Kristen Stewart Has an 'Adventure' at Sundance

Kristen Stewart Has an 'Adventure' at Sundance

Kristen Stewart keep close to co-star Margarita Levieva at the screening of their flick, Adventureland, at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Monday night (January 19).

The 18-year-old actress stopped for a quick interview outside the Eccles Theatre to talk about her movie and how much she enjoys Sundance.

Kristen shared, “I’ve been here a couple of times and I’ve always really liked it. You get an honest audience and they receive it [the film] however they may. They’re not prepped, it’s very real. There’s less control here so you get to do your own thing. It’s much more relaxed.”

Check out 10+ pics from the screening inside…

Kristen Stewart – “Adventureland” Screening, 01/19

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Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
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  • Maria

    Loveeeeeeeeee Youuuuuuuuu Kristennnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

  • joss

    yay! keep kristen news coming in! love her so much! <3

    can’t wait to see advertureland and new moon!!!

  • bellamor

    I’m glad Kristen likes Sundance so much–she seems to be really shy, and huge premieres and such seem to make her really nervous. I like when we can see her all casual, instead of all dressed up–although she looks pretty dressed up too. I’m glad we keep getting news on her–she’s really one of the few actresses I actually care about.

  • LIZA

    i loveeeeeeee Kristen!!!!!! can’t wait for new moon!!

  • trish

    jj you rock for all these kristen post.
    that’s what i’ve been waiting for.

  • Diana

    Kristen rocks!

  • bia


  • magalie

    she’s soooooo sexyyy!
    love her!

  • bruna

    she is so pretty


  • Kari

    Too bad Rob isn’t there with her haha! Thanks for keeping us up to date with Sundance Jared! :)

  • Shelby

    jared, you’re killing it.
    she’s not a disney star and this is just awkward to see on this tweeny website.
    leave stuff about kristen to or something else please.

  • bellamor

    @11–Kristen is technically ‘Jr’ material–at only 18, she’s still a teen, but I do agree with you–she’s way better than the Disney ‘stars’ and deserves to be on the main JJ page.

  • Ella

    Go Kristen!!
    I kindah agree…
    They should just call it JustJared Disney or something along those lines..

  • R kdub supporter

    She’s a good actress but a sucky public speaker…The only reason I want to see this movie is because it’s at Kennywood!!! K-Dub represent!

  • Kris

    Kristen is more comfortable i’ve noticed doing interviews that are a bit smaller or with her co stars or even with an interviewer that she knows well like Larry Carrol who did all the TT’s and so every time he interviews her she’s more comfortable..
    but i could care less if she sucks at public speaking … most of the time she’s just nervous but at the same time she just puts a lot of thought into what she says she’s not someone that going to just give a basic answer .. she actually thinks a lot about what she’s going to say and although it may not be delivered in the most articulate manner it is still delivered in a way where you can tell how much she cares for a project that she does and in a way where you can really tell she’s not just another disney star or teenage star..

    She’s extremely mature for her age.. and i’d rather have her stutter over her words than have her giggling and giving fake answers that her PR wants her to say..
    i just got that vibe after watching a ton of her interviews.. not just this one.

  • Sam

    I love her but she’s so awkward.

  • tralala

    she is so real. god i love her.

  • Sia

    Love Kristen and I can’t wait for New Moon being that I’m A HUGE TWILIGHT FAN :)

  • Carlow

    Kristen totally rules!
    She’s so beautifuly in that she’s all but faked.
    At my school every girl wears like the over-super-fashionable Gucci or Burberry clothes, but someone like kristen can wear anything and still look best!
    I wear my skinnies and chucks all the time and I love that if you like kristen you will easily find similiar pieces without going all the way to, like, LA or sth. (I’m from EU so it IS far for me xD)

  • ana

    i love her, i think she is really nice, i wanna see that movie!!

  • amber

    ugh. i feel like twilight has ruined her.
    whyyy did she have to be in that lame movie?

  • Laura

    kk, I absolutely loooooove Kristen Stewart
    but why is it everytime I see her in pictures she looks sortaa high?
    it’s weeeeiird.

  • ashley

    Omg . She’s soo amazing ! :D
    I lovee her so much . She looks so hot , as usual :)

    Love her casual outfit , it’s so heer (L)

  • harper

    kristen stewart is an amazing actress.. but i agree she should be on the regular just jared.. I am a huge twilight fan i think they might destroy new moon with stupid vanessa hugends in it… and dakota fanning isent a very good jane..

  • kait

    what kind of shoes is she wearing??
    anyone know….


    does anyone know what shoes shes wearing
    if you do please let me knoww

    im in love with themm

    and kristen stewarttt !!!!!!!