Emma Watson: SATs on Saturday -- EEEP!

Emma Watson: SATs on Saturday -- EEEP!

Emma Watson just got back from her warm holiday vacation only to freeze in London.

The 18-year-old Harry Potter heroine updated her official website, updating her fans on all her plans. She writes, “Happy 2009! I just got back from a trip to Cuba! Which was fascinating. Wow, they can really dance over there!! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so inadequate on a dance floor! Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I am sitting my SATs on Saturday so that I can apply to some American Universities, which is a little nerve racking. My maths is very dodgy seeing as I have done nothing since my GCSE when I was 16!

“On Monday, I go in for test shoots for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1). I am quite excited to be back actually. I don’t think I’ve seen Dan [Radcliffe] since the summer since he left for NY and Rupert [Grint] since autumn. I think I have a couple of costume fittings and a hair appointment to make my hair a bit browner. Not sure whether we have a couple of rehearsals as well. Excited to see if they have cast anyone yet…

“Anyway, hope wherever you are, post-Christmas blues aren’t getting you down…it’s bloody cold in London! Em x”

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  • anna


  • anna

    shes cutteeee.

  • elle

    pshhh. it’s so not fair how celebrities get special treatment. for most schools applications had to be in by january 1!

    oh well. maybe i can room with her at yale. ;-)

  • Jennyjonas

    emma watson is so cool!

  • ali

    -she may be applying for 2010 and just needs to take her test now for prep but yeah she’ll probably get special treatment anyways and get in even with a bad math score :)

  • marki

    i love her

  • Kris

    celebs don’t get special treatment when it comes to college and universities .. It all depends on their transcripts of course..

    but i love emma !
    she’s so smart for her age and she’s super pretty!

  • aw

    Always loved her but she was looking at ivy leagues school in the US. It is a well known fact that if you have money and/or celebrity, those schools will accept you regardless of performance. Celeb special treatment does not end even if it’s for education. She still seems like an intelligent girl though.

  • mary

    If emma applied this year, she’s not getting special treatment. She’s stated that she’s already applied to some American schools, but some schools allow you to take your SATs and ACTs in January and even February. This is separated from the Jan.1 application deadline.

  • ali

    i doubt the schools she is looking at in the US are the ones that take your January and February scores (those are probably rolling admission schools so they don’t have a set deadline) so she would still be getting special treatment because the latest scores most take are December if the app deadline is Jan 1st ( and since she is most likely looking at pretty good American universities that is probably the case)
    -but anyways its not like its a secret that colleges have special treatment whether it be an athlete, legacy, or celebrity
    and it would be cool if she went to school here regardless!

  • http://alexandria-myjourney.blogspot.com alex

    I’m taking the SAT again thisv sat too. So nervous!!!

  • http://www.abellefeuille.com/animecafe CBloss

    Aww! She’ll be fine! ^_^ She just has to channel Hermione!!

  • Lyn

    I used to like her…
    but then…she becomes so arrogant…
    she thinks she’s so different…
    people who are different and classy(like what Miss Watson tries to define herself as) do not go to Hollywood and make stupid Harry Potter films!
    so zip your mouth!

  • mary

    what do you consider a good SAT score?

  • syerah

    one word :
    gorgeous <3

    i love emma .she’s so talented ,beautiful …
    n i would b totally happy if she n robert pattinson dated !!

  • Rafa

    shes so smart and pretty, i love her

  • sam

    i thought she was going to cambridge! what a sellout.

  • Ashley

    a good sat score for ivy schools is 2400 :p (that is a perfect score for those on here who haven’t taken the test).

    if one is aiming to go to an ivy, they probably need at least a 2200 on the SAT or a 34 on the ACT. of course, there are always exceptions.

  • sarah

    ivy league schools are so competitive, my sister got a 2300 on SAT and a 34 on ACT with a 4.0 gpa and didn’t get into Princeton. But, of course it IS PRINCETON.
    But, I love Emma <3 I can’t wait of Half Blood Prince

  • gabi

    love her and dan

  • Michelle

    She’s gorgeous, talented, and super smart!!! I wish I had her brains and looks. But I know she’ll do fine on the SATs…Lord knows I can’t.

  • brie2009

    Good luck Emma and anyone who is taking their SAT’s. I have friends that haven’t even passed which sucks. Emma is lucky that she has the money to go to the big universities. I wish I had the money to go to USC, UCLA, UCI (Irvine), UCB (Berkley), or UC Davis. I’m going to RCC Norco (Community College). I have to apply for financial aide and Cal Grant which I highly doubt I would get any money.

    And #21 You are not the only one. I would also love to have Emma’s brain and looks.

  • scorpius07

    Don’t worry Emma, you’ll do brilliantly! I think she got A’s in her A-Levels, so she’s obviously got brains.

    I, for one, can’t wait to see the Ron/Hermione “house-elf” kiss in the Deathly Hallows movie [part 2]!

  • Anne

    actually i took the SATs on Saturday and I’ve applied to Harvard. They are still accepted by some good universities so don’t think that she’s getting special treatment!

  • Heep

    Hey there, who cares about how smart or pretty she is. We are all special individuals living our own lives!