Kristen Stewart Goes To The Oscars

Kristen Stewart Goes To The Oscars
  • Kristen Stewart is presenting at the Oscars
  • Corbin Bleu and Justin Martin give back
  • Blake Lively and Penn Badgley play football
  • Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux are starving
  • Peep Dakota Fanning‘s new flick Push
  • Miranda Cosgrove will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live TONIGHT. Be sure to watch!
  • Remember to pre-order your copy of High School Musical 3: Senior Year. The DVD and Blu-ray drop on February 17th!
  • Gossip Girl spoiler alert! A former big time couple will be getting back together. Hint: It’s not Jenny and Nate.
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  • Nani

    Yes! I’m soo looking forward to seeing her at the red carpet! Gosh! I looove Kristen.

  • Alexandra

    oh wow!
    Good for her
    Can’t wait to see how she looks in the carpet

  • bellamor

    I might actually watch the Oscars if Kristen Stewart is presenting.

  • kara

    kristen looks like a man

  • carrie

    good for kristen!! i love her

  • Cristy

    so i guess the big time couple is blair and chuck!

  • sarah

    she should really lay of the drugs its making her face ugly!!!!!

  • Kristen fans ♥;)

    yay :p im so happy. i love kristen, can i add. kristen fans add my myspace, it will be turning into a kristen fansite -

  • mike

    sarah dont be such an ignorant ass

  • Daniela


    I’m so happy to know that she’s going there, omg, I can’t breathe.
    love her so much, she’s great!!!

  • al

    That’s so exciting! granted, its just an offer and its not definite- but if she were to go, that would be awesome!

  • lala :)

    ughh i HATE HER!!!!

  • whitney

    that’s one of the few times that i have seen kristen smile. like big. haha. but OMG, who is the big couple on gossip girl getting back together? i wish they would tell us if the 2 people are single or not currently.

  • mel

    yea… pot doesnt make your face ugly.
    …good one.

  • lily

    love her !

  • joss

    yay kristen! can’t wait to see her on the red carpet! now for sure i’ll be tuning in for the oscars!

    kristen <3

  • HSMFan

    Woohoo Kristen :) Love her.

  • basketca

    OMG. Kristen presenting an Oscar ?? Is this serious ?? I hope it’s just a rumor.

    What will be the next: Miley Cyrus winning the Best Actress Oscar ?? Lindsay Lohan winning a Nobel ??

    Please …..

    I have nothing against Kristen, but she’s just not like the people is supposed to be at the Oscars.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    i guess hell just froze over if they chose kristen to present an award in her monotone voice!

    as for gossip girl my first guess is chuck and blair, but is it really a spoiler, so then i think, maybe blair and nate?!

  • Anonymous

    im watching for Kristen!!!

  • bellamor

    #19–Kristen Stewart isn’t cool enough for you, but Gossip Girl is? That show is awful. Let’s have teens think sex and being complete b*tches it cool! Yeah, good role models there.

    #18–She’s just presenting–not winning an award. They have many people present who wouldn’t win an Oscar if hell froze over–like Kate Beckinsale, for one. What’s that overrated woman done lately? Underworld? Ooo. Impressive.


    Miley is nomined for an oscar !!! –> for I thought i lost you !

  • Ella

    Yay for her!!

  • ana

    i love her, she is gorgeous. i wanna see her on the red carpet!!

  • bruna

    I love her…
    She is beutiful
    im watching for Kristen!!!

  • kajsa

    whats the gossip girl spoiler?!??!?!?!

  • Kay

    Ugh, what the big fuss with Kristin, like she’ll ever get nominated for an Oscar.

  • Kay

    And #22
    Miley isn’t nominated for an Oscar. But her animated movie Bolt is.

  • Lauren

    OMGGGGGGOSH, I absolutley adore Kristen. She is an amazing actress. And people should lay off about the drugs, she’s legally an adult and to be honest it’s none of yall’s business about what she does in her private time.
    She’s a great actress, she’s beautiful, and she’s nice.
    I can’t wait to see her present at the Oscars. GO KRISTEN!!

    PS. I can’t wait for Twilight to come out on DVD and to start the filming of New Moon! Yay!

  • bruna

    go kriste!!!


  • arantxa


  • natalie

    uh.. it says “calls went out to kstew” that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll do it

    although i want her to cuz she rocks lol

  • Maria

    Wow Kristen at the Oscars? Doesn’t sound like something she would do.

    I wonder if Robert will come back from London for the award show.

    (God I hope not.)

  • Noelani

    haha hell yeah that’s my girl!! she’s friggen awesome! i love her to death. i get so annoyed when people say she can’t act. it’s like what the heck are you talking about? you must be too used to disney and cartoons to really appreciate when someone is purely genius!! they don’t come along often.

  • Noelani

    i meant to really not be able to appreciate a great actress.. haha that’s what i get for not double checking.

  • Coii

    I so agree with you Lauren!! (#29) i totally love kristen!!! i’ve seen all her movies!! and yeah! it’s nobody business what she does in her private life!!
    yeii kristen! i hope u can win an award too!
    Team KStew forever!<3