Jake T. Austin: Selena Gomez is a Fast Learner

Jake T. Austin: Selena Gomez is a Fast Learner

Jake T. Austin just premiered his new flick, Hotel For Dogs, over the weekend and dished to OK! mag about his two pet pooches.

The 14-year-old Wizard’s two dogs are named Bogey and Beju. He shares with the mag, “My dad owns a restaurant, so we joke that my dogs eat like kings and queens. He’ll take home spare filet mignon, and my dogs will eat that. They eat and live like kings. We have a huge property and a really nice house. I don’t think they realize how lucky they are.”

Jake also dished about his two Wizards co-stars, David Henrie and Selena Gomez: “She’s (Selena) very nice, funny and comical. Sometimes we go to dinner, movies. I taught her how to surf. She learned fast. She’s a good surfer now.”

Jake also joked, David Henrie is a little slow, though.” Ha ha ha.

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  • Julieanne

    fiirst! =]

    datz cute! haha!
    daviid iiz slooww

  • Mkaaa

    haha it´s funny cause in one of their youtube videos, Demi and Selena said that they taught Jake how to surf, inside joke maybe…?

  • michelle

    i’m pretty sure emma roberts said that….
    well, that’s what oceanup said

  • kate

    I always thought that Jake was gonna stay little forever, like Moises Arias and the Sprouse twins, but I was wrong. He is getting taller, cuter and hotter by the minute.

  • Just Jill

    No, Michelle. If you read the original article, Jake was the one who said that. OceanUp is not always right. Don’t take it for gospel


    yea that’s the EXACT same thing emma said hmmmm well (via) oceanupwierd

  • thefuturefreaksmeout

    yeah, according to oceanup, emma roberts said that…

  • Just Jill

    You all need to read the ORIGINAL ARTICLE. OceanUp is not gospel.

    see the link – http://www.okmagazine.com/blog/post/11369/Emma-Roberts,-Jake-T.-Austin-Go-To-%E2%80%98Dogs%E2%80%99


  • claudio

    a selena gomez e linda

  • -MrsJp

    CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ her!!!!!!!!!!!! = D

  • carolineee

    You guyzzz in the article, Jake says it either… You just have to read the WHOLE ARTICLE

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nicky Jonas

    Geez Jake Austin is getting ugly and Selena fits right in cuz shes ugly to. Sad!.

  • http://justjaredjr jake t austin fan

    nicky jonas ur wrong jake t austin is very HOT. IT’S that nick janas who is ugly.Him and the other two jonas look like the bottom of my foot!

    SO NOW!

  • http://delena! mariialeh

    selly para mi y para muxOs mas ERES LA MEJOR
    te adOrO i me encanta como cantas i actuas
    eres la mejOr de disnney y tbm demi .
    las fotos estan liindas poarecen hermaniitOz
    k bueno k se ieven bm bueno aunk…
    ERES ADORABLE :) bueno xaiitOh muzOx muxOz
    kises los kiierO un mundO.


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