A New 'Night To Remember'

A New 'Night To Remember'

Move over East High Wildcats!

Check out this group of students and friends who re-created High School Musical 3‘s “A Night To Remember” prom scene! From utilizing old bathroom stalls to the school gym, this group of students did a fantastic job. They even pulled off the Saturday Night Fever move!

Watch out Zac and Vanessa!

“A Night To Remember” – The Remake

“A Night To Remember” – The Movie Version, HSM3
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  • camie

    Um. that was interesting, need to say more

  • mike

    too sad, that girl is even prettier than vanesa….
    actually… every girl is prettier than vanessa

  • http://justjared shamilah

    that was fun 2 watch [=
    but i say i love the original 1 better go HSM3!!!

  • neya

    you guyss ROOCCKK i lovveeedd ittt!!!first!!

  • john

    #2 are u kidding me? Vanessa is prettier than any girl.stupid.

  • sancii

    LOL! :D

  • http://fully Minnie

    not the exact dance, but it was a great job! I don’t think the Wildcats need worry though!

    Loved mini Chad!

  • JennyJONAS

    that was really good!

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com sabreen

    They are so retarded………jeez could they be any stupider?

  • missuk

    wow well done guys!!

  • Jasmine

    lol… they don’t dance very well, but it’s ok, loved their creativity

  • annavanessa

    #2 STUPID JERK, vanessa rocks! you’re jealous

  • Daniyah

    woah u guys did an awesome job!!

  • ariana

    its cool but this is where you can see the difference between actors and non actors i mean they put no emotion into it it was kinda dull they werent good at lip singing its a bummer cause if they were more enthusiastic it would be soo cool

  • christine x3

    that was actually pretty good.

  • Annie..!


  • cass

    i personally think that wasn’t all the great…..and vanessa is wayyy prettier than that girl

  • anika

    it was funny but the hsm cast was defenetly better!!

  • Mosta

    oh my gosh!!!!
    Loved it and can’t help commenting it.
    U guys did really really well!!!!it’s so re-make like!
    I guess u’ll have great friendship afterwards n memories as well.
    wish i could join…

  • mrsefron.

    they did good. cool to watch thanks JJjr!

    and hahahha LOVE # 2 comment !!!

  • jo


  • Chris

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, that was so AWESOME! They really took time 2 get dressed, learn the moves, & reanact that number, good job guys:)!

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    that was good but the hsm3 version was 10000000 times betta!! it waS one of the most amazin thing in the movie. (besides the over the top I WANT IT ALL)

  • Amy

    Really great

  • cc27

    #2 ur wrong. vanessa is gorgeous :) lol .. this was awsome xD

  • lara

    Oh my god! soooo great i love it :D
    good job.

  • lauraot

    oh wow this is really bad! not jokin.
    vanessa is so much prettier than that girl it’s not even funny

  • Helena

    good job. i love it!
    #2, you’re wrong. vanessa is beautiful

  • luce

    F A N T A S T I C ! !
    Great job. Your mom is very proud.

  • aw

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com varisha

    Omg they did pretty good but ya i like it good job, but one thing wierd is that why are they in a gym? lol oh well atleast they did REALLY good! :)

    btw Mike your dumb idiot!! no one is prettier than Van!! so shutup!! okay hey Daniyah they did so good!! wow im so proud!! :)

  • -

    Thanks for posting our video JustJaredJr!

    - Kara, Vic, and Mel

  • hsMFANS

    wow these kids are fabulous! They’ll be big stars one day. :)
    Who knows they may appear in the next High School Muscial! I give props to the guys who participated and stuck with these obsessed girls! Great job girls, amazing dancing and alot of effort put into this. Well done i hope we see more in the future. Love it! I won’t be suprises to see you guys famous one day!! :)

  • Ami


  • serena

    HAHAHA I SO agree with #2!!!! :D

  • serena

    Wow you offensive, immature little fangirls need to quit freaking out and crying over the fact that SOMEONE doesn’t worship and praise the ground baby VADGE walks on! She’s so freaking ugly it’s not even funny.

  • hope

    it was pretty good…i still like the original the best tho but really gud job :D

  • hope

    it was pretty good…i still like the original the best tho but really gud job :D it was awesome

  • Greg

    1. the dancers in this video are not trained dancers
    2. this is not a major production
    3. they did it in like 6 hours, including editing and such

    so why dont all you haters shut up!

  • Greg

    by the way i agree with # 33, it was tough putting up with those overobsessed girls

  • suzette

    their moms must be proud yeah but they can’t dance and those were HORRIBLE dresses

  • Krista

    wow kara…

  • Greg

    suzette shut up

  • sweetbutterflies

    #2, stop it! what is it with haters ALWAYS steering up trouble? Just don’t comment if you don’t like her.

    #36, just because I defend Vanessa, I must be 10 years old? Sorry, but I’m NOT. But you should stop freaking out over the fact that Vanessa has a lot of fans and just DON’T comment.

    I think for non professional dancers they did quite a good job. :) It was enjoyable to watch. Love the Chad wig, haha. And also agree with #33 about the guys. I know a lot of guys I know wouldn’t do it, with the exception of one. :P

  • Osama

    i like sharpay in it!!

  • Michael

    omg if ya’ll don’t like this then why on earth are you watching it go waste someone else’s time thank you. Yes we understand we are un-professional but not everything has to be done perfect we even picked out some mistakes in the real hsm that they probs didn’t catch so there! bug off!~

  • Michael

    btw guys i was in it and we understand we weren’t the best no one could be as good as the cast we just did this for fun and thats all its intent was for.

  • Florencia

    El video estuvo bueno ^^

    felicitaciones chicos, se esforzaron bastante para q les quedara parecido al de HSM3 !!!

  • rockstar

    i thought the girls were amazing, the dresses look nice too because some of the dresses in HSM 3 aren’t very nice either, but its just for fun..

  • Michael

    All you haters why on earth are you watching this video if you do not like it. BTW suzette all of my friends in that video worked really hard an you are probably fat anyways so i don’t think you have the right to speak negatively on them.

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