Selena Gomez is LSAT Lovely

Selena Gomez is LSAT Lovely

Selena Gomez goes through her luggage before she checks into her flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday night (January 23).

The 16-year-old actress was seen holding onto a LSAT workbook. LSAT stands for law school admission test and is required for mostly all law schools. Is Selena law school bound?

Selena was also seen with a copy of “He’s Just Not That Into You: Your Daily Wake-Up Call.” The movie based on the book hits theaters on Friday, February 6th.

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Credit: Radcliffe; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • tia

    shes got that natuaral beauty that very few people, famous OR non famous have. shes stunning. and her outfit is awesome.

  • chau

    Interesting. Don’t you have to go to college first before you take the LSAT though? You need to major in something and take the prerequisite courses first. :) She’s only 16. Maybe it’s for her new company. LOL.

  • mia

    i think she’d have to go to college first.

  • meilietha

    first LOVE HER

  • nel

    She’s studying for the LSAT at 16??

  • Austin

    Man-O-Man… i got one thing to say… she is CUTE!!! anyone agree with me? I bet you do! LOL!

  • Kristenfan

    <3 you Selena, you’re gorgeous!

  • victoria

    girl get some sleep, you look exhausted, yet still cute!

  • Michelle

    interesting! i wonder why she had that book?

  • swe3t23

    ummmm famehore!!!!! really honestly she needs to disappear



  • ash

    Why is she reading “He’s just not that into you”? it seems like she is trying to show the book off in that on picture too. is she trying to send us a hidden message? lol. just my observations. and her boots are cute. i want them!

  • NickJ + MileyC = Niley Jyrus

    Wow shes studying for her future law career when shes an actress. Why cant she just think of one thing at a time? really its just gonna be a whole lot more work and stress on her. I mean shes only 16 still just a kid its good in all that she really thinks about her next career but just work on the one you have right now Selena have fun in showbiz while you can AS A KID!.

    and #1 I totally DISagree with you
    natural beauty? say what?
    sometimes she looks ok
    but in these pics it looks like
    someone soced her in the face
    her nose and her lips a HUGE
    and her eyes have big black circles
    around them she looks

  • NickJ + MileyC = Niley Jyrus

    Oh and #10 sooooooooooo agree with you
    thanx for the truth!. :D

  • jess


    I love her

  • Emy

    I like how all of you haters (just in general, not specifically Selena haters) have to find something bad about a person. I am not a fan of Selena nor Miley or any of those people, but if there is nothing bad to say about them I don’t try to make up nonsense. You are hating on her for holding an LSAT book? Rediculous.

  • Maddie


  • cristal

    selena studying lsat she already took the role of nick wife to study law to be the first lady jajaja! just kidding!i think nick is the one that needs to study law if he want to become president i dont think being a musician qualifies as a requirement to be the president of the united state!!

  • Jojo

    You haters are pathetic.
    Glad she’s studying to become something in life. Being an actress ain’t what all it’s cracked up to be. She looks beautiful.

  • every1ROXX

    “Emy” i totally agree with youuuuuuuuuu! theres nothing really bad to piont out here . . . shes just at an airport it looks like she just wokeup. and?

  • jill

    like her outfit!! :] + love her hair.. though she looks so tired… + shes got like her whole computer in her bag.. [laptop..keyboard.]
    and shes able to do whatever she wants in life people…its her choice!!


    you know what,
    im glad that she is doing that.
    even though you are an actress you always
    need something to fall back on!
    education is very important and it can get you far in life.
    not matter what you do you always need a education!

  • kara

    lmao why would you need to go to college first when it’s law SCHOOL…….

  • Em

    there’s nothing wrong with her holding the LSAT book. it’s just weird that she’d be studying for it now considering you need a BA or BS before you can apply to law school.

  • hollywoodlover

    I think Selena is a cute and Pretty girl
    yes she does have big black circles around her eyes BUT I men this poor Girl is 16 and shes like always working….
    I DO have them too so what?!
    &+ if shes working for her Future please WHAT is bad about that?
    I mean shes Famous,shes rich and pretty and STILL shes doing something for her eduacation…

    I think you Gorgeous Selena and Im 17 from Germany and one day I want to be a Actress in America too just like you and Vanessa (because I have black Hair and black teint too ahahha)


  • lilix

    smart, intelligent, beautiful n graceful! NICK U’RE LUCKY!

  • layla

    #21 is an idiot

  • brie2009

    I hate airport security! I always get in trouble with them. I got my lucky lighter taken away and I was accused of carrying a “Dangerous Object” when it was a small bag with a camera and pack of gum!

    But I guess after 9/11 all airports are very cautious on what we carry to prevent any danger.

  • claudio

    I Love SelGomez (L

  • claudio


  • syasya as in sasha

    she looks so pretty;]
    i love her.

  • syasya as in sasha

    she looks gawguz;]
    love her outfit;]

  • Alexxxandria

    when she has long extensions it makes her look younger to me
    with the short curls, she looked very mature and elegant

  • theoneandonlyME!

    Maybe she’s holding it just so people will wonder and talk about it just like were doing

  • Kiara

    shes reading that book hes jut not that in to u

  • NativeNYker

    She looks so cute! Good luck to her… Better her than me, really. I hate exams.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Vynnie

    Selena looks so NATURALLY beautiful!!
    I’m glad her long hair is back, lol!


    Good for her! She is a pretty, clever and nice girl who has every right to go and take her exams – just because she is famous doesn’t mean it stops her from getting a good education. Well Done Selena! btw, I am a HUGE miley fan! Miley if you read this please email me at please miley that would be amazing!

  • Izabella

    wow, she looks tired, but she still looks cute :)

  • mz Sass

    She’s reading “He’s Not That Into You” because she saw how Nick was hanging back onstage trying to make it look like he wasn’t waiting for Miley.

  • Anela

    aww,what a cutieeee :D I love this girl :) she looks soo adorable…
    and I’m going to law school this spring as well :)


    I highly disagree with “NickJ + MileyC = Niley Jyrus”. Seriously, why are you even commenting? All you haters are just waiting for a Selena article to hate on, just ignore it! She is beautiful, she’s just tired and NO ONE looks good when they’re exhausted! I’m pretty impressed she’s doing all this, I mean she needs a back up plan! But who knows, maybe the book’s not hers.

  • skye

    he’s just not that into you,how appropriate for her!!!


  • justme

    she probably just carrying it to attract attention. We know she’ll do anything for it.

  • Vynnie

    #35, or maybe because she just wants to read it? God, you haters are so ridiculous. Always accusing her of doing so many weird things. Just shut up and leave her alone.

  • goodmorning

    she’s beautiful :)

  • wowwowowowo

    she really is a good rolemodel.
    wonder which school shes going to?

  • rosemary jonas

    um ok she looks ok in the first pic but in the second pic notice how she has makeup on know and her hairstyle is differently?

  • Austin

    Selena is the most awesome girl in this world! So dont be hating on her! She can live her life whatever way she wants too! so piss off all you haters! Go spam some other celebrity! Love ya Selly!

  • wowwowowowo

    you look great sel :)