Kristen Stewart Goes To 'Adventureland'

Kristen Stewart Goes To 'Adventureland'

Kristen Stewart keeps it cool in a black leather jacket at the screening of Adventureland during the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Monday night (January 19).

The 18-year-old actress plays Em in the flick about a recent college grad (Jesse Eisenberg) who takes a nowhere job at his local amusement park, only to find it’s the perfect course to get him prepared for the real world.

Adventureland will be released in theaters in March.

10+ pics inside of Kristen screening Adventureland

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Photos: Larry Busacca/Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
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  • joss


    and she is so awesome! love her! <3

  • joss



  • kara

    cant you put these people in one post instead of making 489504958304 different posts for one person in less than a day

  • Ella

    Go Kristen!
    Love the leather jacket!


    she’s awkward. i hate her, she’s so ugly and i don’t think she has sense of fashion… no style at all. LOOSER !

  • kaylin

    she’s actually 18 Just Jared Jr……….

  • marie

    she’s beautiful, lovely eyes!

  • mike


  • http://justjared zanessalover

    i want more za, vanessa, or zanessa together! i have seen them for a while, i need, i want pics of them. i like this girl, but i’m not obessed with her! please just jared jr!

  • angeline

    I liked Kristen as Bella in the movie, but she kinda peeves me off sometimes. I know she’s being real and everything, but don’t real people smile genuinely once in a while? It always seems like she’s forcing a grin. And she has really bad posture. She looks slouched and lazy all the time. She’s pretty, but I just wish I would see her happy more often.

  • b chick

    she is soooooo gorgeous.
    and she is the luckiest girl ever. she got to kiss rob pattinson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lorraine

    Kristen is amazzzinnnnggg! =)

    <3 her

  • Anonymous

    Aaahhhhh!!!!! so HOT!

  • Cris

    She is gorgeous! And a great actress. I love her style too.

    BTW, she’s 18 not 19.

  • dundies

    she’s awkward. i hate her, she’s so ugly and i don’t think she has sense of fashion… no style at all. LOOSER !

    HA you fail!

  • cmm

    Well unlike some other people here i love Kstew. thanks for the pics JJ jr.

  • ariana

    eww she seems akward and was really a bad actress in twilight

  • Nancy

    LOVEEE the pics JJJ!! KStew looks GORGEOUS!!! loving the leather jacket and entire outfit!!
    Can’t wait to see Adventureland!!

  • bellamor

    Love Kristen. She’s so cute. She has this expression, like she kinda wishes she could be anywhere but where she is. I have a huge girl crush on her.

  • bia

    Kristen is SO awesom and talent! I F* LOVE HER! (L)

  • Miki

    why does she ALWAYS look high? her and rob both?? is that really attractive?

  • ana

    she is so pretty!! i love her, and i want to see the movie, but i prefer kristen in twilight as bella

  • Lorraine

    why does she ALWAYS look high? her and rob both?? is that really attractive?


    she just has squinty eyes!!!

  • Kimm:)

    Shes actully 18 not 19.
    She turns 19 in April.
    Shes an amaazzingg actress.

  • sara

    where does it say she’s says 18. That is unless they changed it after they realized they wrote the wrong age?

  • Maria

    Kristen is a goddess!

    The girl is an amazing actress, she’s beautiful in so many ways, and she’s about as real as you can get in Hollywood. Keep on working hard Kristen because some of us DO appreciate your fine work. Rock on!

  • Ella

    Haha yeah the typo is fixed

  • Russian girl

    #1. Kristen is natural beauty! No tons make-up, No pathos. She is not a doll like others “young stars” ( and not only young). She is really pretty girl! #2 She is really good actress (I remember “Speak” where she is so young and other moves)

  • Sia

    Love her can’t wait for New Moon !

  • NativeNYker

    Why does she always seem so plane Jane…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Daniela

    Love her!

    She’s gorgeous and a great actress!

  • b

    adventureland looks like a really good movie. can’t wait to see it.

  • Stefanie

    I’m so gonna watch this movie… Kristen is very cool….she looks happy, pretty and in some pictures tired… I cannot wait for new moon either

  • chloe

    she’s drop dead gorgeous
    but im not a huge fan of her acting
    and would it kill her to comb her hair once in a while?

  • Scarlet

    Shut up all you haters!!!!

    Kristen is the best!

    I love her! She is so unqiue and she is a fantastic actress!!! She’s so lovable and she’s not like all the other young female celebrities who love the cameras!!!

    She is also absolutely stunning and gorgeous!!! She has a very natural beautiful look to her!!

    She rocks and all you people know it!!

    Go K-Stew!!!!

  • mimasaka

    i love love her so much.. She’s the real things.. So hypocrites who want actresses wearing a mask sorry, kristen’s not for you! Being true ain’t being bad..

  • mimasaka

    lots’a love for kristen!

  • Lia

    Kristen Stewart is Fugly and a pothead!!

  • bariiee

    …..uhhh shes absolutely gorgeous , she has such a different type of beauty maybe you should get your head out of the materialistic world and the idea that everyone has to be caked with makeup and designer clothes and has to try really hard to be pretty, because that’s not how it is. She is beautiful, and are you kissing robert pattinson ? Nah, didn’t think so.

  • bariiee

    @angeline: shes mysterious! and i think she’s really curious about things. I’m like that too. I mean I smile a lot, but not too often..but i AM a really happy person. she’s in a tough position.. and maybe shes just not so overdramatic like most other “stars” who smile every second to keep a good rep. I mean, maybe she does it on purpose just to show she is her own person

  • bariiee