Demi Lovato Celebrates Kids' Inauguration

Demi Lovato Celebrates Kids' Inauguration

Demi Lovato rocks out the Kids Inaugural celebration at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., on Monday night (January 19).

The 16-year-old starlet performed her two hit songs, “Get Back” and “La La Land.”

Demi hung out with good friend Miley Cyrus at the end of the show and tagged along with BFFs The Jonas Brothers to the Huffington Post’s Pre-Inaugural Ball after the concert.

Check out Demi‘s performances below!

Demi Lovato – “La La Land”, 01/19

Demi Lovato – “Get Back”, 01/19
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Photos: Steve Fenn/Disney Channel, Joe Kohen/Getty Images
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  • karolina

    she look so amazing o.o



  • Guest


  • Mille

    i love her new hair

  • chloe

    she loooks amazing,
    and when shes stood with jb. her and joe should date ;)

  • mrsefron.

    ii like her new look !!!


  • amanda

    Lovv her
    Awesomme Singger N ♥N The haircut :)

  • anika

    I Love demi(L)

  • assyhole

    i love her new look & she sounded awesome in both performances!! She’s so cool =D!

  • lilix

    much much much better than Miley!

  • sara

    Amazing. I love her hair

  • Nickz

    she hung out with miley?do u have pics??

  • ame

    i loveeeeeeeee her! she was so nervous though!
    on concerts she does so well but for live tv she gets so freaking nervous she needs to get confident but she said she was so nervous though she still did great and i love her with dark hair she cut it for can rock 2 i think idk and i hate jb but her and joe look so cute together! demi= most talented singer on disney
    the rest suck i hate disney demis too good for that crap!

  • Ava

    How good was that? Now that is a young singer with talent, and she played the piano. #12, I completely agree, Demi is the best singer on the DIsney Channel, you can tell this girl has had a lot of formal training. Rock on Demi, keep creating your own music.

  • sorry

    I’m sorry but she sounded AWFUL. I love this song but she totally lost it . She made it too ‘rockish’

  • sorry

    she sang get back brilliantly though

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR *Peace*Love* & *NICK JONAS*

    Wow she did great and so did Miley & JB they all rocked and they all did their best so I dont know why people have to compare them to each other lilix. Thats so not cool.

  • jo

    I didnt think she was all that great. Miley just looks alot more natural on stage. But BOTH girls are great. Both truely best singers on DC BY FAR.

  • kris

    she is the best singer disney has. she has such a wide range and can play instruments! this girl is amazing!!!!

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    demi sang soo great!!!!! she looked soo beautiful as well and i love her new hair it looks great on her!!!! I love demi she rocks!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333

  • marie loves joe broes and demi

    i love demi i was going crazy my mom thought i was so over the top yesterday me and my cuzin were there i love the jonas brothers and demi lovato there the best!!! i dont care what people say but i live in van nuys california so im on my way back 2 los angeles

  • sweetbella


  • hititquitit

    loved her & her songs

  • c !

    freakkking lovee demii!

  • kathy

    I cant stand her smile, and she seems to scream. I would like to hear her sing a ballad and just smile not such a forced smile. She might even look a whole lot prettier. Im not saying she isn’t cute. I think she is but not so talented

  • Molly

    I absolutely love her music.
    She is so real. She can sing.
    Some of the other Disney people and other celebrity singers out their can’t even sing live, but Demi can, and she does it so well.
    I really hope she comes to Australia, I really want to see her live or even just meet her.

  • Erika

    Yay demi! You did great! I love her new hair cut it’s so cute and pretty! I also love the outfit just stop wearing so much black. Can’t wait for PPP! You look so pretty! The outfit is cute! Love bffs and fellow disney stars selena and demi!

  • Emy

    So awesome!!! but you could hear her voice shaking in La La Land because she was so nervous! lol I would be the same way!! :)

  • jesus101

    Demi lovato was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop choppin on her fools. She the best she was way better than miley. Her voice was shaky at first but hey I would be nervous to if I was performing for the nation. George lopez was the G. There Jesus out

  • mitchie

    WOW! Demi rocks! She can totally sing. She rocks! I can’t wait for her summer tour!

  • Ami

    Demi did super AMAZING!!!!
    Love that girl!!

  • Ami

    She can definitely sing like extremely well (unlike miley, sorry) and she looked awesome, love her new hairstyle!

  • Kelly

    She’s AMAZING!!!

  • Jo

    I wish people would stop comparing Demi and Miley. Demi actually has talent.

    I love her hair now, seriously. And she always sounds so good.

  • justniki

    i not really like her dance, but shes voice is amazing JJJ

  • tous

    to kathy #25
    try listening to her singing mercy on me by christina aguilera
    it’s on youtube

  • Ashlee

    she sounds great,
    she looked great,
    her new hair is great!

  • Jamie

    she was awesome i loved her peformance.
    what color is her hair?

  • http://none china

    you’re totally AWESOME.I’M YOUR BIG MEGA MAJOR COOL FANN..ammm.i can’t you DEMI LOVATO.i hope you’ll invite me on your birthday bash..:) TAKE CARE:)) GOD you more.!keep it up..please call me:9266723548..thanks have a great days…love you..

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