Kristen Stewart Hides Under Her Hood

Kristen Stewart Hides Under Her Hood

Kristen Stewart keeps hidden underneath her Nike hooded jacket as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (January 21).

The 18-year-old actress dished to E! Online during the 2009 Sundance Film Festival about her hopes for Twilight‘s sequel, New Moon. She shared, “I hope we do it the way we did the first one. Chris [Weitz] is really a genuinely sweet guy and on the project for the right reasons. He’s not just jumping onto the next bandwagon. He’s into it.”

Kristen Stewart at Sundance Film Festival with Ben Lyons

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Credit: Sheldon/ London Ent; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • riana

    shes so cute!

  • riana

    yay im first!!!!

  • Ella

    I like her style. Haha
    Love Kristen!!

  • Michelle

    She was at Sundance for a VERY short time! Great actress, but I wish her personality would light up a little more sometimes.

  • brie2009

    I like her bag!

  • angie

    where’s freaking oregano??

  • Maria

    2 months before New Moon and Eclipse start filming…HELL YES!!!!!

    Kristen is beautiful as ever!

  • Chris

    I love her!

  • Maria

    Only 1 1/2 months before they start filming New Moon and Eclipse…YAY!!!!!

    Kristen you’re a goddess.Beautiful as always!

  • Roxx

    It’s Angarano pro tu a tu rollo xD

    I want her shoes!!!

  • layla

    roxx, oregano is his ‘nickname’

  • clara

    aww. so cute! btw, love her shoes and her hoodie…haha. going solo?

  • courtney

    she’s got a cigarette in her hand hahaha

  • G

    pretty as always! I like the shape of her brow.
    makes her face even sharper.

  • Daniela

    kristen is amazing cute o/

  • Giovana

    she’s so gorgeous, flawless skin/face/eyes/hair

  • Giovana

    geez Angarano is fugly……… he deserves someone cooler and cuter……

  • Mah

    Michael WHO ?

    RÁ !

  • Alexandra

    i love her shoes and hoodie
    she is a great actress i’m excited over new moon!

  • dd

    you’d put her news on JJ too

  • jaime

    she’s gorgeous! she’s just a great actress!!!

  • lily

    I love Kristen She’s a Really good actress

    Cant Wait to See Newmoon x

  • bia

    she’s so awesome, cute and well I just LOVE her bitchface…

  • chels

    Hey KStew! Yes she looks good, even tho she just came off a flight and is tired :)

  • LIZA

    I love her!
    Can’t wait for New Moon!!

  • mary

    knew she’d be huge back during catch that kid!


    any ideas where she got it?

    *googles like a madwoman*

  • melissa

    She comes off as really stuck up in her interviews.

  • Kris

    Just because she’s not like a giggly smiley annoying disney star who laughs after ever sentence in her interviews doesn’t mean she’s stuck up .. It’s called she’s SMART .. She puts thought into a lot of her answers and maybe that’s why it may be difficult for her to interpret it because she really thinks about the questions she’s being asked but it doesn’t mean she’s stuck up..

    beautiful as always.
    i can’t wait to see adventureland !!


    U-G-L-Y!!!!!!!! hate her

  • NNoelia

    You are Jealousy maybe?
    I love her , She´s awesome.

  • jossan

    is she engaged… hmmm

  • Rebeca

    she’s gorgeous!
    and where’s oregano?

  • rociio


    she’s an amazing actress with great style.!!

    but i hate the reporters just ask her questions about twilight c’mon she also has other movies, like adventureland seems awesome..

  • Jennifer Mayer

    i love her shes so great, and i really like her style, its just so simple and comfortable, shes not like other stars in la, going shopping in heels or whatever, by the way, does anybody know where i can such shoes shes wearing? lol xD i really like them…
    anyway, kristen is an awesome actress, absolutely beutiful and she just rox!
    xoxox jen

  • alyssa

    what kind of shoes are those?

  • Janelle

    Absolutely loved all the characters in the movie, Kirsten is stunningly beautiful

  • http://facebook blabler

    kristen stewart is the best actress ever and NNoelia u are so right Loover is sooooooooooo jealous.

  • jiggio

    very beautiful!!!!!!!!