Spectacular! - 'Your Own Way' Music Video!

Spectacular! - 'Your Own Way' Music Video!

There are just three weeks left until the premiere of Spectacular! Are you excited???

Nolan Gerard Funk and Tammin Sursok star in the Nickelodeon movie-musical premiering on Monday, February 16 @ 8PM ET/PT.

Specutacular! is about a high school choir that is fading in popularity. A wannabe rock singer , Nikko (Funk) is convinced to join the choir by Courtney (Sursok), in hopes of winning the upcoming competition and cash prize. Victoria Justice and Simon Curtis also star.

Check out the newest music video from the movie – “Your Own Way!”

Spectacular! – “Your Own Way”
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  • emily


  • emily

    gag me

  • Littlewasserman

    Lets see this funk dude doesn’t sing in this one too? wtf HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL PONES CAMP SUCKS AND THIS CRAP!

  • tori

    spectacular will never be HSM,
    just stop trying nickelodeon, its going to freaking suck.

  • Carrie

    I have to agree with the others. Based off this clip, this movie looks kinda lame, and that kid cant really seem. It looks like Nick is trying to ride the Disney/HSM coattails too.

  • dianadlgd hook me up in aim

    This movie is not going to be better than high school musical. Zanessa 4 eva

  • Teenstar1

    i found a fansite for this movie

  • maria

    i dont care what you guys think, i think spectacular is gonna rock and obviously its not gonna be hsm, and if you dont like it, stop putting hate comments here

  • kathy

    Good lord, it’s worse than High Schol Schmusical… I never thought this day would come

  • nikki

    NOLAN! yay i’m so proud of you!
    good luckk
    and shut up guys spectacular is going to be awesome!

  • Teenstar1s

    love it

  • Jorun

    haha, kathy! You made my day – I could’ve said the same ;D


    I am not PLANNING on watching this movie. it doesn’t look interesting 2 me. and doesn’t that dude almost look like that guy from “LIFE WITH DERREK” (spelling)

  • sam

    is this really even allowed to be made under copyright laws re: camp rock…

  • ewthisislame

    okay, wtf is this?
    are these wannab`s trying to be hsm?

  • abby

    never heard of it …..
    probably will suck because nickelodeon is trying so freakin hard !

  • abby

    wow .
    probably the worst 1:49 of my LIFE.

  • abby

    whoa hahah we have the same name(:

  • suzette

    this crap and camp rock just need to go
    friggin’ wannabes

    can’t the producers of this movies just understand they can never equal the success of the HSM franchise?

  • daniella


    GAG ME
    GAG ME


  • amelia

    well this was an awkward video.

  • chloe

    zac efron wannabe!

  • Mosta

    might b interesting to see:)
    but the fact that disney has already produced better ones before, it looks like Nick is trying to copy. looks exactly the same as hsm n camp rock. oh please nick.

    but the guy who is in the film looks cuter than zac.
    He is cute.

  • HSM & CR ROCK!!

    I think this so lame and stupid i think Nick can have original ideas . . . honestly this is gonna suck the y just wanna copy High School Musical and Camp Rock which are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than this crap. this guy wants to be zac efron and he will never be i mean . . . zac efron is a lot much cuter and hotter than him but well . . . bye

  • janette

    HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    it will NEVER, and i mean NEVER like HSM!!!
    HSM ROX!!!

  • jaida b.

    oh great another wana be musical comming out. a kid with no talent trying to become a rockstar. he sits there and dances around on stage and lip sinks without knowing the basic fundamentals of being a rock star. this is just another kid musical like camp rock, or high school musical. and it just kills me that rock&rool is dead when you have all these tiny bopper wana be rockstars go and sing about nothing at all.

  • Danielle

    wow… for the third time, “HSM” is not, I repeat, NOT, an original idea. I realize that might be a shock for all of you “Zac Efron is God and HSM is paradise on Earth” people, but I’m getting fed up with having to tell you that “HSM” was just a ripoff of “Grease”. So all you “Kill
    “Spectacular!”, at least “HSM” was original” people, get a life. Or a brain. But take your “Spectacular!”-trashing comments off of this page, and go back to your worship of Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, and (God help me) the Jonas Brothers.

  • Izzy

    people come on give it a chance i mean i know its not hsm or camp rock but at least watch it first and then if you don’t like it don’t watch it anymore,besides that nolan guy is cute i think it will do well!!!!!!!!:)

>>>>>>> staging1