Sabrina Bryan is Sleeping Beauty

Sabrina Bryan is Sleeping Beauty

Sabrina Bryan brings out her inner princess as she poses in her Disney Princess robe/blanket while on “The Cheetah Girls: One World” Tour this past winter.

The 24-year-old triple threat just posted a few more photos on her official website with short messages about each of them. For the princess pic, she writes, “This is my tour blanket/robe!!! It went with me everywhere so I could always feel like a princess like my daddy told me I was!! haha Jk I’m a huge dork and thought this was the best blanket ever…Kiely [Williams] told me that her 8 year old sister’s best friend Julia saw this pic and told her that she has the same one!!! Wow….I felt like the female version of Peter Pan!”

Sabrina was also seen out on Friday night, catching a movie at the Sunset 5 Theaters in Hollywood with a close friend.

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Credit: Adrian Varnedoe; Photos: Sabrina Bryan MySpace, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • riana

    shes kwl

  • Sonia

    Sabrina looks great!! She is so funny with her comments on her pictures from the tour. Thanks Just Jared for posting this. She is just awesome and a fun dork . So would to like hangout to hangout with her. I wonder what movie she went and saw?LOL

  • Aylin

    Love the pictures, she is so cute, LOVE her!!!

  • nina

    what brand are her boots?

  • Ashely

    Cute and funny gotta luv her!!

  • Jesus!!!


  • Jayden

    She is so cute and hillarious. I so want to go on date with this gal.

  • SouthernBelle

    As usual Sabrina looks AMAZING!!! That blanket is too funny and the comment about it is HILARIOUS!!!!! LOVE the pics and article, please keep them coming!!!!

  • Robert

    I’ll be your prince Sabrina. You are too adorable.

  • Brenda


  • polvopaw

    I love all the new pictures, Love Sabrina,she is so great to her fans, she is so adorable and funny!! LOVE the pictures of her our at the movies, wonder who the close friend is, LOL!! thank you Just Jared Jr. for posting all this articles about her, keep them coming please!!! LOVE YOU SABRINA!!!

  • Tiffany


  • Claudia

    she looks so cutee! (:

  • Albert

    She is beautiful, is she dating anyone, because I’m available!!!

  • Claudia

    I like her blankie so princess like. haha! She rocks!

  • Erica

    Shes so beautiful!<3 :)

  • B_L_B

    I absolutely LOVE Sabrina, she is such an AMAZING, TALENTED and BEAUTIFUL girl, so glad that she is out having fun, I also wonder what movie she saw and who the close friend is!! LOL

  • amy

    shes too cute!!!!

  • Michelle

    aww i love her sooo much.i love her outfits to=) hmm I wonder who she went out on Friday to the theaters?LOL

  • Cindy

    She looks so beautiful!!!!!!!!
    I love her so much!!!!!!!!
    she’s a greeeeeat Actress!!!!!!
    I hope she keeps performing in more!!
    Pictures are awesome, I watch it over and over again and
    I never get tired of it!!!!!!!
    and I think she’s the only actress,singer,dancer, and writer I know who is so
    down to earth!!!!!!! That’s why I love her so much!!!!!!!

    luv ya Sabrina, can’t wait for your 1st solo album and Byou 2 and Princess of Gossip are amazing!!
    and please, keep doing more of everything because your
    performances are awesome in what you have done!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    soooo cute! Love her style and her dork side!!! She’s the beest!!

  • asia

    so cute!
    team Sabrina <3

  • Tom


  • Emily

    Her clothes looks so comfy and she looks like she had alot of fun on tour! Love her outfit that she wore this past weekend she is just so gorgeous :)

  • Grace

    omg! she looks sooooooooooooooo CUTE!!! :) <33 Love her hair and jacket from Friday’s pictures and so want the princess blankie!! <3

  • Chuy!!

    What a GORGEOUS girl Sabrina is!!!

  • molly

    is so sweet
    love her!!!

  • Bee!!!

    Love Sabrina, she is so down to earth and so goodto her fans, thanks Just Jared Jr. for posting this article about out favorite cheetah girl!!!! LOVE SABRINA BRYAN!!!

  • Julie

    She looks amazing <3
    Love her Style.

    I will always support her!

  • ryu

    the latest photos, are the best *-*
    she look very sweet

  • meiko

    Ha, I love her to death. She’s so cute. She looks sooo beautiful.

  • chelsie

    I love her so much ♥ These pictures are so awesome that’s why I love her !! she is so down to earth. Come to UK soon

  • Pearl


  • Kusumi

    hey, ssabrina you look so fabulous. you are a great role model!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE YOU TONZ!! i wish i was at least one time as pretty as you!! haha, well thanks for everything you do! i WISH I COULD MEET YOU!!!!!! ! well see ya. I know you will have a great 2009!!!!

  • Jessica

    omg! That blankie and her black boots are so cute! She’s cute all the time!!!

  • Krissy

    I love Sabrina and she looks amazing as usual.

  • Anthony

    Bri looks gorgeous

  • Justin


  • Linda

    OMG OMG Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sUSSY

    LOVE HER!!!!

  • Myra

    she rules ♥

  • rosa

    She looks so cute & pretty ^^!

    I love her!

  • Gina

    ..I def. love her. Adorable ♥

  • Jahir!!

    She is beautiful, is she dating anyone?

  • Leigh

    Adorable, I adore her. It’s great she know’s how to kid around she must be all kinds of fun. We love the dork Sabrina keep it coming girl.

  • Anibel

    damn how can she manage to look so cute…lover her!

  • Penni

    Sabrina has great style and such a sense a humor. I wonder who she went to the movies with? Sleeping beauty must have a prince!!LOL Come on Jared did you see her with Jesse M I know that they were both at Crown the other night?LOL

  • Kristal

    oooooooh thats soooooo cute those pictures. Sabrina keep them coming and Just Jared thanks for posting them here too. You both are amazing y’all.

  • Jamie


  • Marcelle

    Awww soo cute, love it!

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