Presenting: Victoria Justice's Official YouTube

Presenting: Victoria Justice's Official YouTube has confirmed that Victoria Justice only has one official YouTube channel — Spread the word!

The 15-year-old Spectacular! starlet has four new videos on her account, all featuring her BFF Avan Jogia, whom she met on the set of Spectacular! in Vancouver. The story behind the videos below is that Avan gave Victoria the “Wild horses couldn’t wake me” sleep mask as a gift because she loves to sleep so much. So, of course, being the silly person Victoria is, she put it on and made a game out of it — Marco Polo! Watch it below!!!

P.S. Vic doesn’t have any other official online presence except All other MySpace and Facebook accounts are fakes!

Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia – “Marco Polo” Part 1

Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia – “Marco Polo” Part 2

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  • Ambica


  • Paula

    first !!!!!!!1 yay xd lol

  • Paula

    lol first?

  • j18

    who is she?

  • Emma

    She’s from spectacular! and Zoey 101 and TsL

  • kara

    look at how he rubs her sides at the end, i’m guessing you can take an F off of that BFF up there

  • Lauren

    Who’s that guy?? he touched her belly!! how cute!

  • cc27

    lol she’s awsome :) o.O nd he rubbed her side lol

  • confused..

    on this youtube, “julianne hough” commented it saying it’s not real?
    is julianne’s real?
    it looked pretty legit to me.
    and then, what’s “VictoriaJusticeMusic”? is that hers too?

  • monica

    okay, it was really cute how he rubbed her sides. lmfao.

  • jilli

    shes original…*sarcasm*

  • jgjg

    omg….in the beginning it looked like she was trying to touch him with her behind.

  • artioni

    victoria justice du bist gut im zeoy 101 macht weiter so
    und taschĂĽsssssssss

  • monika das sexmonster

    man man man…
    that’s a kind of stupid


    Im guessing she was sticking her butt out so if he was behind her she could still touch him and so if she fell it wouldnt hurt as bad…maybe.maybe not

  • christina

    Vici I Love You (K)

    You Are C

  • dontezz

    he touched her belly

  • Genia Ladue

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