Taylor Swift: My Cat Hates Me!

Taylor Swift: My Cat Hates Me!

Taylor Swift strums on her guitar as she sings a heartfelt acoustic performance of “White Horse” at Radio Disney headquarters in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (January 23).

The 19-year-old songstress caught up with radio personality Ernie D and dished about her weird cat Indy and also performed “You’re Not Sorry” from her new album, Fearless.

Taylor shared, “My cat is awesome. We have sort of this love-hate relationship where she sort of acts like she hates me when I get home because I’ve been gone for so long. She has this horrible scream that she does. It’s so loud and she runs around the house screaming. Then I wake up the next morning and she’s lying on my chest purring. So it’s a love-hate relationship. So, this Christmas, I sort of as a joke, bought her this sweater. I’m not the kind of person who dresses up their animals. I just don’t do that. I thought for one time it would be funny to put a Christmas sweater on the cat. I took it off of her after about two minutes and she started screaming. She was so mad at me that I took the sweater off. I put the sweater back on and she started purring. My cat is so weird.”

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Credit: Thanks, AlysonDemiSamSelena; Photos: Adam Rose/Disney Channel
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  • chris

    hahaha she is soo funny i want a catt like that




    taylor is awesome i soooo love her<”!!

  • chris



  • Maddie

    lol thats funny. must be a cute cat.

  • http://www.mileyraycyrus.com.ar mileyfan4ever

    I love Taylor! ♥
    haha that was funny, the cats are so adorables! ^-^
    I want one so badly! =P

  • http://darenkagasofffans.com Michelle

    HAHAHA that’s hilarious!!

  • cc27

    LOL!! LOL!! Nice cat :) my cats are just boring and always sleepin xD

  • tia

    ommggg shes so gorjuzz and i love what shes wearing in that pic! i wish there were more pictures

  • David


  • Tory

    Taylor Swift is the most amazing person ever! She’s so adorable and such an inspirational person! I love how much she loves her job and her fans! She’s so perfect!!

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com NickJ + MileyC = Niley Jyrus

    Haha I can see why her cat hates her it probably looked at her thinking DAMN!.

  • niley4ever

    LOL, love Taylor !

  • ~dieba~

    love U TAYLOR!!!!

  • Anonymous

    lmao Taylor Swift is hilarious. and its so cool that shes so down to earth. im close with my cat too.

  • devlin

    Ohmygosh. LOVE TAYLOR<3
    She’s so down to earth and really, truly loves her fans. I also love her songs, and that she writes (or co-writes) all her songs. I can’t wait for her tour this year!! YAY.

  • arctic runaway//

    She is truly an inspiration to so many!
    I am so proud to call her my hero!

  • Ella

    Her cats not the only one who hates her

  • Lucy

    Taylor Swift and her cat are so funny! :)

  • Ami


  • Sara

    haha i no he does
    i dont lyk swift

  • bd

    If she is country, why would she be on radio disney? Do they even play country? I love country music, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • ana


  • http://V831227 NALL

    I Very Love Taylor She’s Beautiful And She’s Amazing.

    I’m From Taiwan I Love You And Love Your Music ,

    Ha Ha Ha

  • ashleyxlyn

    “My cat is so weird!” Hahahaah! That’s great!

    My cat acts like she hates me most of the time, the only difference is my cat doesn’t scream. She doesn’t make any noise at all actually. Unless you yell at her, then she BARELY squeaks! Haha.


    i lovelovelove Taylor(:

  • ric

    lol, i want to swap cats with you for a few days, my cat is normally quite boring. She eats, plays, sleeps, eats sleeps plays sleeps eats plays eats sleeps, and thats all she does :)

  • jessama

    lol i love your cat! that so funny. speaking of cats mine just give birth to 3 beautiful kittens. lol right now my cat is sitting on the floor meowing at me and i dont know what she wants!!! i think she’s hungry!

  • http://facebook Taylor swifts #1fan

    she is so awsome i love her i so want to meet her

  • Nunya bussiness

    WELL……….for i personally don not like talyor swift the only son i like by her is that you belong with me and that is it!!!!! i think that it was funny that kanye west came up and defended beyonce because we all know that beyonce’s vidoe was WAY better than hers and the wasnt even anything special about taylor’s video. i mean did people do parody about her video like they did to beyonce nope.. beyonce had 100 women in london doing her dance in the street football player and justin timberlake but i think that taylor swift is just an ordinary singer and there aint anything special about her in MY opinion

  • http://myspace Aracely

    i love u i have a lot of stuff of u your amazing taylor love u i have a cat like that i know how u feel

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