Lucas Grabeel is New Moon's Alec?

Lucas Grabeel is New Moon's Alec?

If Dakota Fanning nabs the role of Jane in the much-anticipated New Moon, who exactly would play Alec, Jane’s bloodsucker brother?

Entertainment Weekly is suggesting High School Musical‘s Lucas Grabeel for the part. Alec is described as a pale boy who could be Jane’s twin. In Stephenie Meyer‘s book, she describes him:”His hair was darker, and his lips were not as full, but he was just as lovely.”

People even has a poll up to cast your vote. Lucas is in the lead with 38%.

TELL JJJ: Who would you cast as Alec?

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  • isa

    LUCAS YES! he’s perfect for Alec’s role. Hope he get it!

  • Cam


  • Maria-Chiara

    I think he’s perfect for this part!

  • Stephie

    lucas of course,

  • cc27

    Yea he would fit in it :)

  • joss

    he would be okay for alec, but i think they could find someone else to play alec

  • katelyn

    yeah, i agree.. LUCAS is perfect for Alec’s role.
    his a great actor..

  • M

    good choice, he would do really well

  • allyt

    would so love that he would be perfect for the role

  • Rosmelie

    I swear if any HSM star is in it I’m going to vomit.

  • Nyna

    I love hsm BUT I DON’T want any one of the hsm cast in new moon
    please don’t to this to me…
    really horrible…

  • juliana

    i think lucas will be great for the role. but i don’t want any hsm in new moon :s

  • Jo

    Well, why are they considering blonds? “She was just as small as Alice, with pale brown hair, cropped short” That’s what Bella said. Dakota Fanning or Lucas don’t have brown hair.

    I wonder who’s going to play Heidi…

  • Jo

    Gosh, no Disney stars in this please…

  • lexie

    No one from HIgh school musical!!! new moon deserves better than that crap!

  • shannon beckham

    Seriously! What is with all the Disney stars in Twilight. They’ll ruin it. No Lucas Gabriel, No Vanessa Hudgens, no freggin disney stars!

  • melanie

    I cant really see lucas as Alec myself!
    i think that the directer should be looking for actors who are not well known to play these parts!

  • HSMFan

    Yes!! I think he would be PERFECT for the role!! :)

  • Natália

    He is Ugly and, i don’t like her ¬¬

  • b

    What’s with all the HSM hate? Let ‘em move on. I think he’d be great.

  • Mary cullen

    OMG! i’m so exited i can’t wait for NEW MOON!
    if dakotta is Jane he’s good for be Alec !

  • francesca

    no disney stars!!!!!

  • anna

    i think that hes good for thee role of alec,
    but i dont want him to be in twilight.
    i dont want ANY disney people in it.

    and i agree with melanie that thee director should cast people who are not well known.


  • athena

    Interesting choice, although he does fit the description…I think he’d be great for the part…a good choice to break him free from the HSM mold…although he did have a role in the popular film MILK.
    I can see he and Dakota Fanning as being brother and sister, they both have that pale skin, blue eyes, and not so full lips…yeah, I’m convinced…I wish them both the best for these roles.

  • Jasmine
    Make New Moon the best!
    Dakota Fanning great actor but this girl fits the role better!

    maybe, i mean hes not short enough but i think he could pull it off.
    i wish they would keep the big names out of the movie though.

  • megyn

    I was pretty against having Vanessa in the cast but I have to admit – if they definitely cast Dakota, I think Lucas would be PERFECT to play her brother. I’d be excited to see what the two of them could bring to the film.

    Also, imagine the amount of fans the two could bring in…not all HSM fans are crazy teenie boppers, trust me. I’m a fan of HSM and the Twilight series, I’m 23 years old and definitely not a crazy teenie!!

  • blahblah

    yes i agree with #2 no more high school musical!
    not that i have anything agaisnt them but they’re just everywhere!
    it freaked me out when they said vanessa was going to be in it but thank god it was just a rumour

  • lisa

    I think Tom Felton Should play Alec,,,,but my second option would be Lucas,,,But Tom Felton First!!!!1

  • I think he would be pretty great as Alec [:

  • vanessajonas

    vanessa and lucaas in hsm? AWESOME!

  • magen.

    so what if he’s a disney star, and was on the cast of HSM?
    he’s a great actor, and these facts shouldn’t matter.

  • Maria

    Oh yeah!

    Lucas as Alec, Vanessa as Leah,re-cast Bella and Edward and give the parts to Ashley and Zac and we can change the title to HSM4: OUR BLOODY SENIOR YEAR!… Are you serious Twilight casting directors?! Please,please,PLEASE no Disney kids! Seriously, don’t give me a reason to skip out on New Moon. I’m sooo looking foward to it, but with news like this…ugh…I don’t know what to say.

  • Molly

    Other Twilighter will agree with me, that the actors in these movies should be unknown actors. Its would be so much better. It makes the movies unique.

  • newport beach, 92660 ♥

    > I agree with Cam , NO* highschoolmusical people ; they will RUIN it . :@

    & Alec is suppose to be SHORT* . ^o)

    & he & DakotaFanning ( not yet confirmed that she is playing Jane )
    don`t really look identical . and major height difference .

    > I also freaked out when I heard that , VANESSAHUDGENS* was gonna play Leah . . . gahh , I almost puked . . . she and that littel obnoxious GRIN* she always wears .

    But honestly I have noooo idea who would play Alec . :)

    StephenieMeyer`s website post the actors playing the characters , won`t be too long now , (yn)

    ♥ Audrey :D

  • N.S

    Oh for the love of God please – if anyone to do with the making of anything Twilight related reads this – PLEASE – for your loyal fans —-


    Do NOT involve anyone from highschool musical in anything Twilight!!!

    For the fans, please.

  • dumb

    Lucas is infinitely better than trashy Twilight. Someone who is in an Oscar & Golden Globe nominated movie should never stoop as low as to do this steaming pile of crap. I hope all the whiny stupid Twilight fangirls suffer.

  • Leslie

    oh yea and i think that french actor (that is one of the other choices) should win the part because in the book all the vampires are described as good looking and this french guy is the best looking guy out of all four choices. besides, lucas grabeel? COME ON! he just flat out annoys me! i cant stand it he’s like too perky-like for a guy and even his voice annoys me. but please please please i am begging here!!!! keep disney out of twilight!!! i dont even like the idea of dakota fanning being in twilight, but she’s better than any one from disney. i mean seriously disney is for kids. twilight is for teens. see the difference? we dont want some thing for kids in something for teens!!!

  • hmm

    if they cast dakota then yes. because they would make perfect siblings. its acctaully kinda creepy…

  • Noelani

    even though i made a big stink of dakota or vanessa getting any part in the twilight series for being well known… he actually kind of looks exactly like the alec i have in my head. and he’d be great next to dakota.. they kind of need some crest white strips though.. because vamps have perfect white teeth. no offense :)

  • vancrazed

    I agree with you #36. I actually think that the actors on twilight sucked with an exception of one. I think was lucas and Vanessa and the rest of HSM cast pulled of in their movies, was better than Twilight. These guys aren’t needing to prove anything to the public by getting in another series. I actually hope none of them doit. We already know Vanessa was never even considering it…she has come out and said so.

  • MRN

    what are these ppl trying to do? Lucas in New Moon? are they trying to bring all the disney stars to a movie that has nothing to do with them? first the rumor of vanessa playing leah and now lucas? what’s next?dylan and cole sprouse as new borns? God, this kids are everywhere, and in my opinion they’re just NOT twilight material, they’re not even good actors :s at least the original cast have a little more professional experience .. c’mon! i dont have anything against disney stars, but i think the movie would be totally ruined if one of these disney starlets have a part on it.
    kinda disgusting dont you think?

  • Jayne

    Awesome choice. I really hope they go through with it.

  • émilie:)

    i really hope they don’t cast an HSM star in TWILIGHT!!!
    that would ruin it… :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • ashfan

    i don’t think hsm cast belong in twilight
    but that statement doesn’t necessarily mean that twilight is a good movie either…
    it’s practically a bland movie..
    it doesn’t even have a good story telling in it ( i am talking about the movie, the book is great )

    and….I don’t think disney is for kids… I am 20 years old and heck, I watch Disney Channel…
    Twilight also appeal mainly to girls below 17…. 17 and above just like Robert or i right ??

  • arantxa

    No high school musical

  • mrsefron.

    lucas wouldd prob be good.

    but wow. they are aiming for disney huh? haha.

    Zac Efron might as well be in the movie;;

    Taylor&Zac. That’d bbb AMAZINGG :] <333

    hahaaa. cantt waitt for new moon.


  • mrsefron.

    and for people saying dont involve High School Musical with Twilight.

    They are NOT.

    the people in HSM are Actors too who are in other movies other than HSM..!

    Taylor was in shark boy n lava girl. it’s like saying PLEASE DONT ADD CAST MEMBERS FROM SHARK BOY N LAVA GIRL.

    that make no sense. they are actors who acted in HSM. it’s not there life.

    byy the way: TEAMMM JACOBB &&& TAYYLOORR<333

    i was just using it as an example ;] ha.

  • michelle

    we don’t want god d*mn disney stars! their ruining twilight! :(

  • cullen

    its bad enough that they lacked in computer generation and camera lagging i dont need sum1 lik him in my favourite bk series

    anyway arent they ment to b twins? then theyd have to be the same age too. just doesnt work. and i dont think tom felton would work either though def better than any HSM star.

  • andii cullen pattiiNSOn

    yeah idk!
    abOut 2 have
    a HSM cast
    iin new mOOn!!
    ii mean iits nOt
    the seem! thiis
    iis twiiliight!!