Camilla Belle: 10,000 B.C. Was a Business Choice

Camilla Belle: 10,000 B.C. Was a Business Choice

Camilla Belle gets dolled up in a striped green-and-white blazer in one of several outtakes from Nylon mag.

The 22-year-old actress covers the February cover and reveals to the mag about working with Bruce Willis, the secrets of Robert Pattinson and her deferring Columbia University. Here’s what she had to say:

On her work in 10,000 B.C.: “The work was frustrating. I felt like a puppet at times. I just had to realize, “OK, I’m not going to be challenged as an actress.’ You have to approach it in that sense: ‘This isn’t an acting piece, it’s a business choice.’

On working with Bruce Willis in her next flick, Three Stories About Joan: “I was actually really surprised. He’s very passionate about the actors. He just wants to spend all the time with us, and we just talked and talked, all about developing relationships and developing the backstory.”

On her friendship with RPattz: “My friend Rob [Pattinson], for that whole Twilight nonsense, the studio was having them take all these classes. It was the most frustrating thing in the world because they want you to speak like someone else, not yourself. It’s so silly. And I would be frustrated, too. I couldn’t answer questions any other way than how I would answer them.”

On her Columbia acceptance: “I made the decision to focus on work, and take advantage of this time. But school is there, and I think the most important thing is to continue learning.”

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Photos: Marvin Scott Jarrett
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  • kait

    she’s pretty but she sounds retarded.

    “It was the most frustrating thing in the world because they want you to speak like someone else, not yourself.”
    — umm, that’s called acting. and she’s supposed to be an actress. sheeesh!

  • cc27

    Hmm shes cool i guess but not meant to be with joe jonas :) hehe lol but she’s pretty lol

  • .

    ugh this makes me like her even less. Basically she took the 10,000 bc part because she wanted to more famous and not have fun while acting and then she says twilight is nonsense. granted I am not the biggest twilight person, but that just sounds sooooooo jaded

  • cc27

    twilight was so not nonsense :( it was cool..



  • L

    Um… that was kind of rude to refer to Twilight as a nonsense.

  • kt

    hahah i agree with kait, she sounds pretty stupid.
    i can’t see her career going very far if that’s the way she thinks..

  • sakky

    I was expecting her to use Rob’s name when she could. Pathetic

  • nelso

    ok! she pretty but she definately not prettier than taylor swift is beat her in looks.. taylor is gorgeous next to her she look average!
    what is wrong with the jonas brother what is wrong with their taste really.
    first nick leaves miley and start to date selean not for nothing selena is pretty but miley is gorgeous and she has an amazing curve body and selena is way too skinny she looks like skaleton! but she has a cute baby face! but miley is sexy actually very sexy! what was nick thinking maybe he could handle having the pretties girl on disney!

    now JOe leaves taylor swift for camille now give me a holy break camille is pretty but taylor is very beautiful girl and talented and smart!!
    camille is also older than him!!

    ok what is going on with the jonas feel threatned by extremely gorgeous girl and talented with their own personalities! what on earth is wrong with these guys brain and eyes jesus!!!
    but whatever i still think joe looked really happy when he was with taylor now he looks depressed all the time camille what are you doing to poor joe!! well i really dont feel sorry for him he deserve whatever is coming to him karma is a payback and you dont mess with it!!

  • sam b

    She isn’t saying twilight is nonsense, she’s saying that the cast having to go to classes to learn how to answer questions is nonsense

  • Michelle

    Camilla is pretty! I love her!

  • Kelly

    Twilight nonsense? Can you say Jealous much? girl seems to be a cow and a half.

  • Jerseygirl

    Four months ago, JJJ would have never put this interview on this site. WHO CARES????

  • maggie

    i totally agree with nelso!!:DD


    How come every time I see this girl, Video Girl pops in my head.

  • Ms. O

    Miss Belle should go to school. I think she should keep her opinions about Twilight to herself especially since she is not the one benefiting from it’s pre teen popularity..she keeps talking like that she may cause somebody their drinking money…

  • LIZA

    I don’t like her at all! She shouldn’t say things like that!

  • me

    Is this how she got into Columbia; by taking another person’s idea and passing it like is her idea/opinion? Rob said previously that he was resisting the media classes and that he wanted to speak for himself….

  • Shannon

    she sounds ungratefull to be in 10 000 Bc that got her name out boo to her!

  • giana

    by gossip sites and everything posting stuff about her shes gettin what she wants – the reason shes using joe jonas and rob pattinson – she wants to get really famous and knows that being linked to big names like joe & rob that will happen! don’t fall for her plan and stop posting about this slut.


    She is not saying Twilight was bad or nonsense. She is saying that media training is nonsense, because the studio wanted Rob to take those classes, but it was a big failure, it didn’t work for him and he rejected the idea and did the Twilight promotion as himself and not as a Hollywood robot. In Europe we don’t have media training, Hollywood is a factory. Anyway Rob is a breath of fresh air, he is himself.

  • ?????


    Not every guy is perfect ok? every body makes mistakes and have different tastes on who they like. Clearly, the jo bros is just finding the special girl, who can treat them right, and still have a good time with her. IT’S not all about looks and how cute they look good together. THEY look beyond that….there not selfish and judgmental!
    Camilla or Taylor Swift?
    Selena to Miley?
    i say, why try to compare them against each other! clearly, ALL girls they date is beautiful & gorgeous not matter what! Stop putting that little negativity into people’s head , saying that there not!
    Have you ever thought, that miley and taylor are both alike, to only care for exposing guys, and DO something wrong into the relationship, to make the guys, want to breakup with them?

    With Niley: they were fighting with each other too much, over stupid things, like ” should i get highlights” and so on. IF a guy tells you that, that’s a freaking complement. AND it’s not like, miley hasn’t gotten highlights before..:S What she did after the breakup..exposing there relationship, when it was supposed to be ” private” – i found that to be really rude: be mad at the guy and not tell everyone else, cuz your supposed to be trustworthy and respectful amongst his wishes.
    How they managed to be friends still…i don’t know.
    I know for a fact, niley isn’t perfect for each other.. a relationship that was on/off for 2 years, with nothing, but heart sad and causes too much drama. Besides, they moved on with people who understands them inside & out.. plus nick and miley are happy with different people. Doesn’t anyone else see changes into them?
    =) i do! AND if there “cool” with should be too!

    And with Jaylor: seems to me, that taylor was too serious and expected so much for joe, that at the end, she went crazy and started to bash on him, when clearly, he was being honest and open…not leaving her </3 anymore. ALSo she was the one, who hanged up the phone.. so even if, joe wanted to call back, she wouldn’t want to answer. Again, the same reasons to what miley did towards nick..on exposing there relationship, was harsh and pathetic…plus really annoying! If they really wanted to get back at them, they don’t need karma- just write songs and get it over with! but it’s there life’s not ours- BUT I still wish they wouldn’t do it, if they want respect back!
    I honestly, don’t think Joe left Camilla for Taylor. Taylor needs to wake up and see the truth!
    IF joe was really with camilla, he would be all happy and not looking all depressed 247. I bet you anything, there just starting off slow as friends , cuz a real date wouldn’t include demi , for a movie marathon type thing.

    You guys judge camilla, when not really knowing her..yet you know taylor, once she was dating joe. That’s seriously pathetic. I’ve read comments before and not much people accepted taylor , when jaylor was exclusive. ;)
    IF camilla makes joe, the person he is today, just leave him alone!
    AGE doesn’t matter, since miley does it, with justin.
    YOU can’t make people change there minds, on who there with..
    let things be! that’s how life rolls on..

    Nothing is wrong with the jonas’s choices. There just having a hard time, to find someone who understands them in anything , that they do! And it shows, since Miley, Taylor, a.j didn’t really work out, cuz of that! IT can happen to anybody, who can put themselves into their shoes. There not perfect guys, as you people might think they are.

    NO hate please!
    i’m just stating my opinion on this issue.
    But what camilla did say, about twilight being nonsense..
    that was rude….yet i think, she meant something else.
    No one really knows, so we can’t just read things, into the wrong meanings.
    #1 : seems to me, camilla is that type of person, who finds it hard to act, something she’s not…and not try to put herself into relating w/e she’s acting, CUZ she can’t! O.O

  • amber

    lol @ jared only posting stuff about camilla belle now ONLY because she’s dating joe.

  • Noelani

    i really care enough to give a flying hoot what she thinks or what she does. yet i’m still intrigued to know what makes her so special that people like joe and robert are amongst her acquaintances. it’s so irras!

  • Ronja

    camilla sound stupid in this intervew. I mean, she should be thank role in 10,000 B.C.. Ok, the movie wasn’t good but I think she just like to get attention. I don’t like camille. I think she will never be really succesful

  • al

    Its funny how she thinks media training is ridiculous and then spouts off nonsense about her movie being a business decision, it wasnt a challenge, etc and comes off as a snob…maybe some media training would have done her some good.

  • Noelani

    i mean i don’t care a flying hoot to what she does.

    she should just stick to modeling and looking pretty. that’s what she’s good for. oh and taking lineless roles and looking feirce… because her character from the upcoming PUSH is such a hard character to portray.

    Director: Okay Camilla I want you to flex your eyebrow in this scene and don’t say anything. We’re working for dramatic here.
    Camilla: Like this..
    Director: Yes like that. Sort of…(thinks, man why do i have to direct her every time.. it’s such a “nonsense”

  • Ella

    Don’t like her at all.. Twilight nonsense? Okay……
    She really needs to something with her eyebrows.. They look really really wrong..

  • Yaira

    She’s not calling “twilight” nonsense she’s talking about all the interviews the actors had to give about Twilight to the media and how they are supposed to replay to each question.

  • aly

    i dont like her at alll!!!

  • http://justjaredjr. kittylarsen

    WOW. She thinks Twilight is “nonsense”??? Funny. I remember seeing pix of her walking the red carpet at the premiere of that “nonsense”. Shut your hole, you a&&tard.



  • #1 & #2

    #1 at “?????” : You have to much time on your freakin hands.
    #2 God I hate it when less famous d-listed name drop bigger cebrities (Robert in this case) And no one can give the excuse that the interviewer is the one who brought it up, if she didnt want to, she would have said so before the interview started.

  • faith

    She doesnt seem to happy to be an actress? I would be so grateful if I was her!

  • Angelica

    shes average looking, but shes not gorgeous. There are girls are there way prettier, and smarter, lol idk what joe sees in her, ?

  • Bella

    What she [Miley] did after the breakup..exposing there relationship, when it was supposed to be ” private”


    Miley can talk about HER relationship with Nick if she wants, since it was her relationship as well. Besides she didn’t even reveal anything important. Every little thing she said (like the highlights comment) was blown out of proportion. Her & Nick moved on, so you should as well.

  • Bella

    Oh by the way Camilla is gorgeous.

  • harvey

    Dating a Jonas would not be easy and I am sure they all find it hard to meet the right girl. The right girl does not understand their lifestyle and makes them happy.

  • francesca

    she isn’t pretty at all
    i bet without make up she looks grosssss
    what is up with her? she seems so ungrateful for her role in 10,000 bc!
    and i hope joe breaks up with her as soon as possible, because she’s obviously using him for publicity
    also, has anyone else noticed that she has no fans?!
    her career will last another year max.

  • ahhhh

    in every picture she’s touching her freaking head
    she’s nonsense. No one messes with the Twilight, or the Twilight readers will mess with you themselves.

  • Janice

    My gosh, hate her! The ‘nonsense’ classes that Robert has to take is part of his job being an actor, that’s what they are being paid for. Now she should get out of the business if she doesn’t think acting should be taken seriously. All she’s after is the money. I’d say she’s really bitchy and dumb with her statements.

  • Shiri

    I HATE CAMILLA BELLE…you know what it’s my first time to SAY HATE in my comment, I am always polite.but anybody who will say something negative about twilight is the person who I don’t like technically…Her eyebrows are fine than having a very thin eyebrow. BTW I don’t like her picture here..I like people when they are just simple…BTW, TWILIGHT IS THE BEST…better than 10,000 B.C. I watched 10,000 B.C it’s also good but not as good as TWILIGHT…

  • sweden

    It seems a little pathetic to go on the defensive for something like this, isn’t it?
    I think you guys should cool it. You should not judge someone before you know them.

    And you cant say that you know the celebrities as long as you dont hang out with them or something like that.

    cool it

  • shell

    I’m sure her so called friend Rob did not tell her his frustrations so she could get it publicized in a magazine..what a loud mouth and who would want her as a friend.

    Publicity $%^&

  • deena

    Twilight nonsense!?!?! r u kidding me….

    not challenged as an actress… girl u cant act for shiz! u looked dumb on that movie anyways….

  • jilli

    Someones a little ungrateful…She better be lucky she got that part, or she could’ve been another has been Disney movie chick(Surfer Girl or some crap like that) I agree with whoever said she’s just doing what she does for the attention. She really should go to college cause I doubt her career will last long if she keeps this up.

  • omg

    i bet she doesn’t even have fans!

    I HATE HER. she’s so dumb. DUH that’s what’s acting is all about. not being yourself!

    and calls twilight a nonsense? she doesn’t have any right to be friends w/ rob! NO ONE LIKES CAMILLE BELLBITCH

  • Karen

    Her eyebrows are her best feature!
    10 000 BC a business choice? It was the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I walked out. How could she have said yes to doing that? It was never going to be a hit at all.

  • ava

    God I can’t stand this girl! All she cares about is being famous. She’s only using Rob and Joe Jonas to make herself more famous. I hope her career goes nowhere.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfreind :D

    Wow she looks really pretty I think shes awsome!.


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