The Jonas Brothers: Fan Family Website!

The Jonas Brothers: Fan Family Website!

The Jonas Brothers are still stoked about their Fan Family Experience and it shows!

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevin — who just had their live chat last Sunday, are launching a website just for the experience.

The JoBros posted a special message in their MySpace about it all. They write, “Hey everyone! We had so much fun with our live video chat on Sunday and can’t wait till our FanFamily website goes live THIS Saturday, January 24th @ 10AM EST. We are excited to connect with all our amazing fans.”

You can check out the FanFamily website and count down the seconds ’til the site is live!

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  • Michelle

    They’re so overrated now. I wish they were the same guys that I became a fan of in 2006. :(

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    so bored of them, im sick of how they act like normal guys, complete b*llshit, they arent normal and should stop acting like they are.

    overrated and boring, their music is just stupid kiddy pop music, they think they are rock ‘n’ roll, but they arent.

    when the hell will disney ditch these wannabe trash.

  • alejandra jonas niiley forever

    ahhh … the beautiful jonas
    the best .. !!!


    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ NILEY FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  • katie


  • Samantha Jonas


  • Luis

    YEAH!!! I want to be a member of that page!! I cant wait until Saturday!!


  • lala :)

    sooo….fake. i miss the loose pants days. :(


    thier nothing but a teeny bopper band.bubble gum music
    they hide behind those purity rings.when we all know that their fake
    their teenage boys with raging hormones
    so i dont buy their purity at all

  • cc27

    Can’t wait :)

  • mcftd8


  • Krissy

    Jonas Fan Family Website = love love love (L)
    Can’t wait!
    I’m so gonna sign up:D

    # 2
    If your so bored of them, why are you even here?
    act like normal guys? they are normal guys! are you insane or just stupid! JUST cuz there famous, doesn’t mean there stuck up to w/e they want to do, that’s so diva type. ( all there work is basically the same routine , other celebs would do, except MORE & MORE each time around). AND if you really knew them, at one point in there lifes, they were normal, with school and everything- and they still make time for that, after everything else, that they DO! . THIS fan family experience is to KNOW us and be closer towards fans. THEY do work hard/don’t spend money all the time/forget the littlest thing to give back towards other people.

    kiddy pop music? think there rock and roll?
    no one said there were even rock! not even the jobros said that as well! THERE pop/rock… that’s how it was always been! if haters can’t read there music properly..just get lost- since when do you care?

    The jbros in the old days?
    nothing has changed people! there still the same guys, but with more improvement into there styles and music. They can’t stay the same forever…that would be even more boring!
    Either way, if you hate them..
    no one can’t make you like them again..
    but just don’t tell us that, cuz we don’t really care what you think about them!


  • kj

    Loved the live chat, excited for Saturday, and can’t wait to see what else they do this year!

  • Krissy


    hide behind there purity rings?
    i’m guessing, you never met guys, who are true to themselves and doesn’t care what people think about them, just to be different.
    how would you know their fake?
    just cuz, they had recent gf’ dont’ know what went down, between them. OR maybe you would know, that GUYS wouldn’t have SEX with girls, who they break up with and loosed interest into.

    Ranging hormones?
    ALL teens go through that. NOT just them. THERE still human.
    And they wouldn’t stoop to be so horny and dirty, 247, like other guys, cuz they keep there minds off , what doesn’t need to matter. ( there Christians, so keeping a promise to them and GOD, is religious and respectful)

    If you don’t buy there purity act:
    explain where they would find time, to get girls and share that moment with? ;)

  • Swagger on like 1000%

    shooot I LOVE EM!!!

  • ryanefron

    wow….somebody has a craving for attention….

  • kensey

    the only thing you haters are doing is fixing to get shot! shutup! no one cares what you losers think! all you do is LOOK for bad things about them. you can’t find any so you make crap up! And tight pants are awesome! Get with the time!gee…………..luv JB you guys r flipping amazing!

  • Kayla

    i can’t wait for it

  • Michelle

    Wow, shot? Yeah. Right. Maybe save the “threats” for somewhere else.

  • Ella

    Wow.. Alot of ‘ranting’ on this page… Haha

  • Wade


    It isn’t proper to say “THERE human.” It is “they’re human” (as in they are human). Your argument doesn’t seem valid if it is full of grammatical errors.

  • auren

    #1 their not overrated, u r

  • naee.

    that’s so stupid, lmao.
    anything for money right? ;D

  • Kelsey

    okay everyone needs to calm down… if you don’t like the Jonas Brothers then why are you looking at this!?!?! Like get a life and stop making rude remarks which you don’t even have the slightest bit of evidence to prove they are true( not stay true to their purity rings). If they made a promise they made a promise there is nothing else to it. You don’t know them therefore you cant say that they are not true to them.
    Second they are normal boys. Hence why they keep their relationships private and why they aren’t all crazy about being caught up with the paparazzi. They are normal boys just doing what they enjoy I don’t know why some people and the media have to go all crazy about them not being normal boys. Just leave them alone you cant judge them until you meet them.

    and Wade I don’t really think Krissy cares what you have to say

    (if this message doesn’t involve you then ignore it)

    Peace. Love. Jonas

  • rebecca

    I can’t wait for their shows, they are cute and adorable!

  • Angelica

    I agree with #1. I am a jobro fan, but it doesn’t seem to be the same as before, now it just seems they do it for the money. =[

  • auren

    #25 they don’t do it for money

  • cc27

    they are so not overated they worked for it … and they’re really good so all u haters say that their overated they arent >.<

  • ashaleee

    oh this is going to be awesome, i cant wait xD
    to all the haters… why are you even on here reading the articles about them if you dont like them!?! just grow up and leave them alone.

    i love the jonas brothers, they are so amazing and such beautiful boys
    keep up tha great work boyss

  • Kate

    Jonas Brothers haters: why the heck are you here if you don’t like them? if you don’t like their music, then shut up, and keep your comments to yourselves. if you don’t like their “kiddy pop music” or whatever you say, then don’t listen to it! nobody is like, forcing to it. So please, stop the rude comments, keep it to yourselves, and don’t even bother on coming to the comments page ok? Thanks..

    Jonas Brothers you’re the best!

  • Hjh



    hi i love the jonas brothers am frome ksa and am a fan i wish that i can see you bay

  • ceri-Ann

    the jonas brothers rock
    can’t wait til the page goes live
    i am so joining
    if the jonas brothers stayed the same they would be boring, every artist changes

    so leave them alone

  • SweeT Danger

    Hey! I’m from Argentina! I love the Jonas’s music, Is amazing!!
    So, I just wanna say to all the heaters: SHUT UP! and don’t judge them if you don’t care this!! ok?

    Bye! Kisses from Argentina!

    SweeT DanGer.


  • sara adam jonas

    i and my best friend vanessa we love’s joe jonas 4-ever

  • ma

    I LOVE THEM!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

  • aleya

    hiya jonas brothers
    your a very good singer
    and nick your my favourite one out of jonas brothers i miss you so much

    frm aleya

  • Julia:)

    OMG I love the jonas brothers!!! I can’t wait for the new website, its gonna be awesome!!
    *If you don’t love them why are you hear? and how would you know all about them? get a live or stalk some you actually like!! No One Cares What Mean Things You Have To Say!!!

  • Alexandra


  • mrs.jonas

    isn’t it NOW????

  • Kristina

    o man!! im so exited for the site!!

  • AMy

    I cant wait.
    i love JB alot. their so obsessive. they make all their fans (including me) obsessed. just how do they do it?
    im not on anyones side here but tbh the whole arguments are really childish.
    you itheir like them or dis-like them, but if you dis-like them then maybe you should just keep your opinoins to yourself.
    one other thing, if you hate them so much then why are you even here? why bother reading it? why bother commenting it? :S
    i reacon you secretly like them (:

    JoBros HAVENT changed.
    Their Pop/Rock.
    Their not doing it JUST for the money.
    Their purity rings ARENT fake

    Thankxs xxx

  • tinaxxd

    i love you joe
    you are so hot and i hope that you more like federer than nadal

  • aleya

    jonas brothers how are you
    i heard that your doin anothers fan family exprience live chat today but i dont know who to log in please help me
    i just want to see you guys now

  • aleya

    am so exited
    about the jonas brothers
    live chat today at 10

  • Khanomaleya

    jonas brothers are you guys comin to london

  • Khanomaleya

    i wished Nick Jonas Was Here Right now
    I Enjoyed Sunday 18 January Live Chat On Justin Tv It Was Great And Wished i Was Watching Them Everyday

    Hope You Are Okai Jonas Brothers
    Will You Ever Do Camp Rock 3 If It Possible
    Joe Jonas
    I luv You Nick Jonas So Much Your Gorguse

  • Khanomaleya

    am very lookin forward to the next live chat on febuary

  • Whitney

    i just went there and tried to sign up, but America or USA isn’t listed on the location drop-down
    haha boys, did you forget your own country?!

  • msfreek93

    OMG i love them so much i hope there is a fan family chat everyday i just wont get enough of them they are so cute love them :]

  • NickJ + MileyC = Niley Jyrus

    Yay so awsome I love JB and I love this pic Nick is so HOT in black in white haha. :D
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE you Nick Jonas!!!!!

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