Emma Roberts Has Style at Sundance

Emma Roberts Has Style at Sundance
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  • Is Megan Fox after Vanessa Hudgens‘s man?
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Photos: Justin Heiman/Getty
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  • josh


  • cutie pie

    hahaha no it isnt true about megan after zac… haha.. MEGAN IS ENGAGED! and alllllllll megan said was that she was obbsessed with him.. like what we all are hahaha!!.. she said he is super hot

  • lu

    but didn’t you read the whole article??? it says that they forgot vanessa was there when they were talking. stupid zac. i love him but he has to stay with v.

  • Rosa

    i hate those STUPID media stories ..
    a very big mess made out of nonesense ..
    zac in nessa’s man ..
    they both love each other ..
    megan is a friend ..
    they were just having fun with her .. BOTH ..
    therer were pics of v talking to megan and laughing with her like best friends ..
    megan might have a crush on zac coz she thinks he’s hot ..
    as many other millions of girls think ..
    but that does NOT mean she’s after him ..

    the articl is so ridiculous ..
    i wish people leave this couple alone ..

    zanessa 4 ever ..


    nooooooo, i hate megan fox, she never want zac, because he and vanessa are so happy toghether, megan out o/


  • may

    zanessa forever!!!!!!!!!!!

    megan fox SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • hudgens lover



    megan out –’
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  • nadi.

    MEGAN OUT! haha,

  • lauren

    while vanessa hudgens is good looking, megan fox blows her out of the water. any guy would choose her over vanessa. plus megans personality seems more fun nd she comes across as less self absorbed, even though she way more gorjuzz

  • maichi

    Sorry for the cap locks.
    It gets attention.

  • maichi

    I don’t think Megan is even THAT pretty.
    Plus, Vanessa’s personality is super bubbly and just adorable.

  • Rosa

    that’s true ..
    V is way more NUTURALLY beautiful than PLASTIC megan ..
    i hate megan ..
    she’s so big headed ..

  • lara

    i completely agree with Rosa it is sooo stupid…they just want to sell papers and magazines….and megan fox isn’t even that hot! ugh

  • that´s me

    ey Megan after Zac… LOL completly crazy that news all the people that saw that photos of Zac Vanessa and Megan saw that they are good friends and that Megan is completly in love with her boyfriend `cause in the last photos Megan gave a hug to her bf and in the video after party Zanessa had a short kiss

  • http://www.thatshideous.com deka

    she always looks nicely put together

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2008/11/30/vanessa-hudgens-katsu-ya/#comments ZANESSA MISSER

    NOOOOOOOOO NOOOOO THATS NOT TRUE ZAC LOVE VANESSA SOO MUCH AND Megan hug zac coz its like goodbye hug not hug from
    the hurt n At Golden Globes zac just put his eyes in vanessa n there was soo nice n Megan soo much not cute like vanessa mybe she is hot but not like vanessa 2 n i know thats zanessa soo strong

  • e

    Don’t worry about the fake story, everyone have seen pics of Zac and Vanessa out having lunch and hanging out after the GG, and they looked as in love as ever + all the pics from GG, Zac couldn’t keep his eyes (and hands) of Vanessa for long, they were always touching, he whispered something in her hair which made her laugh, he kissed her hand, he stared at her with pride over his girl on the red carpet for the whole world to see. Don’t worry about Zac and Vanessa, and even Megan, who’s btw engaged to Brian. I actually thought that there were pics where it looked like it was Zac that was a bit of a third wheel, when we could see Vanessa and Megan laugh and talk between each other. They are all friends, along with Brittany Snow and Hayden Panitierre (however her last name is spelled?) they all just looked like they had a fun night and since they were among the youngest one around and a somewhat similar age, of course they would get along better together, you all would probably also find it easier to talk to people your own age, especially since I think that it was the fir GG for all of them and they were probably really exited and nervous. It shouldn’t be to looked into, especially since we all know it isn’t true and shouldn’t encourage the story.

  • http://zanessa sara 12

    who wrote this he is sick
    in all Photos in golden globs
    zac eyes Always on vanessa
    and about hug vanessa also hug with Megan .. i see that in pic
    and we see zac kisses vanessa when megon there
    and his hand always around vanessa
    If you want pictures and video will bring it
    it is like nikki story
    zanessa for ever
    I miss ashanssa

  • vanessajonas

    LOL jealous antizanessa fans making rumors…gosh!

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    OMG are you serious?
    STAR always makes up crap about anyone. I saw videos on Youtube of Zac & Nessa and they looked so in love. They couldn’t take their eyes of each other, and even held hands. Vanessa was seen with Megan on the red carpet, so yeah they’re definitly feuding over Zac :p

    Zac & V have been together for more than 3 years, so who ever thinks there’s a love triangle with Megan, has to be the most gullible person on Earth. Zanessa’s in love, and Megan is a good friend. If we were all famous, then there’d be so many stories that are the same as this one, because we all have a thing for Zac!

  • LEXI

    i think its time zac pops the question theyve been dating 4 3 years they are a BEAUTIFUL couple

  • kara

    theyre both trashy, zac seems to have a thing for gross girls

  • tia

    number 23 i agree! lol.

  • LEXI

    i LOVE vanessa and zac. i totally DISAGREE with #’s 23 and 24. vanessa is very sweet just as much as zac is and this is not an insulting star website so if u want to insult them make ur own website. AND if u dont think vanessa and zac r cute together then u have a big ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christine

    Megan is enganged…I doubt she’d risk that relationship to chase after a guy who already has a girlfriend and has shown no interest in her whatsoever. As for looks, I think Megan Fox could be pretty, but she wears way too much make-up. It makes her look too plastic and fake, and unfortunately, a lot more uglier than she actually is.

  • Ilovejustjaredjr

    i totally agree

  • Lucy

    I like megan but when I read the article and saw it said there was a ‘spark’ I laughed. Zac and Vanessa hudgens have a huge, noticable spark. If zac ever left v he would be stupid 3 years is not just something, especially when your big stars like them, anyway I thought megan was engaged, or was that just a rumor?

  • http://fully Larkin

    oh please, anyone with eyes or any sense can see the pics and know that Zac was with V all night, he was near her the whole time. He loves V, end of!

    Star is a rag, gutter press that make up lies! Megan is a nice person, who is engaged, her and V totally hit it off! There’s more pics of them together! Should Zac be worried? Lmfao!

    People will believe anything these days….it’s pathetic!

  • lu

    Megan just thinks zac is super hot and zac is her celebrity crush (billions of girls thiks that too, just like me! =p)

    but megan is NOT trying to steal zac from v.

  • lu


  • Alex

    Megan looks lika a 40 years old lady.

    Zac is a hearttroube. young and hot. And so are Vanessa ! Their are sooo ment to be !!

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2008/11/30/vanessa-hudgens-katsu-ya/#comments ZANESSA MISSER

    zac and ash they hug each other mybe 242348543956 times but looks they didnt love other and thats like zac n the lose we eva they call her

    and i really really really miss zanessa soooooooooo much