Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Bowing Buddies

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Bowing Buddies

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens bow to each other in front of a shrine in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday afternoon (January 27).

The HSM sweethearts toured the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun before premiering High School Musical 3: Senior Year at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball yesterday evening.

When asked what items they picked up as a souvenir, Vanessa replied, “I bought so many socks. In the USA, they are so expensive. But here you can buy them for so cheap, so I bought tons of them.”

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens on Mezamashi TV, 01/28, Part 1

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens on Mezamashi TV, 01/28, Part 2

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens on Mezamashi TV, 01/28, Part 3

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens on Mezamashi TV, 01/28, Part 4

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens on Mezamashi TV, 01/26

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Credit: Thanks, Nokchan85!
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  • mrsefron.

    i LOVE ZAC!!!! i hope they go on tour soon!

  • ashleeey

    LOVEEE THEM <3<3

  • ashfan

    hahaa, so cool….
    they had a lot of fun in japan from it looks….

    you know how Japanese girls are insanely “high” fashioned…
    I think Vanessa can probably pull it off (maybe not in US though )…..

  • will

    Cant view the video…wierd

  • Adiore

    that sucks. can’t see it =/ *searches youtube for more*

  • daze

    how come i can’t see the video can someone help me

  • anna

    i like them but

    they have got to be the weirdest couple in the worldddd


    have you seen their T&C pics?
    like omg they act like 5 year olddss

  • ashfan

    5 year olds don’t kiss or cuddle like that……
    that must have been scary if kids do that…

  • V-loyalist

    Such a nice couple, loved them! They seemed very much enjoyed their stay and even have to learn some foreign traditions. Just sad I can’t see the vid for now as it’s not permitted while I’m here at work.

  • Lottie

    I love them both. They always seem to have such fun together and most of the time there relationship seems so natural. And the way he looks at her, like shes the most beautiful thing in the world.

  • Ella

    Yeah things are cheap there

  • apple juice: )

    awwwwww i love them soooo much.i been waiting for pictures of them for like a week:))).

  • michelle

    the first video does work, just double click on it. there are also 2 other videos you know.

  • Soni Hannigan

    Does anyone know if for sure they will go on tour? That would be awesome

  • anna


  • tabia

    it must be akward to do a interview like this.

  • Soy

    Haha this is so true. Socks are like 90 cents ~ 1 dollar for a pair in Japan. That’s it! And they’re absolutely adorable. Same for Korea.

    Who cares if they look sort of immature? They’re being cute and having fun – everyone’s allowed to have fun. :)

  • ashfan

    whatever anna…

    and japan’s products are not cheap.. I thought they are the most expensive products in Asia ( anyway )…

  • vanessa ♥

    t&c pictures whats that?

  • Drica


  • Mikayla

    OMG my cousins are soooooo lucky to meet them!!
    they’re going to all their premiers!LUCKY!!

  • ayen

    I sooo agree with Vanessa. The socks and thights in Japan were soo cute and affordable. The designs that they have are soooo much better from there too. Not to mention that the quality are fabulous!! I bought alot, but I should have bought even more because they are just toooooo comfortable and fashionable. ^^

    Glad to see them having fun.

  • aw

    lol Drica do shut up with your ignorance. Zac even added that those socks were for him.

    She looks gorgeous, hot outfit. They both look so fresh and happy in Japan. && all those pictures of them visiting the various places were also sweet.

  • jo

    Thanks Jared they’re sooo cute! i love them together

  • dawggyd

    zac i rov you.

  • giz

    this interview was so cute. im loving the personal pics. I wished they showed more!

  • http://justjared jake austin

    i love them both so much, they deserve to be there… they are the cutest couple ever. both of my brothers have girlfriends, and they don’t looks as cute as zanessa looks…!

    thanks jared for the pictures..! x ]

  • curiosity

    They are adorable and such a sweet couple.

  • vannie

    i love them.
    they truly love each other.

  • Kar

    aww they both look so out of place since they have noooo idea what they’re saying and they need an interpreter.

  • Kar

    the bowing picture is the cutest.

  • Rosa

    they r enjoyin their time ..
    they are so adorable ..
    one just can’t get enough of them ..
    V is such a cutie .. she looks very pretty in the interview ..

    WOW nessa .. so many socks from Japan =)
    really cute ^_^
    love u nessa ..

  • marie

    They’re both great!
    I’m glad they had fun!

  • Shannon

    They should visit Japan more often it look like they actaully got to see the place they went and the pic of them 2 cute! oh and the socks thing Vanessa is talking about tube socks there quite fashinable right now and hello she is in freaking Japan! those girls over there are crazy stylish why wouldn’t V stack i would shoot i’d by everything lol but back to ZV they still act and look like they just started there realtionship

  • Rosa

    #20 Drica
    no need for the storm u made ..
    they are there for promoting and having fun with fans ..
    not for history lessons and cultural appreciation !!
    they did’t even say anything wrong about japanese culture ..
    vanessa was asked what did she buy not what she thinks about the culture .
    and she just told the truth !!
    seriously .. get a life ..
    weird people !!

  • annieeee

    Ahh. If you listen to the end of second part when they are, like, ending the interview, you can hear the one guy announce them as Zanessa! haha. Not even as Zac and Vanessa or anything. And they both kinda laugh. haha.

    Loved that they shared their personal pictures from the trip! Very cute. =]

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    the fist pic in the second vid was really cute!!

    they looked like they were having an amazing time!!!
    it shows with out paps they r so happy.

    i loved when zac said those are my fav socks!! he is such a good BF!!

  • rosielee9

    It’s nice that for once theyt have been able to actually go out and about in the country that their in and have some fun without pap’s in their faces and get to see some of the sites. Seems the sighting of them at the fish market is true even though many people wanted a photo well you now have one, the one’s of them kissing and holding hands are personal though.

    Love the one of them that they first showed together they look very happy, good for them.

    And what’s so wrong in buying socks my daughter loves her socks and especially the long one’s like Vanessa held up, whenever we go on our long weekends away you can guarantee that she’ll always bring socks back with her you can get some great designs and patterns from different countries, and as it’s been said Zac did say that they were actually his now weather or not he was joking it does’nt matter.

  • Live_in_Love Zanessa

    OMG! thats so kool! zanessa looks so cute! :)!!! there bowing haha lol!! i love the vid! and jjj the first vid says sorry this video is no longer available!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Oh, Vanessa looks really pretty in the video. Lol..I love the expressions on their faces when they don’t understand what the Japanese people are saying…it’s too funny. Adorable ♥

    I forgot to mention that Zachary is looking very FINE. :D

  • vancrazed

    i think part of growing up is making wise decisions and being wise about what you say and the choices you make, but not losing yourself in the process. These two will be kids at heart for a long time…that is so good. I hope they never lose the ability to have fun together with one another. Yet, keep making good choices. I don’t think buying a house and choosing career choices is a sign of immaturity. Actually the exact opposite. These two are about the only stars I know that have maintained a level of normalcy without fame going to their heads. Good for them.

  • Randompasserby

    Tokyo is actually really expensive for most things but fashion accessories in some parts of town are very inexpensive. Weird things tend to be less expensive here. I suspect that she bought those in the same part of town my little sister likes to buy her accessories from. (I live in Tokyo.)

    To an earlier poster, you can still buy tube socks here (loose socks, as we call them), but they’re only popular with certain girls now. These days most girls seem to wear slimmer socks. They’ll probably be back soon though. Fashion is cyclical.

    All of the publications here in Japan are more fascinated with their couple status than with the actual movie itself. Natsumi Abe, a Japanese idol who was on stage with Zanessa at the premier, said that she was so envious that the two were so lovey-dovey even on stage.

  • bee

    i love Japan.

    they’re adorable. point blank.

  • Mrs.EFRON

    he is sooo hott!! i am in love with zachary

  • Boji

    At least the Japanese know how to appreciate Zac and Vanessa as a couple. It is obvious Zac is very much smitten with Vanessa, what hot blooded young man wouldn’t be. She is just glowing, look at her.

    Zac needs a good hair cut.

  • AZZAefron

    i love them there the best .<

    just look at both interviews

  • lili

    how come it says the first vid is no longer available!!!….:(

    talk about die hard fans!!!…then again, i would prob be the same if i ever saw them!!!…:P

    LOVE THEM!!!

  • AZZAefron

    soo sorry

    i meant to say that zac and nikki had more fun i think zac is more comfortable with nikki dont get me wrong i love zanessa to death

  • oh zanessa lover

    AZZAefron @ 01/29/2009 at 3:27 am soo sorry

    i meant to say that zac and nikki had more fun i think zac is more comfortable with nikki dont get me wrong i love zanessa to death


    plz plz goo to hell or u in the hell noo zac looks sooo happy with vanessa n who love nikki that fat girl like u plz azzaefron day zanessa soooooooooooo happy togather n can u Imagine nikki and zac love other ewwwwwwwwwwwww nooooooooo hot boy with loser girl am sure that zac doesnt wanna that happen
    and dou see vanessa put zac ring and the Heart in her hands oh they looks so cute

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    if u click on the first one a few times it goes to it but on you tube.

    btw i think that zac and nessa would of had more fun the nikki and zac zac and nessa have known each other for over 3 years!
    but when Zac and nikki did it he just knew her for about a year!

    zac and vanessa for life!

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