David Archuleta: Crush Night is February 7th!

David Archuleta: Crush Night is February 7th!

David Archuleta had a really busy weekend but doesn’t regret it one bit.

The 18-year-old American Idol alum writes in his MySpace: “So this week I got to go to the Adele concert [at the Murray Theater in Murray, my home town]!! Adele is amazing amazing amazing amazing, and she sounds so good live! James Morrison opened up for her, and he sings with so much soul. It’s so weird to see him perform because white people usually don’t sing like that haha. But anyway, I loved how Adele didn’t move around a whole lot when she performed.

“So yesterday, we flew back down to LA, and I did some things for Nickelodeon with . It was something that involved more lines to say, haha. So I was really nervous before we started, but once we got going I had so much fun! It felt like Miranda and I just hung out all day long, and she’s such a nice girl. But yeah, the lines were for Crush Night that’s coming up on February 7th! The day of my acting debut.. when the episode of iCarly I’m on airs.”

David‘s episode, “iRocked the Vote”, airs next Saturday, February 7th @ 8PM ET/PT on Nick.

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Credit: Lisa Rose; Photos: Nickelodeon
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  • Maria

    i like miranda’s curls in this picture!
    very pretty and down-to-earth kid.
    and david has so much potential!
    i love those two. <3
    great post justjared jr.

  • http://fansofdavid sharon

    AHHHHH—David and Miranda look soooo cute together!!! I am glad he had such a funtime doing the ICarly show!!! He is just a natural in anything he does!!! I am sure we will be seeing him do alot more acting in the years to come!!

  • jane

    wow cant wait to see what he looks like when he acts

  • cc27

    i can’t wait.. lol xD

  • I love him

    woo, he is so hot…I heard he is dating a girl in Utah..

  • sarah

    He is real deal. Miranda is fun to watch. I can’t wait for David’s solo tour!!!

  • liz

    LOVE DAVID AND MIRANDA! Jennette’s cool too =]

  • [: ms. archuleta .

    omg he looks so hot ! <3
    love them both ! &+ i can’t wait for the show!

  • mm

    really? where’d you here that.On an interview it said he hasn’t dated anyone yet.

  • mm

    He was kinda racist in this blog….might wanna watch what you say next time David…

  • Amy

    I can’t wait for this!!! David and Miranda look so cute together. I expect a ton of cuteness during this Crush Night thing! :)

  • bds

    David Archuleta is the best! I can’t wait to see him on Feb 7th.

  • Soy

    Aww Archie!
    I love David Archuleta. He’s so genuine/nice/talented. I’m glad there’s finally at least one celebrity who hasn’t let the fame go to his head and remains awesome!

  • Hi

    David is soooo cute! Him and miranda looks good together =)

  • maecy

    miranda and david look good together…..and david is really really cute..
    exciting to see him on tv..acting

  • jeneva

    Gahhh I’m so stoked for this! I loveee David archuleta. Thanks for the awesome post and pics jjj! iCarly FTW.

  • gloria

    oh my gosh thank u so much 4 the pics !! ahh i cant wait!! ahh love him

  • gloria

    i love david so much

  • jasmine

    can’t wait! :)

    <3 david archuleta

  • luna

    i love him <3
    he is amazing

    thanks JJ =)



  • heather

    #10. how was he?
    he wasn’t being racist, you idiot.

  • a.

    Oh awesome!!



  • sarah

    He is SO CUTEEEE

  • sv18

    :O i wanna see him acting!

  • geena

    Yay! What a perfect place to debut his acting!
    iCarly rocks.
    Archie rocks.
    LOVE IT!
    Gooooo MIRANDA!
    & David, of course.
    = ]

  • Kait

    Can’t wait for Crush night! What he said about Morrison dude isn’t racist. People say same thing bout David. I’ve heard it before.

    Also, David dates. I remember reading that he got dates lined up for school dances before school start in fall. No girlfriend yet doesn’t equal no dating.

    Love David’s voice and who he is.

  • sasha

    Can’t get enuf of David!! Ya know he’ll be hot!! His smile…!!!

  • addy

    yay! I can’t wait!

  • Jeanette

    archie Is amazing and hes so cute

  • Kanadie

    I love David Archuleta!!! Good Luck on your debut King of Crushes!

  • victoria

    i love himmmmmmmmm!!

  • kary

    david is so down to the earth
    and such a nice boy! and i love his smile, so cute!!
    i really want to watch this episode
    miranda looks cool!

  • Helen

    he is gorgeous, can’t wait!

  • http://icarle.com jena

    hey david & carle.Tell sam she can be funny.David are you going to sing your song crush?



  • Sarah Slurpee

    Hey, I just realized this thing was on my birthday! I was just listening to “A Little Too Not Over You” when I saw this! Cool! By the way, thanks to David Archuleta for being the one artist that my brother neither makes fun of, parodies, or likes! I enjoy having that little piece of freedom! Though, my brother doesn’t have very good taste in music.

  • Hannah heartbreak

    I live in murray too! ^_^

  • http://justaredjr.buzznet.com/.../ can’t stop thinking about him

    i wonder where he is from and he is dreamy too

  • http://twitter Polly

    omg cant wait!!!!!! he is beutiful but kinda salty too. dont you hate salty guys? summer fruits

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