Taylor Lautner Takes It To The Gym

Taylor Lautner Takes It To The Gym

Taylor Lautner keeps true to his workout routine as he heads off to the gym in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (January 22).

The 16-year-old Twilight star was spotted earlier this morning returning home after an early morning workout.

Co-star Edi Gathegi, who plays Laurent in the hit film, tells MTV about how much Taylor has been preparing for the sequel. He shared, “You should see this kid! He’s jacked. He’s taking it seriously. We’ve worked out in every city on our tour. If you see him, you’ll know immediately. This kid is so strong right now, it is unreal. He has achieved with his body what people with steroids cannot achieve. The only way I can describe it is that God has given him this time for this growth spurt and this body right now.”

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  • serena



  • serena


  • serena

    Taylor, I love you!!! :D

    (and yey I did get first xD)

  • vanessajonas

    HOT! yeii keep the taylor posts coming…
    he is actually encouraging me to go more to the gym=)

  • Emily

    Lol my brother went to junior high with him right before he started acting and filming that sharkboy movie.

  • Karreee

    serena, I agree 200%. =)

  • Ella

    Oh em gee he is soooo HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • Chelle

    omg first

  • Ella

    If only he wasn’t wearing a top… Haha

  • naee.

    damn! he’s buff ;D

  • p

    :-PPP YYUM

  • marisa

    danggggggg break me of a piece of that _*!

  • caitlin

    wow he is a tank!

  • mrsefron.



  • Alexandra

    WOW !
    he is making me want to work out more
    and i already work out a LOT

    He is HOTTT!!

  • mike

    to number one he is NOT hotter than efron! lol

  • Helen

    umm umm smexy and soo mine

  • anna

    hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot.
    i love love love love himm!

    more taylor lautner!

  • Russian girl

    Cute cute cute boy!

  • Fla


  • http://www.justjared.com ana

    of course he is hotter than efron! i love taylor and he has been doing a great job. HOT HOT HOT!!!

  • maria

    He is looking great…it amazes what Edi said cause it’s really true about how it’s incredible how big he has gotten. He def. deserves that role of jacob in new moon and the upcoming ones, he really is doing his job and im glad he will be in new moon.

  • lara

    hahaha 21 dont be delusional they are BOTH hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holly

    What?! Zac Efron can’t touch Taylor Lautner! Taylor is a zillion times hotter!

    Anyways, WOW! I can’t wait to see the shirtless scenes! :P :P I’m so happy for Taylor, he really deserves this after all the hard work he’s done.

  • uhmmm

    wow he used to look really gay when he was a skinny stick, now he looks HOT! he should never go back to being a rail!

  • emmy

    he looks so mean. would definitely not date

  • insertnamehere

    *drools over*

  • Chelsey


  • http://rantsthoughtsmerde.blogspot.com NativeNYker

    He needs to start showing more flesh…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Shannon

    Edward Cullen betta watch out haha

  • http://promomami.blogspot.com becca

    the kid looks AMAZING!!! I’m 6 years older than him, but I have to admit he’s attractive.

    i hope he’s being healthy about bulking up.

  • http://edwardandbella ISABELla

    Taylor is way hotter then Zack Efron!! Love Taylor!

  • 니키

    It’s nice that he’s working on the muscle aspect of Jacob, now how does he plan to grow taller?

  • jeanette lautner

    GOD, Taylor is so hot! He sooo deserves 2 be Jacob in NM, & i’m hecka proud of him. hes gorgeous! i love taylor so much!!!!!!!!! hes so awesome 4 working out every day. btw, Makena Lautner (taylor’s younger sis. by 6 and a half yrs) is really cute! there was just this one pic. of her somewhere, and it was from like 2 yrs ago. but it was still cool! I LUV U TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maile-ann

    I agree with ella.

    if only he didnt have a shirt…*sigh*

  • Marivic

    o m gee…he’s fricken HOT! ugh…he’s only 16…now i feel like a child molester..

  • brie2009

    Don’t worry #34 I also feel like a child molester. Im 18 and I tell my friends that Taylor is so hot! And every single friend that I have calls me a pedophile!

  • Ppp

    HE’s MINE ! i’m going to marry him ! ! (LLLLLLLLLLLLLL)



    ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shin

    (L HOT HOT HOT *-*



  • Sharon

    He looks so sad… I hope he won´t miss to be a kid now…he´s been forced to be an adult man in such a little time…Please, smile again, Taylor

  • lily

    Fiiit !

    He goin To Be Hot Hot Hot !

  • Anoymnous

    proving hes perfect for jacob here :D
    Andd yeh i agree with all the ppl who say taylors hotter than zac :P

  • cutie pie

    he is NOTNOTNOT hotter than EFRON! and you do know his abs in the photoshoot…. THEY WERE PAINTED ONNNN!!!! there not real!!!! so get all that out of your head! uh!

  • jilli

    So sexy! I can’t wait for New Moon. It’s nice to see he’s so devoted! and to think they were gonna replace him…idiots.

  • victoria

    I admire his dedication 2 playing jacob hes fits it perfectly

  • jills



    SO SEXY!

  • jo

    he’s huge

    he just needs to get taller

  • Tory

    gahh i wanna touch him!
    he’s so hot