Mitchel Musso - 'The In Crowd' Music Video

Mitchel Musso - 'The In Crowd' Music Video

Hannah Montana funny man Mitchel Musso belts it out in the new video for his single, “The In Crowd.”

The 17-year-old actor tapped good friend Katelyn Tarver to make a guest appearance in the vid. Katelyn is most known for her days as a top finalist on American Idol Juniors. Katelyn released her debut album, Wonderful Crazy, back in 2006.

Check out Katelyn and Mitchel in “The In Crowd” below!

Mitchel Musso – “The In Crowd” Official Music Video
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  • Michelle

    This song is so good! I can’t stop listening to it!

  • idiot me

    trying to be a singer
    why not??
    you can do it^^
    many fans that supporting you in here
    keep moving forward..

  • boo.

    he’s 17?!?!?
    i thought he was like 15 or something.
    i liked the beginning tho.

  • wow

    impressive! i didn’t expect to like it…:)

  • kara

    just because your brother is in a decent band doesnt mean you need to get into music too, he needs to take that advice and run with it

  • Helen

    cool cool

  • Evee

    Not bad, i like his song.
    He needs a hair cut though.


    kara, if you don’t know this—> miley’s mom and mitchel’s mom are friends, they though it could be fun to have a band whit they’re to other children (trace and the oer) and they make metrostation !!

    mmitchell go on ur good enough to have a great singer career ! !

  • Meg

    The music video is really good. I’m glad Katelyn could be apart of it too, it’s a good music video!

    ALSO! Katelyn’s CD ‘Wonderful Crazy’ came out in 2005, not 2006! :)

  • jgjg

    Not unique at all and u can tell in the chorus they’ve put in a double voice.He’s just like a lot of those bands.

  • b chick

    eww. terrible singer. his voice is annoying

    quit singing. stick to acting

  • Stephanie

    This is a great song. But is it really only like 1 minute long? I don’t think it is though.

  • mochi

    i agree with b chick! THIS IS SO ANNOOOOOOOOOOOOYING!

  • marine

    that’s horrible, all disney stars think really they are

  • marine

    that’s horrible, all disney stars think really they are able to do everything, in plus i think he’s photoshopped at the begginning

  • madzia

    if his voice isnt improved he sings good ;)
    like it

  • nina

    the girl is cute, and i hate mitchells hair

  • Osama

    is he recording an album!!!

  • Carol

    To be honest i dont know the song and im too lazy to listen to it right now but damn it now anyone in Disney can be a singer?

  • urcool.

    ok first off disnet channel stars CAN be singers and some of them are REALLY good. im not sure i like this song its really short. but all the hater just need to leave him alone if he likes to sing then let him sing

  • riana

    hes good- i lyk his raps betta lol

  • riana

    hes good- i like his raps betta lol

  • JEn

    He actuallys sounds good.

  • abby

    dose every actor on disney have to sing?

  • Jenn

    he’s okaaay…. i liked the song. the beat is fun. but the lyrics were kinda cheesy and cliche.

  • bahah

    I love how the obviously pretty hot blonde girl is in nerd classes and is an “outcast”…. rightttttttttt…. it may be his friend and all, but whyd idn’t he cast her as the cheerleader and find another nerd girl. this is funny

  • austin

    it bugs me to hear all the haters judging him and saying he isn’t straight or that he is horrible at singing.
    he is awesome and this song is great.
    good job xD

  • Jasmine

    that’s a really fast song.

  • http://none Micah

    I think this is too safe.
    He is just white noise compared to other singers, and it’s not like he is even the best in that genre.

  • Krissy

    love the song!
    it’s amazing for someone like Mitchell to carry singing into his family, and prove to everyone, that he has what it takes to be a singer/ actor :)
    ( btw- he’s well experienced b4 making his own CD and his brother may have given him lesson, who knows….)
    I think Mitchell is really good! like really awesome!
    His voice is just pure perfection ^^

    would all the haters shut it already
    who cares what actors and singers do with their life
    if they want to do something, other than Singing or acting, let them do w/e they want. it’s there lifes. let them make the best of it, the way the want to further there talents.
    why do you have to be the judge of that?
    if you don’t like it, don’t bother to watch what they do next :P

    FYI- you don’t have to be FULLY experienced and perfect to make it into a career with singing. The same goes for acting.
    ANYONE can have a voice/abilities, with not even knowing, and still try hard at it, just to improve and do better.

    I like to see, how you can manage to DO both, just like other celebs ;)

    and to answer ” does every actor have to sing”
    YES they CAN! IT’s called leaving them alone and let them live there lifes. I’m sure you would do the same, if you wanted to do something similar to this.

    ( etc) those are stars who are actors, and have managed to sing– and guess what? there all really good!
    THEY don’t have to be better than the rest—– atleast they have something! If they stuck to there original routines..( kinda boring, since they’ve done it, most of there lifes) ….there’s nothing wrong with change and starting something new :D

    love the music video
    really classy
    and the message was just intelligent
    totally can relate (L)


  • mielyfangermany

    I loves his voice it’s so beatifull

  • lollipop_miller

    OMG! never knew he could sing he is soooooooooooooo amazing i really liked the song i can’t wait to buy the album! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!



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