could be a fan. this, on the other hand, is just blatantly phoney.

  • joecool

    LOVE HER!!

  • Lena

    I’m sorry but what is up with those ripped tights…

  • Andy

    She sure loves to exposed her holes….

  • Ashlee

    she needs to brush her hair,
    lose some weight,
    get her teeth fixed,
    and get a better style and dress her age

  • Ashlee

    hahaha! #28 you made my day!

  • lo

    trashy outfit….

  • rii

    #25 sheila

    god i hate people like you. yes, probably the majority of people will assume that miley is just a poser trying to make it seem like she likes all types of music like iron maiden when shes some popstar. but do you really know her enough to assume that? the reality is, some people really do like music just because it sounds good, not because it’s trendy. you are like an indie snob who hates on people for liking a band when they go “mainstream”. lol im using this example because my friends and i were just talking about something like this. music doesnt have to reflect how you dress or even how you act. music is music, you listen to it because it sounds good to you.

    i like music ranging from frank sinatra, john mayer, britney spears, stars, the killers, johnny cash, and santagold while dabbling in some french/jpop when i cant even understand the languages. one might say, “why do you like britney? shes just some pop trainwreck! or eww you like country?” and so on for each artist/band i listed. but you know what, i just like how it sounds.

    your holier than thou attitude really makes you look like a jack*ss.

  • sisterlisa

    WTF with those tights. Could Justin wait til you got in bed or was it thinking it was Mandy. Girl back to the hills you dumbass.

  • estefanía rubio =*




    those panthose looks like justin had fun

  • zashley4ever

    okay wtf?! Haters shut up! I’m sick of sooo many people bashing Miley! There is nothing wrong with her! Why come and read stuff about Miley if you just wanna hate? Seriously, so immature.
    I think Miley is beautiful and can rock anything she wears!!

  • 007

    gogogo mileyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Annie..!

    Miley ROX!!!
    Haters – OUT!!!

  • .
  • Rachel

    #29- She does not need to loose wait. she has an acceptable body for her age. obviously you have a poor idea of what is a nice body. not everybody in this world needs to be anorexic sickly.

  • arghh.

    Wow. you guys are so lame.
    You’re going crazy because she is wearing a t-shirt. Yeah I admit it. i don’t like her leggings. But why is everyone so upset about her shirt?
    Maybe it isn’t hers. Maybe it’s her sister’s or maybe it is Demi lovato’s and she is just borrowing it? You don’t know if she likes the band or not. So don’t go saying that she doesn’t because i know for a fact that you don’t know her. lamoes.

  • Kat

    okay first of all i love miley… (huge fan huge fan).
    this was kinda a miss, but i mean she still looks really cute.
    so what if she had an offf day.
    she dresses ahmazingly like 98% of the time, who cares if she has a couple flops ….trust me i have seen much much much worse.
    you rock those ripped tights Miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    team miley all the way. :)

  • sheila

    rii, you pegged me just right. i am an “indie snob.” wow, you are so insightful….

  • vanessajonas

    lol hahah thats right

  • chelsea


    like she thinks she’s some hard core rock and roll rebel girl…
    God she’s a freaking disney channel wonder..

  • bri

    eww i hate her. what is wrong with her ripped tights, gross. if you have that much money then she might want to spring for some freakin moth balls!.. oh and her purse is ugly.

  • ally

    what was she thinking. those ripped tights should be illegal. omg i like her but thats a 100 and NO NEVER WEAR IN PUBLIC OR IN PRIVACY…

  • Hannah

    what the hell is she wearing?

  • lala :)

    actually demi DOES have a iron madian shirt. she’s wore it out before.

  • Emily

    Okay I dont get what she’s wearing. They’re all turning emo. And 4 words miley- BRUSH UR HAIR. the only time you see her hair looking good is when its made by a stylist.

    Oh and Iron-Maiden t-shirt?

    Thats DEMI. Poser.

>>>>>>> staging1