The Jonas Brothers: Scavenger Hunt Surprise

The Jonas Brothers: Scavenger Hunt Surprise

While their parents were off celebrating at the Inaugural Ball, Sasha and Malia Obama had their own celebration at their new residence — with the Jonas Brothers!

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas surprised the girls and a few of their friends from their new school at the end of a ritual scavenger hunt, ABC News reports.

After watching two Disney flicks, High School Musical 3 and Bolt, Malia and Sasha went on the hunt to help familiarize themselves with the White House. Their prize at the end of the hunt: The JoBros hiding behind a door!

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Photos: Joe Kohen/Getty Images
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  • Jerseygirl

    Man, why can’t my father be president?! LOL!

    Very lucky girls and very cute of JB!

  • Jay

    wow I want such a suprise too!!!

  • Annie..!


  • Jay

    Wow I want such suprise too!

    JoBros Rock!!!

  • casey

    they are so fake

  • Jorun

    They are so sweet. And not at all fake. Do you even know what fake means, if you call them fake?

  • faith

    Wow, I wounder what they did!! I wish I could find them in my closet or something! XD

  • Shelby04

    Now I wish I were them girls, but it will be hard for them specially at such a young age, with all the publicity and junk!!

    but they are great girls and they will be able to get through it!!

    and that would be a pefect surprise for me!!

    they are so lucky, and they are two beautfiful girls!!




  • Ambica

    OMJ i would totally love 2 do that.they r so lucky

  • Tina

    very lucky!!!!!!
    i want the same surprise!!!!! that would be the BEST ever in the whole wide world!!!!!

  • casey

    orun @ 01/21/2009 at 1:18 pm
    They are so sweet. And not at all fake. Do you even know what fake means, if you call them fake?

    of course i do its called hiding behind those rings to make people think their pure…what a joke and your all fooled by it

  • joeil4u

    oh my gosh that two girls are so lucky….yeah i think I could die finding the jnas brothers behind my door…but who cares….it would be the most incredble and beautiful and gorgeus thing ever!!but my dad is not the president:(

  • Izabella

    that’s awesome :D ♥

  • cc27

    I do wish my dad was president right now :) lol haha :) i love the jonas brothers :)

  • maddy_loves_zanesa

    LOL cute…. They love theirr Disney

  • Lauren

    They are soooo lucky!

  • Carrie

    Sounds like they had a fun first night in their new home. Can I just say I loved they they watched two Disney movies that are not even out on DVD yet! lol Gotta love the perks of being the President’s daughters.

    I hope the girls are able to live as normal as possible with everything that surrounds them!

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    god i wish these morons would go and f*ck off, they are nothing more than disney puppets.

  • auren

    #5 they r not fake, u r

  • X]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    There so lucky!! theres girls out there that would die to meet the jo bros. (INCLUDING ME LOL) There gonna get stuff like that all the time because there dad. It would be nice if they could surprise some normal fans!!

  • marcelle

    why can’t my father be a president? [2]

  • Mimi

    The luckiest girls in the world. They are so cute by the way.

  • Jennyjonas

    wish my father was president lol LUCKY girls i wish i had the jonas brothers hide in my closet or something i bet you they screamed when they saw them lol

  • sweetbella


  • vanessajonas

    lucky girls!
    and hsm3? it is on dvd?

  • Lindsay

    i wish you could do that for me at my house 130 lee ave

  • Ella

    Oh my god… WHY cant they hide behind my door!!!!

  • jonasgirl

    omj! they’re sooooo lucky! i wish my dad waz pres, but he isn’t! :( oh, well, but i wish the jo bros would surprise me!

  • Emy

    ughh Everytime I open my door I hope to see the Jonas Brothers.. Not fair!! lol

  • mrsefron.

    WOW Thats so AMAZING. if i ever opened any door in my house and found the jobros their. i will DIE! (: <3

    haha–& what HSM3?! that comes out for regular ppl on dvd feb 27 !

    They def got the hook up!

    theeyyyyr so cute n LUCKY!

    iiiiiii want to be them ..PLEASEEEEEEE !

  • mrsefron.

    oops i mean feb 17 ! *

  • mrsefron.

    && too casey -we dont love them because theyre pure.

    even if they werent i dont care.

    i love them for them!

    and there music & voices are amazing:]]

    if you dont like them okkkkay. this is obvvv an all jonasloving kind of blog. & we dont care.

  • Lauren JONAS

    They are soo adorable. I wish i were the first children!
    they are so lucky, Jonas Brothers rock!
    i wonder what JB did after wards, hmmm

  • Ayan

    personally i like their music but i dont like them… im more of a varsity fanclub girll… but i have to admit what they did was really sweet those girls really love them!!! :- )

  • caren velasquez

    very lucky girls! can i meet the jobros someday also?

  • Khadijah

    I would probably opened my door scream slam it n open it aqgain 2 make sure im not seeing things!!
    Lol that was sweet of the boys and very lucky for the girls!

  • hOPE

    Hi ! I like you Joe.


    that is very cool for those 2 girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aksjkas

    I love you the Jonas Brothers
    are come the Argentina ?
    this realy ?

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    a deal or no dael? Bwise will tell me more than you can handle .
    If i could be with one of the jonas brohters who will be and why?
    None of them because they is all robin’s . But if i could i would
    run a way from joe may be keven. Any one of them will do for robin .

    p.s. we always will love all of you ,


    love , robin and glory