Camilla Belle Covers Nylon Magazine

Camilla Belle Covers Nylon Magazine

Camilla Belle graces the February 2009 cover of the indie Nylon magazine.

The 22-year-old 10,000 B.C. actress rocked it out in an Etro jacket, D&G shorts and Boudicca top. The issue also features Jeremy Scott and his Adidas line as well as a profile on model Behati Prinsloo.

Camilla will next be in the comic-inspired thriller, Push. The flick is about a group of young Americans with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities, hiding from a secret U.S. government agency.

Push also stars Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning. Check out the official website and go see it in theaters February 6.

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Credit: The Fashion Spot; Photos: Marvin Scott Jarrett
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  • cc27

    is she actually dating joe jonas!!? :( cuz i dont want her too even though she’s pretty lol

  • pattinsonpreety

    Preety but not gud enough 2 date either joe or rob

  • lane

    shes ugly she has aman face
    wax those eyebrows girl friend

  • Alexandra

    yeah i don’t like her or her acting

  • Katie

    stay away from joe jonas!!!! he is mine!!! so u better not be datting him .jk! lol!!!! still she’s ok!

  • heheh

    she seems too “va-va-voom” for joe.. if you know what i mean., he needs a more sweet girl.

  • jo

    she’s milking it. jonas girl

  • Lolote

    Okay come on open your eyes ! You will never have Joe thingummyjig, needs to come down again on earth!
    And stop saying that she’s not worth Joe, you know about it what? And you saw the head to him?
    Camilla is one of more beautiful and talented actresses on JustJaredJ, she is worth one thousand times Selena, Taylor, Miley or Demi who have nothing in the head and thinks that to make the imbecile on television studio sets or to consider grown-up while they are still kids!

    Then stop judging Camilla simply because so-called she would go out with Joe, they are only rumours, you already saw them kissing ? Then stop!
    Or get out of this post, it’s for Camilla, not for Joe! You don’t like her ? Don’t comment it’s simple !

    Anyway beautiful photos!

  • Betty

    I heard she doesn’t use deodorant.

  • carolineee

    I mean guys, I don’t thiink they are dating at all… even though she’s pretty… I knew if i were 22 I wouldn’t be with a 19-year old guy… I don’t know them either in person but let’s jsut say that they have different ummm…. interests… for one, joe wears purity rings…

  • julia

    she’s beautiful

  • maddie

    she needs to wax her eyebrows its sick she look flipping 50!
    Taylor was way better :D

  • Kay

    her eyebrows arent too thick theyre dark. I knew a girl that had eyebrows like that but she made them look good idk what she did to them tho but they def didnt look thick. And really this is a camilla post not a joe post i bet more people here know her as joes gf rather than as her own person.

  • Wow, I love how you don’t mention Joe!! Cause I’m so tired of hearing about that…

  • Btw. I like Joe, not Camilla Belle!!!

  • hello

    i think she’s really pretty & i actually like her eyebrows.

    you can tell that the picture of her smiling, she seems real. plus she’s never in the news or tabloids and she has a steady career. she’s adorable.

  • vanessajonas

    i dont like her with joe.. simply because they seem like they have nothing in common..

  • Michelle

    She looks amazing! I love her! She is a great role model and I’m a HUGE fan!

  • Ella

    She looks.. Weird… Don’t like her at all..
    #9 she don’t wear deoderant? Haha classic!!
    Agree with vanessajonas.. Especially the first part seeing as me and Joe are made for each other!! Haha I wish!

  • jennyjonas

    girls if joe jonas is dating her you should just except that its his life that ours and joe jonas could date who ever he wants , i dont like talyor swift but i was still happy for him now if you guys dont like camilla and joe together just be happy for him like the way i was happy for joe and taylor being together and i HATE taylor swift i really cant stand her but hey if joe was happy with her i am happy for him but there not dating anymore because she was to clingy lol

  • Angelica

    Joe dating her is like dating himself. they could b twins. lol

  • dundies

    you guys have sticks so far shoved up your asses!

    this girl is GORGEOUS, not ugly or plain!

    and just bcus she has dark hair, dark eyes & defined brows,

    DOESNT mean she looks like joe jonas, bcus she doesnt.

    her facial features are completely different ie.hooded eyes, high

    cheekbones, defined nose ect.

  • cc27

    #21 nope :) joe is way cuter LOL haha

  • july

    WHO IS SHE? :S

  • Taiane

    She’s pretty … She’s Brazilian Girl .
    Ah-mazing girl

    Waiting to Jonas in Brazil ;*

  • elizabeth

    She’s pretty but that’s about it.
    She is a really bad actress, 10,000BC was not a good movie.

  • sam

    christ alive her eyebrows…

    10000 bc was one of the most hilarious films ever made. i wont hear a bad word said against it.

  • sam

    to number 8 who said shes a better actress than [insert many names here]… not sure if youve seen her films, so ill summarise for you.
    shes not.

  • DJD

    uh…..she was in a film??

  • Ella

    Haha that was a good one #28 Sam haha made my day thos two words haha :D


    TOTALLY agree with you!
    Camilla is beautiful!

  • Sarai

    She has 3 inch eyebrows!

  • sarah

    “Franz Ferdinand: The Best Dressed Band in the World”

    … YES.

  • brie2009

    I ♥ Behati Prinsloo! Must get this issue.

  • maddie

    They actually are twins if they had kids together (joe and camilla) their kids would have massive eyebrows

  • mel

    She’s good looking and I don’t care who she dates…but she doesn’t seem like Nylon material. I’ve never seen her wear anything exciting.

    Then again, they featured Paris Hilton on the cover two months ago…

  • Angelica


  • bingz

    she’s so beautiful… than anyone else……

    she’s hot

    she’s everything…. perfect…..

>>>>>>> staging1