Selena Gomez Loves Kate Winslet

Selena Gomez Loves Kate Winslet

Selena Gomez has her favorites in the business and it includes an appreciation for actress Kate Winslet.

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place leading lady dished to US Weekly about her debut album, acting dreams and her love for Kate. Here’s what she had to say:

On her love for Revolutionary Road: “I love Revolutionary Road. That is the movie I want to take all the awards. I can’t even get over it. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio just kill it.”

On moving on from Disney later in life: “I love the Disney channel, and I always want to keep that relationship because they gave me my start, but I’d love to someday make a transition and do roles that are really challenging for me. I’d like to do comedy, romance, anything.”

On her musical aspirations: “Hopefully I’ll finish up in April and debut my album in July. I’m really excited that people will see a whole other side of me.”

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  • Miki

    i definitely agree with her! leo and kate were amazing!

  • sammantha

    I agree, that film was amazing!
    If there’s any justice, kate must win best actress! However I did thought leo was also amazing esp. when they were arguing in the beginning of the movie!

  • niki

    leo and kate were amazing. but i really don’t see her having a career after disney sorry.

  • sol

    selena is cute

  • riana

    i havent seen revolutionary road but i want to i luved them in titanic- even tho that movie is really old an leo used to be kinda cute i can see y miley loves him!

  • dundies

    is it me, or is she a little young to see that? either way w/e

  • hi

    eew shes gonna debut her album in july.
    i hope it crashes and burns.
    she cant even sing.

  • carrie

    dundies @ 01/17/2009 at 4:28 pm
    is it me, or is she a little young to see that?


    its just you

  • maria



    I can’t wait for her album! or atleast to hear a song from it! be the songs bad or good. I want to jugde for myself. and I do think that she “COULD” have a career after disney once she brakes out that goody goody thing and has the right direction ;-)

  • Vynnie

    I’m buying her album, I can’t wait! And I do see Selena having a successful career after Disney. Selena said she formed her own production company where she will produce and star in her own movies. I can’t wait to see her in mature films where she’ll play challenging, edgy roles and finally be taken seriously as an actress!

  • elizabeth marinas

    selena is so beautiful she’s very stylish

  • NILEY4evaaa

    hey selena…thats what real talent looks like!!

  • vanessajonas

    ew selena as a singer

  • Kay

    I totally agree with her! Kate and Leo are ah-mazing actor and rocked the movie! Hope they both win Oscars!

  • Kay

    I agree! i love Kate and leo.

  • Emma Macklin

    OMG! I love Kate Winslet! I wish I could see Revolutionary Road. But I’m 13 and don’t have the guts to see it. OMG! I feel normal about loving Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCabrio for once!

  • annoyed

    ii dont noe y but this girl is just getting on my nerves. There is such a thing as too MUCH publicity. She is on this site as a new post almost everyday… and she always thinks her opinion matters. I am definitely a fan of her on Wizards.. but now i just really distressed. She is too blatant… and that can be quite a problem, especially for me.

  • ADAM

    Trust me annoyed when I say this, this site is still a lot better than Oceanup. They constantly put up Selena Gomez news, even the news that came straight out of a magazine. It’s practically overkill over there, and I’m a Selena Gomez fan. You want to visit it, just click on my name.

  • ….

    selena gomez is such a kiss up.
    she loves every freaking actress?
    i doubt she even owns Titanic on the DVD or something.
    she’s pathetic.

  • ADAM


    YOU are pathetic! Can you blame her that she actually loves acting? You don’t know her. Now gtfo this article!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR *Peace*Love* & *NICK JONAS*

    Figures they’re both weirdos. And Selena is coming out with an album? talk about a future hasbeen sellout!. That CD is gonna crash & burn in a NY minute CANT WAIT!!!! :D .

  • katt

    selena rocks!!!!!!!!

  • LOL