Lucas Grabeel Gets Showcased at Sundance

Lucas Grabeel Gets Showcased at Sundance

Lucas Grabeel flashes a peace sign as he walks around the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Sunday (January 18).

The 24-year-old actor showcased a couple of short films from his new production company, 14341 Productions. The showcase premiered the works of Lucas, Kelly King and Brent Geisler (you may remember him from the famous Zac Efron vs. water guns prank).

Some of the shorts shown were Smoke Break, Chuckle Boy and The Awakening of Abigail Harris among others.

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty
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    FIRST !

    Ashley tisdale is better

  • bee



    seriously, i am so proud of him.

  • mike


  • ***

    Lucas is underrated by the media and critic. I know he will be very successful. He is gone and left Disney long after the last day of filming HSM3. While all the hype is on Zac, Lucas has been making strade by doing small parts in and there on the big movie screen working with different directors and learning to accomplish his goal of being a very serious actor and not just a musical boy.

  • sabreen

    he is so adorable and one day he is going to be very successful

  • Maria-Chiara

    So sweet! *-*

  • aw

    That’s very good for him. He got lucky the media never hyped him up and put pressure on him, so now he can do these types of things.

  • Grace

    LUCAS! *thud*

    Gah, he looks gorgeous. I’m so proud of him. My boy’s gonna go far.

  • Alice

    Its always great to see him,he seems very kind :) Btw I MISS ZANESSA !!!

  • assyhole

    He’s so underrated. By the way, did he attend the HSM3 Promotion duties?

  • allyt

    yay i am so glad to see lucas news… the short films deserve to be in a showcase they are amazing…. keep posting more lucas….

  • Karen

    Why discuss someone else here? To say something about Ashley being better is asinine—that’s like apples and oranges—they are nothing alike. They are their own people, why does one have to be better than the other? The same goes for Zac or Vanessa. Why not mention Monique or Corbin too? Whether you like one better than the other or whether one is getting more attention than another is not that person’s fault.

    I think Lucas IS very underrated but then again, he certainly hasn’t been left wanting for projects so it goes to show there are people noticing him. But not having the limelight on him all the time is really a plus for him. He doesn’t have that pressure to be “SOMETHING” that will be almost impossible to live up to in the eyes of the public. When people expect so much of you and the spotlight is on you all the time it is hard to take risks and get jobs. Since Lucas can go unnoticed a good deal of the time lets him be offered things that someone like Zac will never get a chance to do.

    But I’m proud of Lucas. He is multi-talented. I believe he will go far and we will be hearing from him for many years to come. I loved the kids in HSM and yes, I am a big Zac and Vanessa fan but Lucas was the one I also loved in those movies. He was awesome.

  • cabezona

    love him <3

  • Pop86

    I thik Lucas will become a director in the future.

  • Emily

    Lucas is going to go very far ,I feel it
    He’s awesome, i love him.

  • zanessa/jashley

    He’s working on more movies than the other HSM casts are..and what’s the point of saying that..? He IS going to be VERY successful. I can’t wait to see his new movie(s) though. Everybody LOVES Lucas !! ..He’s so damn adorable.

  • Nikki

    Nice to see Lucas getting some recognition on here, Jared. I love this guy. He’s definitely the best in all areas in the HSM franchise, IMO at least. I can’t wait to see all future projects from him. Because we all know he is going to hit it big!

    Ah, and loving the hair on him. He looks amazingly gorgeous.

  • Lily

    OMG !
    we miss him sooo much ..
    he’s a great and talented guy
    God bless him

  • Osama

    ash is better !!

  • HSMFan

    Lucas is amazing and I am so proud of everything he has achieved. He is the star in my eyes. :)

  • charlene

    wow ok as much as i love ashley i dont see th need to compare lucas to her. where did that even come from? that mmakes noi sense at all. in any case i love lucas. he is very talented and will make it far im very proud of him. i just wish he wasnt so underated. its sicking but we loive you luc. your the best<3

  • lucas lover 4-ever

    he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and he is very talented.

  • Regina and RaTHie

    u so cute
    do u have girlfriends?
    i luv hsm!!!!!
    i hsm big fans

  • feer :)

    :O Es lucaas !!! Qee hermosura de personaa se notaa qe es una personaa buenaa (Y) Mee encantariia teneer un pololo como eel seriia la mujeeer mas feliiz (L) Riiko 100% Mee pregunto qien no podria encontraar riko al lucas?? Ese es oviio !
    Ich liebe dich Lucas Grabeel ( L ) !