Ashley is a Toned Tisdale

Ashley is a Toned Tisdale

After a busy day, Ashley Tisdale shows off her toned body as she gets her daily workout at a gym in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (January 22).

The 23-year-old actress had lunch at Paty’s Diner, one of her favorite eateries, before she hit the gym.

Ashley was also seen out shopping earlier in the day with good friend Shelley Buckner. The duo shopped till they dropped at Valencia Town Center, hitting the Hollister and Victoria’s Secret stores.

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ashley tisdale gym workout 02
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ashley tisdale gym workout 04
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Credit: SAW, Nathanael Jones, RIV/FamePictures; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • ashtisdalelover1905

    there is just 1 picture !
    please watch this video !
    no boobs?!

  • Seriously

    if we’re going by the “logic” of some of the posters on here – i am totally an obese man! nice! Because i dont have big boobs and my body shape wouldnt be much different to hers. Wow, lucky i come on here.. otherwise id still be thinking i was a pretty averaged sized female, thanks guys, you majorly helped me out!

  • Maddie

    she wore a sports bra u idiot.

  • Rosa

    umm ..
    actually she is NOT fat ..
    coz if that’s FAT .. I wonder what is skinny ??!!!
    but her body doesn’t have so much curving ..
    that’s all ..

  • teteu

    she are very hot!

  • hatevanessa123

    she is super skinny and i love her
    you are just jealous!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nina

    hot hot hot hot

  • Shannon

    omg, if your one of the people posting that she’s fat, I’d like to see a picture the paparazzi took of YOU working out. Because you must be unhealthily skinny to think she’s fat. Or, since you probably don’t know what a toned body looks like, you must be the size that you’d refer to as extremely overweight.


    Look at the other photos of Ashley’s body, like when she was on the beach or out jogging. She has an amazing body, this photo is just unflattering. And she so DOES NOT look fat.

  • witchygirl

    I think she is too thin
    so of you people are a little crazy

  • witchygirl

    sorry I meant some of you people are a little crazy

  • miley

    And lots of ppl in my high skool like Ashley beause of suite life of zack & cody and HSM and Others!!
    many ppl like her you just dont know!!
    [(peace im OUt)}

  • cbamazing

    Ashley looks great!
    She has an amazing body, and is not the least bit “fat”
    so, all of you insecure people calling her “fat” are only saying that because you are jealous.

  • dany

    ashley is amazing !!!! her body and fabulous

  • maria

    Not trying to be mean, but she looks NOTHING like on the SHAPE cover. NOTHING. Can we say photoshopped now?? Don’t get me wrong…..she has a nice, slim body. But she DOES NOT have the curves she had on that cover.

  • gabriella

    ashley looks good as always! get a life people, shes is absolutely gorgeous and skiny so how can you say that she’s fat?

  • Jordi


  • Anna

    she is so not fat.
    she looks great (:
    for some of you it seems like
    one day she’s fat and the next she’s too skinny.
    i mean wtf.

  • Megan

    wow she got bigger? anyway that doesn’t matter, whatevr…. LONG LIVE ZANESSA !

  • James

    well, from a guy’s point of view.
    she looks AMAZING.

    so all the girls who always say crap about Ashley; you’re just jealous or a hater.

    she may not be toned but definitely not FAT.
    and she’s pretty hot.

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    I want her body :D haha ♥

  • Madi never lies

    #38 you have GOT to be kidding me. Vanessa’s over, please. America loves her and you are obviously iving in the past, those photos were taken soooo long ago its not even funny. Vanessa has way more fans then Ashey.
    Anyway, Ashley is not fat, that a good weight to be, do you want her to be as skinny as shenea grimes, or Taylor Momsen, they’re anorexic

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    SHe is so not fat, and not skinny either. She has a healthy looking body!
    And honestly, i think paparazzi that take pics like that are kinda perverts! Give the girl a break. Although I love hearing about Ashley, i think its wrong some photographers go this far.

  • Connie

    She’s put on probably 5 pounds since HSM3 and on a tiny girl like her it shows. I’ve noticed lately her face looks a bit fuller and now seeing her stomach, she is a little heavier than she was, but maybe she’s accepted a role that requires her to be this weight or bigger? Actresses lose/gain weight depending on what the role requires.

  • djd

    man if I got that much attention when I hit the gym, well when ella did and I was there with her…Honestly, and DAMN!

  • David

    Seriously now, if I had a dollar for every time the haters posted a comment, I’d buy a mansion.

    Anyways, Ashley looks good.

  • Alexia

    omg she’s looking a lot like my aunt…
    i dont mean it in a bad wayy..
    i just find it amusing

  • Osama

    to 25 this photo is not edited she has an amzin body simpl and is amazin!!

  • sallywellie

    All i know and care that she looks healthy! Good for you ash!

  • Nattie

    you are such a jerks! you are absolutely perfect or what? you wanna her to be like ANORECTIC OR WHAT? SHE ISNT FALL! OH GOD I HATE SO STUPID PEOPLE LIKE U ARE

  • Amy


  • LOLA

  • mariana

    i love her….and she has an amazing body…she rocks!