Zac Efron Takes The Wheel

Zac Efron Takes The Wheel

Zac Efron sits behind the wheel of his Audi on his way to a photo shoot in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (January 21).

The 21-year-old actor was said to have another photo shoot the day before as well.

Zac will next be seen on the big screen opposite Matthew Perry in 17 Again. The upcoming comedy is about a guy whose life didn’t quite turn out how he wanted and he wakes up one day only to find he’s seventeen again and gets the chance to rewrite his life.

17 Again hits theaters on April 17th.

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Photos: The Media Circuit / WENN
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  • http://justjaredjr jojojo

    omg i love him
    cant wait for more zanessa in japan

  • hsm fan!!

    HE IS SO HOT!!!

  • http://just.jared billy

    Aahh First Yay
    Love Him
    Soo Gawjus!

  • mike

    omg he gets hotter every day

  • Izabella

    wow, he’s really hot, does he ever take a bad picture?? I think not :)

  • http://ZacEfron Kelly

    Zac is so hot and sexy. I wounder what Photo shoot was for. and in Pic 5 Zac is wearing a ring

  • Lucy

    Omg I noticed the ring too ! I can’twait to see zanessa in japan, does anyone know if ashley is going too?

  • http://ZacEfron Kelly

    Lucy I don’t believe Ashley is going to Japan.

  • cubur

    he is so hot as always

  • Alexia

    OMG so that whatever posted on the internet regarding a shoot was true.
    Gosh and this is expected to be kinda sexy. Yummy cant wait.
    He looks so good as always..Now im having obsession with his fingernails. lol

  • zanessafen4e

    wow he is hot :D:D:D

  • jo

    Lol i thought that was tthe photoshoot. he’s wearing a ring.

  • lily

    OMG He Is Like Hootttttt!

    Love Zac So Much
    Cant Belive He’s 21 Alredi

    Cant wait to see his new film !

  • Chloe

    Hot! Need I say more?!

    Can’t wait for a zanessa sighting at the hsm3 Japan premiere, does anyone know when it is? It must be soon now!

  • sophie

    just because he’s wearing a ring dont mean nothing and a man doesnt normally wear an engagement ring so if your implying zanessa are engaged they aren’t its obvious they won’t last outside of 2009 cuz the couple will die with hsm3 its puppylove basically

  • V-loyalist

    Yup, Zac is wearing a ring but not the kuiipo. I guess it’s a new ring possibly given by V. See pic 7 and check out the design..looks cool!

  • marie

    he is so beautiful!

  • v

    i missed him thx jj

  • Athenais

    maybe it’s a new ring to replace the Kuipio ring .

  • http://zanessa sara 12

    Vanessa hudgens at Katsuya Restaurant [ 21_1_2009]

  • ladysdsandiego

    i love him! can’t wait for more zanessa!

  • ladysdsandiego

    btw, i LOVE his eyes. they’re so beautiful.

  • tina

    I think that is the same ring that Zac had on at the Golden Globes. As for them not lasting past HSM3, didn’t the movie wrap in the summer of 08 ? I cannot say how long they will last, but they seem to have a more committed relationship than lots of older celebrities.

  • maddy_loves_zanesa

    #7 lucy

    Ashley said at the melboune premier it was her last one.

    Omg sooo hot!!

  • nikki

    wow he is amazingly hott!!! woa! and yah he is wearing aring, it could be a new ring for zanessa sense everyone found out about the other love rings… and ashley isnt going to japan, and it is at the end of january there going…. ZAC EFRON IS SOOO HOTTT!!!! zanesssa is sooo cute together AAWW!!!

  • Karen

    If they have a relationship that would last 10 years and then they would end it someone would be stupid enough to come on one of these boards and say “I told you it would end once HSM was over”. Why don’t you people give it up? Nobody knows just how long anybody’s relationship will last—not even the couple themselves as nobody knows what trials and circumstances may occur during one’s lifetime—but their relationship has NOTHING to do with HSM other than the fact they met each other there.

  • cutie pie

    for everyone that says he wears makeup.. look at these pics when u pick full screen.. there is nothing… all u see is skin and some red marks from like a small pimple.. that is true skin.. and he has like NO pimples… everyone can tell wen someone wears it.. cuz there more shiny… he is not shiny and there ist nothing but skin… so if someone says he does.. then there just in denial.. get over it.. he doesnt wear any makeup!!! HE IS PLAIN GORGOUS!!!

  • piinkyprinxcess


    those baby blues… gosh he makes me crazy XD LOL

    Chloe, i think the HSM3 japan premiere is on january 28th & 29th so let´s hope for another zanessa sighting :)

  • cynthia.

    omg zac is so HOT !!

  • tina

    #24 Karen, Great comments. It is always so frustrating to read comments about their relationship not lasting past HSM 3. Look at Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend, they met on set, and I think they have been together around 2 years or longer. No one wonders about how long they will be together. I think a lot of the younger celeb couples have more staying power than some of these older celebs who cannot maintain a relationship for 6 months.

  • Chocolate amber

    Zac wearing a ring means nothing. A ring, at the end of the day, is just jewelry. It’s what in a person’s heart and mind that matters.

  • future mrs.Efron

    he’s go me going crazy!!!!! so freaking hot!!! and those eyes…omg those eyes…. are so beautiful!!!!

  • tORI


  • prettygirl

    he’s so hot i luv him!!!

  • athena

    Wow, he’s dressed down and still looks great…He’s born from some great genes…His mother as well as his father are beautiful people. Zac’s jaw line is like that of his mothers’. Hopefully, Zac’s brother Dylan will fall in the same line of handsome looks too.

  • brie2009

    This might be weird for me to say but Zac looks hot when he’s driving! I don’t know if thats just me.

  • http://ZacEfron KELLY

    #35 I agree with you, Zac does look hot when he is driving.

  • PepsimAX

    iS eYeS aRe wElL bLuE

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    When are Zanessa going to Japan? JJJ says in Janaury but its almost over! Can’t wait to ‘em together!
    Zac always looks hot in any picture :]
    GO ZAC ♥

  • Ellyne

    Zac and Vanessa have had those rings forever a couple years now they gave them to eachother on the inside its engraved with something in hawian its very cute the rings are beautiful so are they
    Hes Amazingly gorgeous!!!!!!!<3333333

  • hottiezac

    he is suupppeeerrrr hottt and yes he is soo hot wen driving!!! cant wait for the dvd to come out!! AAHHH!!! he is soo hot.. i am going straight to the deleted scene wen he is SHOWERING!!

  • ladysdsandiego

    #40 hottiezac

    unless disney decides they wanna be weird and decide not to put it in because of little kids. but i hope its in there. i wanna see it so bad.

  • Shannon

    there is no denying this boy is good looking that pic is a candid and he looks like that!

  • zanessa/jashley

    Oh..his car is hot. Just like him. :D I love his beanie hat :D Can’t wait to watch 17 Again !!

  • vanessajonas

    zac efron is hot!
    i cant wait for zanessa sightings and i hope ashley stays here in a hole

  • maria.

    #44- a little hostile about ashley there, eh?
    don’t worry though, she’s not going to be there, just zac and vanessa, i believe.

    and #30- i agree with you. i don’t see why people freak out about a ring. just cause he wears a ring doesnt intend that he’s in love or not.

    but anyways, lookin’ good zac!!

  • Sina

    such a hottie <33
    love hiiim..

    t4p JJJ

  • maddy_loves_zanesa


    How do u know it is hawian?

  • Ella

    Yeah he does look hot when he drives haha!!
    Damn.. If only I was going to Japan and not Singapore for work..
    When do they go to Japan anyway?

  • Ella

    Oh Ashley’s not going? What a shame……….. Haha