Dakota Fanning in New Moon?

Dakota Fanning in New Moon?

Dakota Fanning is in discussions with Summit Entertainment to play Jane, a member of Italy’s Volturi, in Twilight‘s sequel, New Moon.

E! Online is reporting that the 14-year-old actress is in talks to play the Botticelli blonde vampire with an angel-like face. “There were no auditions. They just offered it to her outright, and now they’re in negotiations. They’ve been going back and forth,” a source reveals.

Jane is described as a petite blonde with crimson irises. There’s even a petition circling around the internet to cast Dakota as the teeny vamp.

WHAT DO YOU THINK — is Dakota your dream Jane?

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  • Carrie

    Interesting! Reading the books I always pictured Jane a little older but I think Dakota would do a great job.

  • http://www.abellefeuille.com/animecafe CBloss

    A very interesting choice. Now that I think of it though, I think she’d be a perfect choice!

  • Noelani

    NO!! don’t get me wrong she is a good choice. but i always saw AnnaSophia Robb as my Jane. i thought of Dakota as being “too big/well known” for the part.

    i just really want the cast to remain mysterious. meaning you’d have to google their names to find out who they are and what they previously invovled themselves in. i don’t want any household names. it ruins any chance of having that feeling of being caught of guard.

  • Lorraine

    Omg, Dakota would be perfect for Jane… IMO. I hope she gets it!

  • nicole


  • jaime

    no audition? wow, they should have just gave her audition anyways, it would have been more fair, i’m sure there are other great actresses who could play jane, not that dakota couldn’t

  • Evie

    Number 5, Jane IS a child, lol

  • Noelani

    haha i just decided i’m campaigning for AnnaSophia Robb as JANE..


  • anon

    Dakota would be cool but AnnaSophia Robb would be better!

  • M

    No! No! No!

    I did not image Jane this young.
    Plus, Twilight has launched the careers of a lot of young actors, Dakota already has status in Hollywood. They should give the role to a fresh face. Plus, I really can’t see her as a vampire!

    I’m sorry but no!

  • Becky

    yea i think dakota would be good for the role but after reading the comments her i do agree that she is a little to well known. then i looked up AnnaSophia Robb and i do agree that she would do a great job as well. they both look jane worthy lol

  • curiosity

    In the book Janes has black hair… If they do decide to go with Dakota at least dye her hair black…

  • sam

    i dont think dakota or annasophia robb would be good
    someone unheard of would be better
    i really dont want them to cast already known people as these new characters
    its going to take away from the story because you’d still think of them as their old characters
    like with vanessa as leah, no

  • amelia

    anna sophia robb is cute, but dakota is a wayyy better actress and she’ll do a better job!

  • http://myspace.com/youth4cancer Listen to mayday parade

    FYI this AnnaSophia Robb girl looked like Dakota lol

    and Jane had blonde hair…
    Go back and read the books

  • http://darenkagasofffans.com Michelle

    I just don’t think they should cast super famous ppl in the movie! This movie started out with a cast that wasn’t so popular and I think it’ll just ruin it if they put famous ppl in it. I love Dakota though!

  • Lorraine

    honestly, i don’t think there’s a perfect person to play any of these characters… but i think she should most definitely play jane at least she’s not disney.

  • http://myspace.com/youth4cancer Listen to mayday parade

    #16 – Kristen was in many movies before Twilight.

  • Marie

    how old was jane in the books??
    anyone knows?

  • v

    i never really put a celebrity to jane, but thinking back to the books, dakota does fit in. i agree with everyone else though, she is way too well-known (not that she wouldn’t do a good job) and it would distract a lot of movie watchers.. annasophia would be just as great a choice as dakota and also not as known

  • rockyoursockz

    well i imagine jane as that little black hair lady in the incredibles. the one with the black glasses and bob hair — dont ask.

    but she might be good as jane!

  • pookie

    SHE should have auditioned
    thats a slap in the face to all other actors out there

  • Chloe

    I think she’d be great as Jane.

  • katharine

    not again…firstly vanessa, now dakota..

  • fab

    don’t get me wrong i love the girl…i just imagined Jane a whole lot different….i just think they can find a better Jane out there……just my opinion…but its not my choice…so we just have to wait and see…wait.

  • stefanie

    yess she is great actress she would be perfect i just hope that if she does new moon they signed her for the rest of the movie i hate when the change actor in the sequels i dont want another taylor drama

  • Val

    Well actually, I dont like her as Jane I mean I love Dakota I think she is really talented and an amazing actress But I always picture jane a little older well more older than her…I think they should try with someone else…

  • courtney

    no, i don’t want dakota to play it,, i just personally dont like as an actress but yeah i think annasophia robb be awesome as jane !

  • Jo

    Nah, she’s too young. I like Dakota Fanning, but not as Jane. Jane is supposed to be small, yet beautiful. Dakota doesn’t have the right face. Not a vampire face.

  • chloe

    aww! she’d be great as jane!
    but i really hope that summit expands there budget for new moon
    twilight was so cheap!

  • suzette

    she’s awesome in every movie she’s in
    twilight pretty much sucks she deserves to make way better movies
    but if she gets it good for her, i’m sure she’ll be brilliant

  • Jess

    no way!!!!
    jane is meant 2 be around 16 and dakota looks to young and not being mean but she aynt pretty enough for jane… not wat i imagined jane to be!!!
    i think ANA SOPHIA ROBB!!!! should play jane shes perfect

  • megyn

    i think she’ll be perfect as Jane!

  • Noelani

    haha it’s awesome how everyone likes the idea of keeping the cast low key. you guys are great!! i think all twilight fans think that way. it just makes it much more interesting that way.

    and i never saw jane as being old. i mean the way steph describes her makes her sound young and baby faced; a teen. yes jane has an authoritive aura about her that makes you think that she’d be older but that’s just because her power is ridiculously strong. anyone would bow down to that.

  • Ella

    It would be interesting if she played Jane.. But yeah im not to sure..
    Guess we will have to wait and see

  • Michelle

    I agree with #3, Annasophia Robb would make a better Jane. After all, her face is more angelic looking than Dakota. Both great actresses, but Annasophia would fit the role more.

  • Molly

    She may kinda look the part but she is only 14. I don’t think she suites the role.

  • get a grip

    First you don’t like Vanessa Hudgens to play Leah because she is this and that.
    Now, your saying that you don’t like Dakota for a dozen more reasons!

    Remember how you all hated that Robert landed Edward’s part??? You that wrong huh?

    Why don’t we just chill and let the director do his job. Chris is a very capable director. And Dakota? C’mon she’s a great actress! duh!

    Chill ya’ll!!!

  • celina

    i think with a little makeup, dakota will make a perfect jane…dakota’s acting ability is insane and twilight would be a bigger phenomenon if she’s in it

  • .

    i’d rather have an unknown play the part of jane not dakota in which case annasophia would be better, granted she is not unknown but she is not as famous as dakota is and I agree with noelani

  • Christina


  • april

    noo regular faces!!!

    bring in new faces for these movies

    and i dont know if im crazy or not but i thought jane had
    black hair?

  • aerrrr

    ANNA SOPHIA ROBB! she is gorgeous.. and i think she could have more of an appeal…i cant get past dakota in the whole dr seuss and uptown girl movie image…. no thanks.

  • Tiffany

    I’d have to say, not a bad choice.
    Quite clever really :D
    Just stay Vanessa Hudgens OUT of it!

  • susie

    one word

  • princess

    not a fan of twilight, but I’m totally for Dakota in the sequel. Yes, she’s well known – but as a child star. If she’d be cast in a movie as hyped as this, it would kinda be her breakout role out from her child role stereotypes. This is gonna be good for her. And I’d like this sweet-faced girl to play a kick-ass vampire. She’s a great actress, she can pull anything off.

  • OMG!

    i dont think dakota should play it.
    i mean, i like her, but i dont think she is suited to play this role.
    it doesnt seem to be calling out to her much.
    and anyways, Jane is supposed to be black headed, not blonde.
    i swear, summit entertainment is really mucking everything up.
    they should seriously go with the book. they’re just upsetting fans. LIKE ME.
    and plus, they should hold auditions. it’s only fair. to just give that part to dakota just like that, it’s not fair to other girls who might portray it better.

  • Mechi

    yes awesome for the role, i want her now.

  • rockstar

    ewh, her as jane? i can’t picture it.
    if she gets this role the movie will definitely suck. the girl can’t act.

  • Jenna

    OMG…If they seriously get Dakota involved, I really won’t consider watching it at all.

    Way to ruin a series.