Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus Make Peace

Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus Make Peace

When all was said and done at the Kids Inaugural: We Are the Future celebration concert, it was a big hug fest!

There was one between Kevin Jonas and Demi Lovato while Corbin Bleu and Joe Jonas even shared a manly hand shake. It seems that everyone was in a hugging mood.

But the biggest hug of it all — that caused a million gasps around the world — was the one between Nick Jonas and ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus!

The duo called it quits back in 2007. Miley is now dating Justin Gaston and Nick is rumored to be dating Disney starlet Selena Gomez.

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas Hug It Out, 01/19

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  • Veselka

    The Best thing that happened to me for this year NILEY HUG I LOVE THEM I am sure they still love each other

  • Veselka

    The best thing that happened to me this year NILEY HUG I LOVE THEM I am sure they still love each other

  • Someone

    I am happy while they are happy (:
    It was nice that they hugged, maybe that means they’ll be good friends again, I hope so (:

  • Rochel

    how cool is that.
    go nick.
    now thats more like it.
    they should be friends .
    everybody makes mistakes.

  • yoy

    oh my god!
    i can’t believe it! Despite all the bad they’ve been through!!!
    I’m so so so happy they finally made peace!
    It’s very cute! (:

  • Rosa

    that was so cute ..

  • jojo

    selena who? :))
    this was beyond cute.

  • nicole

    wow… that’s so sweet!!!

  • Nickole

    HAHA I love how he hugs everyone with one arm then miley with both arms around her …

    BUUUT when he walks away Demi and Miley laugh it out.

  • maddy_loves_zanesa

    Cuteee. I wonder what she was saying to demi after LOL

  • Bia

    OH MY JONAS!!!
    I LOVE NILEY!!!!!!!
    I love the hug, and when the “hi” between them to me was like the bigest thing i saw this hug and i was like: ————– (no reagtion) and then a star jumping becausa i’m a HUuuJEEEE fan of Niley!
    I hope they will come toghether as girlfriend and boyfriend.

    :D :D

  • hsm fan!!

    i still have hope that someday they will get back together.

  • Bia

    OH MY JONAS!!!
    I LOVE NILEY!!!!!!!
    I love the hug, and when the “hi” between them to me was like the bigest thing and then i saw this hug and i was like: ————– (no reagtion) and I start jumping because i’m a HUuuJEEEE fan of Niley!
    I hope they will come toghether as girlfriend and boyfriend.

    :D :D

  • riana

    aww yay!

  • sarah

    Nick is a true gentleman

  • matilda


  • megi


  • stephanie

    They are soo cute! <3

  • Annie..!

    Aww!! Way too cute!! And this is proof ’cause of the feud! Miley and Demi were next to each other, talking and laughing all the time! Just face it! They’re friends! And Nick made clearing to the rumors!!



    Finaly, It’s About Time…

  • jo

    Finally, Nicks being a gentleman.

    This was nice.

  • Karla ^^!

    OMG! I can’t believe!

    At least now they are friends!

    but I like NIley <3!

    They look so cute & sweet together ^^!

  • Lauren JONAS

    Im wasnt a big fan of Niley, but now i kinda miss it.
    But i doubt they would get back together, it seems Miley is pretty into Justin, and Im not so sure about Nick and Selena, but Nelena makes me pretty Sick, in fact I think thats what their couple name should be, “Sick”! get it, if u put the S from selena in front of Nick! haha!lol! im happy that they made peace. it was pretty akward, I could feel it, even at the golden globes. Personally i think Nick should be with me!!!!!!!!!!! “Nauren”lol

  • whitney

    aww. that was sweet of both of them. well, it’s not like he’s going to completely exclude her after hugging everyone else. but the inauguration was prettyyy awesome! (:

    oh, and the girls saying “awkward!! awkward! omg!” in the background was prettyy funny too.

  • meeee

    about time nick gets his head out of his ass and acts civl around her.

  • lil*princess*

    im glad there friends again
    buh she batta stop sayin i hate you at the end of songs or else that will be the last hug and it will go back to a guessing game

  • marie

    That’s great they’re friends again =)

  • Marii

    Aww.. I loved nick and mileys hug!! I can’t watch the video cuz my sidekick won’t let me but.. When I was watchin it I was so mad cuz the lil words were in the way and I caught myself trying to look on the side of them :/ like they would of moved haha!! Im a huge miley fan and a huge jonas fan and I just want them to be happy but I think I will always be one of those people that will want these two to get back together :]

    My mom even says ‘you kno they still love eachother’ lol!! Gotta love these twoo

  • lane

    i hope he doesnt make the mistake of going back to this trash.shes been with a lot og guys and shes dating a man.
    nick would be down grading and he has way to much class for this trash,its just disgusting to think about

  • Destiny

    Justin who? Selena who? they both need to go away if they haven’t already this couple here,Niley,is the best,seeing them together makes me feel really incredible. I hope Nick fights for her and I hope Miley falls right back into his arms and that they stay togther this time. Bless them both.

  • Izabella

    they’re so adorable!!
    and I love how Nick hugs everyone else with
    one arm but he hugs Miley with both arms ♥
    it’s cool to see that they’re friends again.. finally!! :)

  • cc27

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s gonna be so awsome but if not they could still be best of friends :) when i saw this it made me smile :) so cutee..

  • alicia

    i remember seeing this and just thinking awwww!! haha

  • Vanessa

    wow…did anyone else notice nick just standing around by miley ….also at the end his brothers left and he was still on stage…a few feet away frm Miley.

  • Juanick

    Nick and Miley look happy =)……….thats SUPERAWESOME

  • loveyoubitch

    Just cause they hugged doesn’t mean they are friends again dummies.

  • lola

    nick’s just being a gentlemen, he hugged everyone, he couldn’t just leave miley there, though i wish he did! anyways, miley has her life with her justin, n selena and nick r together, so i doubt they both will come back 2gether, there will be so much dramaif nick went back 2 selena-nick went off with miley, leaving sel, demi’s best friend is selena, so i doubt she’ll talk to nick, and the rest of the bros. thats what i think. then miley will have a even more miley hater base!!! YAY…hooray for all miley haters

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    That was cute ♥
    Well its been like what almost 2 years so its nice to see them like that!

  • sarah

    joe and demi hugged too =]

  • Someoneee

    Okay listen.
    If he didnt hug her and hugged demi and the rest of them he’d look like a tottal ass.
    soo yeah,
    they arent dating,nor getting back together,gosh stop with the NILEY stuff.

  • kristen

    ok nick was like forced…

  • lala :)

    GEORGE FREAKIN LOPEZ!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! and demi and miley standing next to eachother is cutee. <33

  • megan

    awwhhhh! omg i loveee niley!! that was sooo sweet. i want them back! i like miley w/ justin but now i really reallyy really want miley back with nick! they were such an awesome couple!!!

  • Anna

    OMGEEE !!!!!!!

  • Annelise!

    AHHH! =D =D =D
    i was soo happy! they are soo cute.
    ohh gosh. i am gonna cry.
    i love niley soo much!

  • i love zanessa

    i know that’s the first lovr never end and mybe they still love other

  • sweetbella


  • Whatever

    Who cares about them?
    Why do you people spend a lot of time reading about them?They dont even know.You could go die and they wouldn’t even care.Niley can go die for i care.Their not important.

  • sweetbella

    love them like a million times!!!!!

  • go selena

    OH MY GOSH. finnally a new year. thank gosh. there is no fued between selena, miley, and demi they are ALL friends. nick jonas and miley cyrus hugged BUT that doest mean they are back together maybe just friends now. oh yeah i like that sound :] now can we all stop the hate now please. stop with the hate nelena, hate niley, hate miley, hate selena blah blah blah now its us fans turn to stop the hate :] thank you for listening

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