Zac Efron: Trash and Dash

Zac Efron: Trash and Dash

Zac Efron takes out the trash before making a mad dash into into his awaiting limo in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 24).

The 21-year-old actor wore his Member’s Only “Vintage Racer” jacket in black, available at ($78).

Zac headed to LAX International Airport to catch a flight to Tokyo, Japan. Zac, along with on-and-off-screen girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, will be promoting High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

15+ pictures inside of trash man Zac Efron

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zac efron takes out the trash 01
zac efron takes out the trash 02
zac efron takes out the trash 03
zac efron takes out the trash 04
zac efron takes out the trash 05
zac efron takes out the trash 06
zac efron takes out the trash 07
zac efron takes out the trash 08
zac efron takes out the trash 09
zac efron takes out the trash 10
zac efron takes out the trash 11
zac efron takes out the trash 12
zac efron takes out the trash 13
zac efron takes out the trash 14
zac efron takes out the trash 15
zac efron takes out the trash 16
zac efron takes out the trash 17
zac efron takes out the trash 18

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  • emily

    awww, how cute…. :)

  • emily

    awww, how cute… :9

  • Izabella

    he’s really hot and all but how can this be news??

  • Izabella

    I mean, come on, 15 pictures of him taking out the trash!? wow..

  • ladysdsandiego

    wow, even while he’s taking out the trash he looks sexy.

  • zanessa4everr

    aww! even taking out the trash, he looks hot! lol

  • mike

    love him!!!! they are going for the premier over there right?

  • mike

    i have that jacket in white!!! i love their jackets!!!!

  • Destiny

    Lol, after him and the limo left the paparazzi probably ran over and stole the garbage; to look through it.

  • Chloe

    Even when he’s taking out his rubbish, he still looks hot!
    And come on 15 pictures of this, it’s lyk yh we know Zac is a normal person, but we hav 2 hav these pics 2 prove it?!!

    And it’s funny that this post has come after the one of him and V and the airport when this happened ealier in the day. lol

    Can’t wait see the japan pics
    Zanessa 4 ever and ever! :)

  • http://ZacEfron KELLY

    Only Zac can make taking out The Trash look Hot and Sexy.

  • MaiChi

    So CUTE! (:
    Love you Zaccy!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Aha, agree with #11.

    Love his jacket..and his beanie. His hair looks sexy under it. lol..

    but yeah it’s kinda ridiculous how taking out the trash is so exciting that the paps had to take pictures of it. But then again, it IS Zachary Efron. :D

  • hudgenslover!

    HAHAHAHAHA, so cute! and HOOT :) love you zachary :D

  • http://fully Larkin

    Aww looks like he was picking them all up as they fell down. Such a gent! Love him!

  • rockstar

    ahaha, i love seeing new posts about him, but do we seriously need 15 pictures of him taking out his garbage?

  • pop86

    Really, 15 pictures of a Zac taking out the trash. LOL

    The paps are so stupid.

  • vanessajonas

    jajaj hot

  • angela

    WOW lmao i do the trash and dash sometimes LMAO i take out the trash and run back inside.

  • mrsefron.


    <333 i agree with everyone he even looks SEXY taking out the trash!

    he can do no wrong :)

  • mrsefron.

    && i want that jacket now!

  • Sina

    he looks soooo good <333

  • lilly

    hehe…he looks HOT even taking out the trash!!
    goodness zachary is there even a bad pik of you??

    LOVE YOU!!!



  • Ella

    He looks hot in that jacket..

  • Roxana

    damn even doing this he stills looks Very hot!!!

  • JOhn

    Can someone please tell me what kind of shoes he is wearing? Please someone ANSWER.

  • witchygirl

    what a good boy

  • http://http/ daniel

    hey is that his house Ç????

  • Gabriela Aroca

    Zac,you’re my life,I love you more than everyone and everything ! ♥

    Gabriela Aroca from Brazil

  • NativeNYker

    He needs to have me over so he doesnt ever have to get out of bed or put those jeans on again!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • maddie

    doesn’t he live in an apartment right??

  • Elena Clayton

    This is crazy! Why are we looking at Z taking out the trash? I adore Z and want to see him as much as possible but something like this I think he can be left to do on his own without ppl seeing.

    It just reminds me how crazy his life has become. It’s sad.

  • queena paul

    hi zac…..omg yu are so hot.. you know i live in curacao and here is very hot if you wnt i can send to you a ticket because i am the daughter of the president here…..i dont lie please believe me.

  • AllisonC

    lol, i thought it was cute that he dumped out all the water before throwing his trash in there.

    Hey, Efron’s M.I.A, slow news days guys. lol

  • Boji

    Somebody did say these pics could have been taken outside Vanessa’s new house. Don’t know for sure.

    JJ must have posted this thread as an after thought to get more hits most likely from the Zac fans after a long absence.

  • desiree

    I live in LA in an aparrtment and we have a Trash Room downstairs and then hte maintenance crew empties it and there are HUGE BLUE bins outside in the back where no cars are.

    I have never seen small black ones outside ever and I have NEVER seen anyone take their trash outside themselves, when you put it in the room no one knows anyones trash from anyone elses but more importantly there is no chance of anyone going through your trash because the maintenance men take it out on Trash Day and even if someone did take their own out there are no small black bins.

    Are you sure this is his house???????????????????????????

  • marisol

    esa es la basura de vanessa porque que yo sepa el vive en un apartamento y en los apartamentos no se vota ta basura afuera

    that is vanessa house becuse he live in aprment and in the aparment the trash is inside not I dont now thas wie I sorry for my ingles.

  • http://fully Rachel

    that’s not his condo because the building has no access routes round the sides and the garage is undercover. Theres grounds out back but they are landscaped with no access! So, I’m guessing it’s nessa’s house as hers is by a road right?

    I probably sound like a stalker but I live in Zac’s neighbourhood lol!

  • brie2009

    LOL #11!!!! True though.

    I hate taking the trash out!

  • brie2009

    And btw!

    Look he is dressed up to throw the trash. I just go out in my Pj’s!

  • http://fully Lisa

    Hmm mystery. I’m guessing this isn’t his place. Someone must know where they were taken, can’t they just say, ie the person who took the pics? It’s probably V’s place!

  • Zanessa is HOTT

    There is NEVER a bad picture of Zachary. He even looks HOT and SEXY taking the Trash out.

    Zanessa 4 eva

  • Karen

    It most definitely looks like Vanessa’s house considering the landscaping that you can see in the back. That looks like the wall behind her house.

  • Zanessa is HOTT

    Yeah, it looks like V’s house cuz her house is like on the road. Plus if it was his own apartment, surely he’d just go out in his pj’s or watever he wears to bed, everyone else most likely does.

  • Jessie

    he even look hot when he take out his trash!!!! <33333
    how cute it is! wanna see pics that he and vanessa in the japan tour!
    Zanessa forever!


    he’s just a normal guy :)
    and i love it !

  • bhaus

    I’m surprised we haven’t heard what was inside the trash bag yet! :-)

  • Katty

    I love him, but I don’t really think I need to know when he is taking out the trash. And fifteen pics of it? I wanted more of them going to the airport, and actually together in some of the pics.

  • christine x3

    i like his jacket.

  • Soni Hannigan

    I know this probably sounds weird, but what is in his pocket? I am just curious.