Miley Cyrus: I Actually Do Like Iron Maiden

Miley Cyrus: I Actually Do Like Iron Maiden

Miley Cyrus and big sis Brandi took a break on the set of Hannah Montana to post a new video for all their fans.

The 16-year-old pop star shares with her club members, “I think MileyWorld is just the perfect place to get some thing out in the open. MileyWorld has the best Miley fans ever. I know that you guys support [me] and I love that. I think that is awesome that you can be loyal and amazing fans. I am extremely, extremely grateful for that. So thank you guys so much and I love you!”

Miley goes on to say, “I’m sure you all have seen me rocking an Iron Maiden shirt lately and I know there’s been some people saying, ‘Oh, she’s a poser,’ and ‘The only reason she’s wearing Iron Maiden is because she wants to be a rock star.’ So, Iron Maiden — ‘Run To The Hills’, ‘Fear of the Dark’, ‘Running Free,’ [all] good song(s), check it out. So thank you guys. I actually do run Iron Maiden.”

Check out the rest of Miley‘s message below!

Miley & Brandi Cyrus – MileyWorld, 01/21

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Kari @ 7:17 pm on 01/21/2009

She probably read all the comments on this page about people saying she probably doesn’t even know who Iron Maiden is but whatev. I respect people who are successful so kudos to her

ok @ 7:19 pm on 01/21/2009

i love her!

omgfirst @ 7:20 pm on 01/21/2009


jackie jonas @ 7:23 pm on 01/21/2009

Shes amazing I wish ppl would just leave her alone

i love the jonas brothers @ 7:23 pm on 01/21/2009

i aw this on mileyworld!

:) @ 7:25 pm on 01/21/2009

Thats right Miley, tell them :P LOL. See guys, there ain’t no feud. Now stop with all the team this and team that. And it’s good that she did this video.

Btw, I love her little freestyle :P

hsm fan!! @ 7:25 pm on 01/21/2009

u rock miley!!!

yay @ 7:27 pm on 01/21/2009

haha “I love Nicky”.

HAHA! @ 7:33 pm on 01/21/2009


Evie @ 7:35 pm on 01/21/2009

Good for her, and I’m not the biggest Miley fan, but it’s cool that she’s just being herself. However, where the heck to people come off saying she was ever fat? She’s WAY skinny, lol. And I like that she doesn’t wear maek-up, because normal 16 year olds aren’t slathering it all on– which is the one thing I don’t like about Demi Lovato, all the make-up she wears. It’s also nice that she got rid of those fake ‘fued’ rumors. Good on you, Miley! :)

jo @ 7:36 pm on 01/21/2009

This was awesome!!!!

Dinner with Demi!? How cool!

Mel @ 7:37 pm on 01/21/2009

i absolutely love that she did this video

d @ 7:37 pm on 01/21/2009

She is NEVER afraid to be herself, I like that. Alot.

cc27 @ 7:39 pm on 01/21/2009

:) she was making me laugh at some parts :) miley rocks :)

I love her so muchh! She’s totally awesome! :D
oh & “I love Nicky, I love Kevin, I love Joe, I love Frankie”
haha im so glad to hear that & that they are still friends =)
Love u Milerzz! ♥

badass NOTTT @ 7:44 pm on 01/21/2009


Littlewasserman @ 7:45 pm on 01/21/2009

She goes on perez hilton perez makes fun of her for that

NICK NOTTT @ 7:45 pm on 01/21/2009


MArissa @ 7:52 pm on 01/21/2009

See that’s what I love about Miley she’s real and dosen’t hide her true feelings! Unlike some people who shall go mame less :cough: Selena:cough:! I’m still team Miley!!

C @ 7:55 pm on 01/21/2009

I’m so glad that she personally cleared this up so people will shut up. And I hate it when folks talk negative about her so go Miley!!!!! Knew there wasn’t a feud but for those who didn’t believe it even after Selena said it the first time ages ago, hopefully now you do!

Anna @ 7:56 pm on 01/21/2009

she is amazing !
she’s a real, normal 16 year old girl ; love ya !
and i love organic makeupp and how u dnt nned to wear a bunch of makeup wen ur riding ur bike . Good Job Miles !

Julia @ 7:56 pm on 01/21/2009

SHE IS REAL!!!!!! you dont find that often on celebs
miley is my true star for today, lets just say the week.
she doesnt care what everyone else is thinking.

great girl!!!

lane @ 7:59 pm on 01/21/2009

miley you and your sister arre ugly
you scared the crap out of my cat thank god they have 9 lifes
you dont love nobody but yourself

Helen @ 8:00 pm on 01/21/2009

haha for u haters tats wat u get

KalLEy Matthews @ 8:01 pm on 01/21/2009

I absolutely loveee miley!! haha “i love nickyy” that made me laugh. i think i smiled throughout this whole videooo

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