Rupert Grint Is Nervous About Kissing Emma Watson

Rupert Grint Is Nervous About Kissing Emma Watson

Seems that Rupert Grint is a bit worried about locking lips with his Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson.

The 20-year-old actor shares with the Telegraph, “As I’ve known Emma for so long, I reckon it will be 10 times worse. I really love the seventh book, but there is no way it will be tame with the Hermione stuff.”

Rupert just finished filming Cherrybomb which has more graphic content than Harry Potter does. He says, “I don’t think it’s quite up there with Dan‘s [Radcliffe] Equus, but it was quite a surreal experience, especially as we were sharing the bed with half a dozen camera crew. But, yeah, I was quite nervous, I think we both were. I remember Kim and I doing a crossword in between takes. That definitely took our minds off the deed.”

His strategy for when his kiss with Emma happens: “I’ll have a stack of crosswords at the ready.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I is set to begin filming early February.

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  • heheh

    hehe!! he’s funny!

  • camz

    haha awww rupert. love that kid!!! =]

  • cc27

    Emma Watson is pretty :) so he should be nervous :) LOL haha

  • joss

    lol he so cute

  • beccabecca..

    i love rupert so much!!
    can’t wait for the movie to come out!

  • sarah

    i love rupert! he and emma should date =]

  • jessica

    aww :] i can’t wait for the film!!!

  • teebebz

    i LOVE them!

  • Annie..!

    I can’t waiiiit!!!

  • Jennifer

    Haha.. Cute rupert and emma! ^_________^
    Can’t wait for the film toooo….

  • Euge

    Of course he is nervous! Emma is so beautiful and he always is fidgeting when she is around, especially in public! Anyways,there is a tension between them which makes their kiss expected and gripping.

  • Heather

    Emma from from an awkward little girl to beind BEAUTIFUL! Rupert could do much worse!

  • NativeNYker

    Thats so cute. His quotes are really smile inducing… It’s somewhat endearing to read someone about someone who hasn’t quite reached Hollywood jaded – yet. I can’t believe he is 20! Where is time going?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Chris

    They are awesome together. I love them in the movies so if they are nervous behind the scenes I’m still sure it will look fabulous on film.

  • Katie

    He is so adorable.

  • awwwww

    awwwwwww thats so sweet

  • boo.

    they are the definition of AH-DOR-ABLE.

  • jasmine

    aw, that’s adorable. xD

  • Karen

    Lol! What a cutie. I can’t wait for the new Harry Potter movie …….

  • ilovehp

    I love Harry Potter since ever and I can’t wait for the movie!!! Ahhhhh!!! I got so mad when they cnceled the release to july. But I can wait.
    ps.: I can’t wait to see this scene!

  • Krum

    Dude should just relax and enjoy the moment…Emma is a babe! Every other guy on the planet would die to kiss her, but he’ll be getting paid for it!!! Just go with it, Rupe!

  • vinod

    i think rupert should be nervous because she is so beautiful but i think rupert is also very handsome, he deserve what he got

  • darpan

    He should not worry emma a hot babe he should enjoy

  • scorpius07

    Emma is undeniably beautiful, but they’ve known each other for almost a decade now. Since they were teeny, tiny kids, so in his shoes, I do think it would be weird.

    Good thing they’re great at the parts they play. They’ll pull it off brilliantly, I just know it!

  • kwan

    Emma And Rupert !!! Lovely couple
    Emma look great so, Rupert may be Nervous

  • Gaabbbs

    .. I loveee . thiiss two !: )
    .. more than harry and .. ron’s sister :P!

  • DAisy

    Aw, Rupert is so adorable!!! He and Emma would make such a good couple!!! I can’t wait to see the kiss. It’s such an antioated moment. Anyway, I guess it does make sense for Rupert to be nervous since Emma is so beautiful and they’ve known each other since they were little kids but I’m sure they’ll put it off.

  • Ritinha

    aaaaaaaaah! Q fluffy.
    Kiss me then,Rubert!

  • kate

    i can’t wait for the next movie :)

  • meli

    awwwwwww so cute, they both did a great job in the movie ;) and the kiss scene is so wonderful