Miley Cyrus 'Climbs' to Capitol Hill

Miley Cyrus 'Climbs' to Capitol Hill

Miley Cyrus sings her heart out at the Kids’ Inaugural: We Are The Future celebration concert at the Verizon Center on Monday night in Washington, D.C. (January 19)

The 16-year-old teen sensation performed her two hit songs off of her debut album – “See You Again” and “Fly on the Wall” plus new song, “The Climb,” that will be featured in her upcoming movie, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Miley also performed “Ready, Set, Don’t Go,” with papa Billy Ray.

15+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus performing at the Kids’ Inaugural

Miley Cyrus – “The Climb”, 01/19

Miley Cyrus – “See You Again”, 01/19
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Credit: MileyCyrusFever; Photos: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images
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  • Lorraine

    she did really well, but what’s up with her hair? LOL

  • Carolyn

    Was she crying?

  • meeee

    beautiful girl. powerful performance.

  • joss

    her hair looks funny, the one when she’s in her red dress…kinda ugly, well actually it is

  • neelmani

    she did a great job…she looks gorgeous in the red dress….reminding me of someone going to prom with the hairstyle but she looked and sang amazing!!

  • emily

    That’s what I was thinking, her hair looked a bit crazy in this performance, but overall I think she did a good job.

  • lane

    she trys to be sexy and shes not
    and if nick did hug her its just to make peace
    because she has made him out to be the bad guy
    all the miley fans are making it into a big deal
    he would never down grade his self are damage his image by dating this girl again
    shes with an older man and he would want her
    as in a young man with nicks class
    nick is with selena now thats class

  • Teresa

    She looked kind of,old hollywood-ish in her first performance,with the red dress! I loved it. And when Nick hugged her it was soo sweet! I hope they can become friends again… <3

  • Ava

    Am I the only one that noticed how horrible her voical’s were tonight? God Lord, as a someone who has taken years of voice lesson’s, I wanted to cry for her. She was swaying her hair and run around like a tramp. It’s like if you know you aren’t going to have the breath management to be able to belt it and dance around, don’t do it. YOU ARE ONLY 16, and news flash, you can not vote. lol

  • Teresa

    To #5: First of all,Uhm,says you! I personally think she is very beautiful. But,beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Second,This is a Miley pose sweetie,go worship Selena on a Selena one wants to hear it! Now,move along and stop obbsessing over someone you don’t “like”. Buh-bye! :D

  • annie

    I don’t know why that song makes me cry.
    She looks soo amazing so grown up

  • tori

    #7 i noticed that too, she wasnt too good. she needs to practice way more, but there was some improvement from past proformances. She needs to stop spazzing on stage, at one point she basically put her leg on a bar and was dancing like that. Completly trampy. since she doesnt have the breath or voice to run around the stage and still sound good she shouldnt do it. As for “The Climb” her hair looked horrible, kinda amy winehouse beehive-esque, did NOT suit that dress well at all.

  • tori

    sorry, i meant to #9 or Ava, not #7

  • vanessa

    she was awesome! esp the cimb performance.. her singing is getting better and better.

  • I_love_Miley

    To the people that said she was horrible, Do you need new ears?? she sounded better then she have ever done, specially in the climb. And her dancing is like it has always been, she got a great stage precense. Go and worship Demi or selena or whoever. we don’t need your bitching in a Miley post. Okey!

    And she looked amazing!

    Team Miley.

  • neelmani

    whatever #10

  • Mel

    great performances as always!!! i really liked the duet with her dad.
    but her hair does look really strange when she is in the red dress

  • mylanta

    OMG are you guys delusional?! You actually thought she did well?! Mother F. She was yodeling the whole night and going flat on the high notes. I’m guessing the posts about her doing well are like 10 year olds worshiping their little ho.

    Side note: For those who aren’t aware of it, people who worked the Golden Globes this year awarded Miley Cyrus and her family the worst group of people to ever walk down the red carpet. Who the hell does peace signs and blows kisses at a classy event like that? Also was reported that she was loud and obnoxious while her pictures were being taken by photogs and her trailer trash of a family only encouraged her to keep going. No class at all.

  • mylanta

    PS: Someone give this chick Abigail Breslin’s or Dakota Fanning’s number cause homegirl needs major schoolage.

    haha and please dont compare Miley’s look tonight as “Old Hollywood” cause honey, Old Hollywood never looked that ugly

  • Victoria

    i loved it!
    she did amazing i think!

  • mrsefron.

    her dress was very pretty!!!

    JJ wheres the jobros they ROCKED the house !!!


  • Jordyn

    Awe I love her. I think she looks amazing and sounded awesome!

    I didnt see the hug at the end but seriously I hope it happend
    Nileyyyyyy <3


    LMAO I was p*ssed when the camera didn’t follow nick! but I know he hugged her that would b bogus if he just skipped her!lol

  • estefanía rubio =*

    i lOVEEE HER!


    WOW! can’t believe it : )

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR *Peace*Love* & *NICK JONAS*

    OMM can this girl get any better!?! shes beautiful unlike some she was AWSOME and ABSOLUTLY love the song. Both so pretty and to comments #7,#8,#9,#12 & #17 I would like to see what ya’ll look like you’re judging someone on beauty,talent & looks and my question is why!?!. I mean if you were a celeb and someone dont like you or are supposed JEALOUS ( kind of like how ya’ll are over Miley) would YOU like someone to say you’re ugly or untalented and tacky or acting like an adult as a kid!?! I dont think so. So this comes to show that none of us know who you are or what you look like but you are ugly on the inside cause you have hatred & jealousy in you. You dont know Miley she hasent done anything to anyone shes just a normal teenage girl living out her dreams and fullfilling what she wants to fullfill in her career while she can!. And NO ONE and I mean NO ONE should EVER be judged by being themselves. So next time when you want to talk bull about someone you dont even know get the reality check and stop hating.
    At the end of the show did ya’ll see Nick & Miley
    hugg? so happy they dont have to be a couple
    but I’m glad they’re friends and are showing respect to
    her cause after all she did get them to were they’re now. So glad they’re talking even though I wish Niley was back on they were so cute together.

    Nick :D
    Joe :D
    Kevin :D
    Miley :D
    Niley :D

    :D LIVE ON :D

  • tish

    who wrote this song? the song is nice, but the vocals need serious work. i wish the younger “singers” would put more work into improving their voices than making youtube videos about how awesome their lives are. just sayin’

  • Bella


    Ok, I admit, her hair looks funny, but she looked very nice. I do wish she wouldn’t do those dance moves, but they AREN’T SL—Y! She just does too much head bobbing. She was nice enough to go down to the Obama girls though, which was sweet of her.

    Quit focusing at the negativeness only. She “yodels” because she has a country accent, so it’s hard to do really good notes sometimes. She still sounded great.

  • Coz

    loved her, only watched it for her. People love those Jo Brothers but they suck at singing live. Her hair was not good for the climb song but loved the rest….and I totally totally love the duet with Billy. Love that song so much.

  • swe3t23

    the climb is so mature and so inspirational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she was amazing and the movie is gonna a number 1 hit!!!!!!

    request request the song… it is so good…. wonder who wrote it??

  • Katherine

    Miley looks so pretty with her hair like that..

    miley if you read this. have your hair up more! looks fabulous


  • Victoria

    here is the best video ever of Nick and Miley hugging tonight! its the best thing ever for those who dont believe it happened!
    just watch and be amazed1


  • Victoria
  • Michelle

    She looks like Sarah Palin with that hair. All she’s missing are those rimless glasses.

  • mylanta

    LOL ok #25, whatever you say. This girl has corrupted young america and steered them into believing that what she does is talent. She cant sing. Simple as that. And stop forcing yourself to believe she can. With so many young girls vying to be just like her I’m afraid of how young hollywood will look like in a couple of years if this is the level they believe is what they think will make it. God bless our souls the day young miley cyrus’ begin to overpopulate the tv screen.

    Oh, and the “country accent” doesnt excuse the whole yodeling thing. I know tons of country singers who can reach high notes without sounding like a mule. Admit it, she yodels because she’s naturaly nasally. Homegirl sounds like she’s sick 24/7.

  • deka

    she is given a lot of importance….
    not sure it’s justified

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR *Peace*Love* & *NICK JONAS*

    Ok #33 now I know you’re ignorant “Homegirl sounds like she’s sick 24/7.” “Homegirl”??? are you serious???. All I know is that I would rather be a southern hillbilly than a straight up “homie” from the “hood”. And fyi who cares if she yodels much better than rap or crap I should say anyday so she can sing and we Miley fans are not “pushing” ourselves to admit anything. We already admitted everything that has to be admitted she can sing,act,dance the whole deal. So why dont YOU just admit that you’re jealous pathetic & dont have your own life to live and just try to make your point when you obviously well…..CANT!. You Miley haters SUCK IT UP RETARDS AND GET A LIFE TO LIVE cause you can you them really you can “homegirl”. ;)

    get the reality check
    DUMB ASS!?!?!?!?!

  • Laura-c

    I am not a team Miley person, her voice not so goo in other things, but I thought she did very well tonight. I was moved by the song and I thought she did great.

    I’m going to go try and find that song.

    Good job, Miley.

  • Laura-c

    I am not a team Miley person, her voice not so good in other things, but I thought she did very well tonight. I was moved by the song and I thought she did great.

    I’m going to go try and find that song.

    Good job, Miley.

  • Rosa

    not actually a fan ..
    but the song is really amazing ..
    miley did a good job ..
    though her voice was a lil bit shaking ..

    but i really liked the song and the performance ..

  • Rosa

    oh .. i’m talkin about the first song =)

  • Ella

    Haha oh my god!! You guys are hilerious!! Honestly read these comments its effin’ classic!!


    “*Peace*Love* & *NICK JONAS” your the 1 that sounds ignorant YOU & THAT OTHER COMMENT YOU WE’RE REPLYING TOO! both of you! by what you just said n that long paragragh is making u sound just as ignorant! I hope you weren’t speaking on behalf of all miley’s fans. “homie”? “rap crap” “I would rather be a southern hillbilly than a straight up “homie” from the “hood” ” wow sad

  • laura

    woott!!she was amazing,the ready set dont go,and the climb was the best
    keep rocking girl,go miley,were amazing as usual

  • lilix

    i’m sure her dad voted mccain! most of the southerners voted mccain…

  • rii

    actually, her dad said he was a democrat and i think he also donated to obamas campaign. and not all southerners vote republican, im not even in the south, im in california, and i hate that stereotype.

  • fresh

    her voice was mediocre…. i don’t understand wut’s the big hype about her singing..i mean if she was good i wouldn’t be critiquing buttt serioussssly her voice is average but then again this is juz my opinion. Compare her to other artists like carrie underwood, leona lewis, beyonce and even demi lovato her singing is a joke. i think she’s a great performer and actress though but she doesn’t have the voice to call her a talented singer. Anddd it is juz not fair with her getting all the media attention when other artists that have raw talent are being ignored ..there’s no justice to that ..but this is hollywood and that’s how it works.. the more fans u have the more famous u will be doesnt matter if your talented or not. its juz sad ..and i totally respect people liking her and all..i mean its your ears….and im not hating juz expressing my thoughts.

  • cyrusfan

    i like mileys red dress and her hair it was very appropiate for Inaugural

  • 007

    miley eh diva

  • seannadesireecullen

    she looks effing pregnant. LOL. and her voice is strong, but it’s bad.

  • NativeNYker

    Bravo to the next Britney Spears pop-wreck with a twist!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

>>>>>>> staging1