Selena Gomez: FTSK Family!

Selena Gomez: FTSK Family!

Selena Gomez jokes around with members of rock band Forever the Sickest Kids (FTSK) at a recording studio in Dallas, Texas last weekend.

The 16-year-old Wizards leading lady just updated her MySpace and talked about her new family, her album and her TV show.

Selena wrote, “I just wanted to check in with you guys and fill ya in on whats going on. The show (Wizards of Waverly Place) is going great. We are almost finished with our second season and about to take off to shoot our movie for the show! We are so excited to start that! Also I’m still in the studio recording my album and I really am so happy with how it’s coming out and can’t wait to share it with you guys!

“I wanted to fill you guys in on my new family.. some of you may already know of them but they are this AMAZING band called Forever the Sickest Kids! They have been so sweet to me and are the brothers I’ve never had! We all live in Texas and bonded so quickly! And as my job as a little sister to them I want to support them 100% and help spread the word about them and their music! They have been an absolute blessing to me and they are unbelievable musicians! They watch over me and I want to do the same for them! So you guys should check em out :) And to all the FTSK fans I want you guys to know that I just want to help them out! that’s all.. I wont touch their music haha.

“And last but not least I wanna say thank you to you guys.. I can tell you a million times how much you mean to me but it will NEVER be enough! This has been such a wonderful ride and adventure and I want to continue to take you guys with me everywhere I go! God bless! I LOVE YOU GUYS! -Selena.”

Check out more pics of Selena and FTSK on her MySpace.

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  • Helen


  • Dot

    New family? What happened to the Jonas Brothers… O:

  • lala :)

    uh oh jonas BUH-BYE!!! HAHAHAHA!! the jonas brothers are demi’s brothers anyway. FTSK can be Sel’s bro’s. :)

  • gloriaaaa[:

    its weird how theres so many pictures
    when they like hung-out spontaneously.
    [in the studio]

  • lANE

    its bye bye j bros
    and HELLO FTSK’S

  • Daniyah

    love her, and wow seems like she really like these dudes,
    #5 haha so true!

  • Bad… NOTTT

    YOU GO SELENA!!!!!

  • blake

    the jonas brothers are so like old news,they act like their better than every one else.they dress like their going to a fuenral.
    what happin to being a teen and dressing like one.
    they act like their 30
    im glad to see miss gomez hanging out with a real band.
    selena your awesome and gorgeous

  • gEEZ


  • angel

    FTSK + Selena = AWESOMENESS.

    Gahh, all my favorite people. (:

  • hayley

    haha her and the guy in the blue hat look like they have something for eachother,future fling?, its cutee :)

  • Nicky Jonas

    She finally stoped chasing Nick? hopefully and I’m very happy that shes moving on to another boy band I was wondering how long it was gonna take her to stop chasing the JBs around EVERYWERE!. She was getting a little obnoxious.


  • Sabreen

    w..h..o..r..e in training…………………its funny how she hangs around people for popularity…………….everything she does is a publicity stunt…………..first it was miley………..then jonas brothers………..then taylor swift……….and now these guys……………shes just a follower

  • Bree

    How did she even meet them?!?!….hmm strange.
    I would so kill to be in her position though. I’ve only met Kyle Burns, but it’s safe to say that was the best day of my life..
    <333333333333 FTSK

  • adelyn

    she says every guy she meets is like a brother to her?
    what the hell?

  • Lucy

    she’s an only child, maybe that’s why she call every friend of her a brother! I’m just guessing lol

    I love Selena!!!

  • lauren

    she’s like telling the whole worl that she’s “the little sister” of these guys just to make the JB jealous!
    i bet they dont care what she does but she needs to shut up!
    one time is ok but nobody wants to know how many times she hangs out with them!
    she’s so anoying!!

  • hhh

    defiantly broke up with nick
    sele making him jealous much
    well he dosen’t care
    go play with your male dolls bulimic girl
    no latina looks like you EAT
    hello Gomez bring selena back get it
    just google selena
    you were just a way to distract him from miley

  • Emily

    Those pictures look…Posed. Like if there was a photographer there.

  • gloriaaaa[:

    OMG. i agree with yu #19.
    thats what i meant.
    and is that what they call “hanging out ?”
    cause it does look like a photog is there><

  • Lorraine

    God… whatta poser.

  • shawna babbyyy

    yeahh exactly #15.

    honestly, here’s what i have to say about selena.

    i think she’s a very talented actress. but singing is defanitly no ther gig, she sounds like every other average human being, and she’s one of those people who thinks that because she’s beginning to make it big, she can sing? she will never measure up to miley, or demi.
    miley, demi, even vanessa are tripple threats.
    Selena’s barely even a double. just because she was in a dancing movie, does not mean she can dance.

    SELENA, quit while your ahead x]

  • Kate

    I love Selena Gomez. She’s gorgeous, she’s a very talented actress (she can act better than Miley and Demi put together) and her singing is OK I guess, I mean I haven’t heard her sing live that much, but we’ll see.

    And I love FTSK, they’re so humble, down to earth, talented, their songs are awesome and they seem much more fun to hang around with, which is more than I can say for the Jonas Brothers.

  • ellie

    I can’t wait for Selena’s debut album, I’m so excited for it! She’s a good singer and I wonder how she’ll perform on stage and stuff. It’s gonna be awesome.

    FTSK rocks!


    that’s kute……..gotcha bak selena!!!!!! and so do THOUSANDS of other fans!! u kno u guys can talk bad about her all u want but there’s a world beyond GOSSIP SITES. check selena fan sites and her myspace! she has thousands of die hard fans (so does miley and demi and JB) that don’t think that shes fake or all those other names yall r calling her. so i doubt that she or (miley and demi and JB) r gonna care what MOST of u think about them ;-) and u can beg all u want 4 her album not to come out but. . .by the way she KEEPS talking about it i DON’T THINK THAT’S GONNA HAPPEN

  • -.-

    didnt she say the jonas brothers are like brothers to her
    yet she dates one of them?thats really gross.
    shes so weird
    and a total slut shes all over them
    but she already has a boyfriend?
    how gay.
    people say shes going to take mileys fame but miley is wayyyyy better and selena just attaches to whoever will bring her attention
    #13 is soooooo right.

  • coolio

    #26, you are ridiculous. Selena lied about the Jonas brothers being like her brothers because she was dating Nick and she didn’t want the media meddling into their life!

    Selena is tomboyish, she has always been “one of the guys”. Why can’t you people let her have fun!

  • cc27

    lol people don’t say bye bye jonas brothers o.O they’re still friends :)

  • Mesha

    If u look look at the youtube video u see they was joking around on the laptop taking picture.

  • -MrsJp

    I <3 her!!!!!!!!!!!! -MrsJP

  • katt

    selena rocks!!!!!!

  • matt

    she’s either being paid by their record company
    or she’s being tricked/used

    why else would she be hanging out with these creepy 30 year-old Pete Wentz wannabes?
    and letting them touch her?

    what does she have to gain from pimping them so hard?
    they’re not even good. the music is mediocre at best.

    how did she even meet them?
    isn’t anyone else creeped out about this!?

  • courtknee..(:

    uggghhh. i wish she wouldn’t have made Forever the Sickest Kids bigger than they already are, yeah that sounds selfish.. i know. it is selfish. but this is how i feel about all the bands that are close to my heart. Forever the Sickest Kids was my 2nd show of all time. It was the best night of my life and ever since then i was in love with them. that was when they were small. they have become so much bigger and successful since then.. and don’t get me wrong i am SOO proud of them. this is their dream and their living it.. but i’m gonna miss that show at the tiny venue and meeting them after it and being the only one of my friends ever to hear about them. bands are just more fun when you have them for yourself and don’t have to share with millions of other fans.. (same thing happened with all time low, except all time low is my absolute favorite) i have nothing against Selena, i just wish she wouldn’t make them bigger… ALRIGHTTYY, i’m done now (; aha im real sorry, once i get started on a rant.. i don’t stop :P

>>>>>>> staging1