High School Musical 3: Senior Year Awards

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Awards

Corbin Bleu suits up to host the High School Musical 3: Senior Year Awards.

The 19-year-old actor put on his prom tux from the film and presented the awards to his fellow graduating Wildcats. So who won what? The first award presented was for Best Dance Partners, which went to…Kelsi and Ryan!

The duo, played by Olesya Rulin and Lucas Grabeel, were partnered throughout the whole movie. Lucas shares, “It’s great choreography and it’s definitely fresh and new moves. It’s a lot of fun.”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Awards, Part 1

Check out the rest of the Senior Year Awards after the cut…

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Awards, Part 2

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Awards, Part 3

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Awards, Part 4
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  • constance bossley

    aw that ia the best seen it makes me want to cry i cant wait for the dvd to come out zac and vanessa are the greatest couple ever

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Oh COOL !! I can’t wait for it to come out !! I’ll be counting down the days :D And may I add that Corbin looks very handsome in that tux.

    lol. Ok that sock scene was HILARIOUS.

    Troy: *bangs the wall* Who washed our lucky socks !?

    And I love the Right Here, Right Now balcony scene. So cute :D

  • melissa

    omg love the right here right now scene!!!

  • Vivian

    this rocks!

  • nice

    they are the best couple ever, there is no better way to describe it!!!

    can’t wait for the DVD to come out!!!

  • http://myspace.com/lovehsmfansite hsm/zanessa fansite!!!!

    they are the best couple ever..
    GO ZANESSA and HSM!!!

    I can’t wait for the dvd to come out!!

  • http://www.angiecakes_1990.bebo.com angela

    LMAO they have lucky socks LMAO he just bangs the wall.

    Corbin and Zac are looking HAWT… *grins*

  • http://www.angiecakes_1990.bebo.com angela

    no offence to zanessa fans.

    but can you think of more stuff than zanessa.

  • Jennifer w.

    are these deleted scenes only on the blue ray are is it also on the dvd?

  • piinkyprinxcess

    cool ^^
    i didn´t see this coming
    but it would be better if the whole cast were at the HSM3 awards
    with a ceremony and giving wildcats statues as prizes and have the winners giving speeches LOL just like a mini-oscars

  • http://www.angiecakes_1990.bebo.com angela


    well its an extended edition soo we dunno what scenes will be in it.
    I hope that one the lucky socks one will be in it LMAO and that one when troy is wearing that funny hat LMAO.

  • Vivian

    i like Sharpay, Chad, Troy and Ryan. others sucks.

  • athena

    I’m so excited…I do hope there will be many deleted scenes that haven’t been seen on line or anything…I can’t wait to get my hsm3 dvd!!!

  • vannie

    i love hsm3
    i love zanessa.

  • vannie

    i love hsm3
    i love zanessa.
    God Bless.

  • Daniyah

    love it zanessa 4 ever! i cant wait for this to come out!!!

  • NAB3

    Hehe ><
    Go HSM !

  • sweetbutterflies

    “Who washed our lucky socks?!” haha, amazing! oh, how much I love you, Troy.

    Aww, the other version of RHRN is so adorable. :) It’s like they’re really standing in front of each other. Zanessa/Troyella FTW.

    Taylor totally deserved the prom dress award!

  • may

    vanessa is the best………

    she’s my favourite

  • http://dailyashleytisdale.blogspot.com/ Carolina

    I love HSM!!!!! I love JJJ!!!!!

  • e

    Well, it’s been said that the HSM2 DVD will contain 15 deleted scenes, don’t know if it’s true but I kinda hope that it will.

    There is one thing that I would want though, in every DVD movies, that you would be able to see a version of the movie where they have put all of the deleted scenes into it, especially if they have more then five, it would be so much easier to get them into the story-line then. And they could still have the movie version on it too.

    I really can’t wait until I get to see the DVD, it’s going to be amazing.

  • alexandra

    I love hsm!!!! i cant wait for the dvd!!!!

  • jane

    This was sweet and you guys, #9 is right… Theres more things you can think about than Zanessa, okay?? o_O

  • http://www.google.com o plz

    Sharpy Miss Diva if i was ever to try out for a role i Would love to Be her!! Ashley is awesome zanessa is so 2 years ago lol :)

  • vanessajonas

    great! i love zanessa and hsm

  • nida

    Omg i cannot wait till this movie comes out in DVD! i am so gonna buy it! lol! :)

  • http://www.bopmag.com nina

    I agree. talk about other people besides everyones precious Zanessa, Jared.

  • http://www.bopmag.com nina

    I think Jared should post other stuff besides Zanessa, too.

  • Evelyn

    OMG! I want the DVD right now!
    I love the photos
    But I’d like more Lucas Grabeel’s photos =D
    and Zanessa’s
    I love JJJ

  • tell-tale

    angela, jane and nina are the same person, and what SHE doesnt seem to realize si that zac and vanessa get the mosts posts on this site. combined theyve gotton over a THOUSAND. its so annoying when people tell you to stop being interested in the things youre interested in, we dont tell you to stop loving whatever you love. and you can tell people a thousand times that theyr being stupid for liking what they like, but theyre still going to like it, which is why jared always posts about them, because a lot of people like them. deal with it.

  • fiona

    this is a dream

  • sweetbutterflies

    #31 tell-tale, totally agree! Though I didn’t know that Z & V got SO many posts. Good for them and us, haha!

  • citra

    Zanessa ever..hehe..

  • Ami

    HSM3 was awesome and the movie’s choreography was definitely amazing

  • Pat

    I love hsm3. I cant wait to see the extended edition because in the theaters i saw enough troyella. I want more taylor sharpay and zeke. I want to see the deleted scene about when gabriella and taylor have that conversation about the future in gabriella’s house. And when zeke asks sharpay to prom.

  • http://JustJaredjr.com i love zanessa..!!

    i love the seen just wanna be with you,can i have dis dance(when dey kiss!)walk away and a all or nothing!!

>>>>>>> staging1