Alyson Stoner is 'Dancin In The Moonlight'

Alyson Stoner is 'Dancin In The Moonlight'

3, 2, 1 … Take-off!

Alyson Stoner goes into space in her new music video “Dancin’ in the Moonlight.”

The 15-year-old triple threat sings and dances in the high energy music video from the new Space Buddies DVD, which hits stores next Tuesday (February 3).

Alyson recently updated her official site as well, warning everyone that there are a lot of posers online. She writes, “I’ve noticed a growing number of blogs and posts that claim to be written by me. They share ‘secret information’ about Camp Rock 2, or give personal phone numbers to contact. To ensure your safety, I ask that you do NOT believe anyone claiming to be me (Alyson) unless the source is,,, or the SayNow #s located on my Youtube channel.

“I promise with all my heart that I do not have a personal myspace, facebook, xanga, bebo, or ANY personal contact online besides the ones listed above!! If you’re talking to anybody claiming to be me, it is a poser. There can be drastic consequences if you don’t know who you’re really talking to online. Please be safe! Thank you!”

Alyson Stoner – “Dancin’ In The Moonlight” Music Video
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  • tori

    oh please no alyson.
    just, just dont. sorry.

  • marie

    she’s a good singer and she dances well i guess lol

    and the dogs are cute !

  • Lindsey

    she has an ok voice but shes no demi or taylor or even selena

  • jo

    are they giving album contracts to all disney stars even when they can’t sing

  • Kevin

    jared, you posted this already,.. well you’ve posted the video

  • taylor

    blasphemy. she totally butchered the real song.

  • andrea

    she should just stick to dancing… i loved her on the eminem video!

  • sarah

    i think she’s actually pretty good at singing, she’s amazing at dancing and acting though. her voice is better than selena’s.

  • Jorun

    She has an amazing voice, she really does! If you can’t hear that, you maybe shouldn’t judge her, ’cause then you probably don’t have any knowledge about music, technique and quality ;)

  • hanna

    Lmao her voice is dubbed up though which i hate SO MUCH!! her voice is prop oki but dancing is amazingg!!

  • erica

    She can sing pretty well! her dancing is pretty awesome, and she’s a great actress. She’s getting to be a triple threat.

    I can hear her trying to cover up her NW Ohio accent :P She’s so cute!

  • Margaret

    poor and CUTE puppies^^
    i think that her has a very sweet voice (= and the video is pretty cool^^

  • MoJo

    Wow… impressive!!! She’s actually a pretty good singer!! I already know she’s a good dancer and actress tho. Maybe she might be a big triple threat!! I like her better than Miley Cyrus tho. *_* G.A.M 4evr

  • Kami

    shes ok

  • Hi

    Will everyone stop comparing her to bffs and fellow Disney stars selena and demi? I mean they are all great in there own way. Besides u can tell that alysons voice is completely edited.

  • Lauren

    that’s one of my favorite songs! i wouldn’t say she “ruined” it, but i think that it’s nothing close to the original, or even the Toploader cover. i do think the music was good, but the vocals… not the BEST, but not horrible and ear-bleeding. the puppies were cute.

  • heyyyy

    i think her voice is okay,but def better than selena’s. but she’s far far from miley and demi.

  • Laura

    You really need to listen to the original version from Toploader, that was a great song but this cover…. really doesn’t do it justice.
    She can dance and sing but they really should have picked another song it’s completely lost the energy…
    Sorry dont’ usually criticize but it’s just not the right song.

  • Amy


  • Jorun

    Why does it have to be like the original? They didn’t re-make it because they wanted it to sound exactly like the original!! I think this is great!
    Please people, Alyson, Demi, Selena and Miley are NOT!! the same person. They are all different! And they don’t have to sound like they are the same person. Then you guys would probably all go crazy and say, that they copied each other -.-

  • Chrissy

    i never heard her sing til i saw this video she actually sings good

  • vanessa

    she is so adorable and sweet it almost makes me teeth hurt hah.
    but seriously that was really cute to watch

  • rose

    shes raelly good. that’s my fav song



  • Alicia

    she’s amazing! i love her voice and dancing shes a bigger version of me!

  • Alicia

    u people who say she can’t sing obviously don’t know how 2 sing!!!

  • Alicia


  • http://Facebook tidc

    she sounds like a kid

  • selena

    annyira szeretem alyson stonert és miley cyrust,selena gomezt,emily osment